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USA: "2012 Executive Perspectives on Near-Shoring: Manufacturers Continue to Look to Mexico, but the

USA: "2012 Executive Perspectives on Near-Shoring: Manufacturers Continue to Look to Mexico, but the U.S. is Closing the Gap" Exec Summary. 2-page Exec Summary.

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Globalization: As economic borders come down, cultural borders go up

International Speaking Package

More than 95% of your potential clients are living in foreign countries. To be successful and survive in a global marketplace, culture must be managed like any other aspect of business.

Include Culture Management in the opening or closing of your Global Leadership Meetings; Annual Meetings; Awards Banquets; Sales Meetings; Training/Teambuilding events; Keynotes; Luncheon Addresses; and/or 2-4 hour off-site Seminars.

For more than 18 years, Franz Neumeyer, a cross-cultural Executive Coach and President of Michigan based Global Synergies LLC, has provided global leadership and management to the automotive industry – 8 years as a CEO in the United States and Canada.

He speaks to groups as diverse as global automotive suppliers, international service providers and media representatives, M & A conference participants, members of the International Coaching Federation as well as to leaders with foreign investment intentions and an international Chamber of Commerce.

Whether Franz speaks in English or German, his audiences find him engaging and inspiring. His major intention is to encourage each participant to take one new action. Franz provides high content and is known for his insightful and interactive speaking style.

Through many real world examples he will bring a wealth of personal global leadership and coaching experience to your group.

Many of his diverse audiences rated him the top conference speaker. Some of his satisfied clients reported that the presentations helped them to create a better understanding between Headquarters and foreign subsidiaries, convinced them to rewrite market entrance strategies, kept them from making hiring mistakes or increased the awareness of executives about their own contributions to difficulties with their foreign partners.

Here are some topics Neumeyer can address:

•  Being Global is a mindset not a location – Successful leadership in a connected world. (for more info, click here)

•  Don't be part of the 50% failed cross-border acquisitions – Managing cultural integration as a strategic success factor. (for more info, click here)

•  Don't be a leader who is lost in the matrix – Learn to lead across global hierarchies. (for more info, click here)

•  Power of trust between cultures – Ticket for global profits. (for more info, click here)

Read what satisfied clients have to say, click here.

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