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EUROPE: "Automobile assembly and engine production plants in Europe"

EUROPE: "Automobile assembly and engine production plants in Europe". See list by MANUFACTURER.

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Sixty-five percent of the world's 1,000 largest international companies know how to get the best from their top management - executive coaching.

Find out how much more effective you can be as a manager and leader in your company through a free, one-on-one executive coaching assessment, a $300 value.

Franz Neumeyer, a cross-cultural global executive coach with more than eight years coaching experience and more than 15 years senior management experience in the auto industry, will show participants how executive coaching is producing dramatic returns in a fiercely competitive world.

Neumeyer is offering participants the opportunity to take a brief, self-evaluation of their executive and cross-cultural management skills followed up by an hour-long one-on-one coaching session or one-hour individual coaching session that clarifies opportunities for development.

Like athletes, executives can benefit from the focused attention of a coach who knows not only their strengths and weaknesses but goals and objectives.

The investment in individualized coaching realizes a return on investment nearly 600 percent the average cost, not including the executive's significantly improved productivity and the benefit to company's organizational strength and customer service.

Neumeyer is founder of Global Synergies Inc., a partner of

Thank you very much for your interest in the Global Coaching Assessment. To see if you qualify, please complete the following short registration form. We will contact you upon receipt of the form.

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