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Relocating to Latin America

For some, Latin America is the backyard to the United States; for others, it is referred to as the forgotten territory”; and for those with a more entrepreneurial spirit, it is a land of opportunity and discovery.

Latin America in the broadest sense is the territory south of the Rio Grande — from Mexico to the Patagonia, Argentina. Twenty countries developed from the colonies of Spain, Portugal and France and a population of over 530 million, twice as many as the U.S.

Latin America is a blend of cultures from the European colonizers, Africans and native Indians. Every country is different in their expression, food and customs. For example, the sound of music goes from Tango in Argentina, to Samba in Brazil and Rancheras in Mexico.

At the same time, Latinos share similar family and cultural values due to the influence of Spain and Portugal as well as the Roman Catholic Church. Religious beliefs are well ingrained in their culture as the church played a key organizational role during colonization.

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Source: Prudential Relocation International - GAI

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