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Japanese Parts Makers’ Group To Teach Indonesian Suppliers Art of Die-Making

Hoping to cut costs, raise efficiency and give their suppliers a helping hand, Japanese parts makers and some Indonesian counterparts formed a new group that will set out to school local workers in the fine art of die-making, Nikkan Jidosha reported.

Japanese makers currently import virtually all the dies and molds they use for stamping metal and shaping plastic parts, the paper observed. The new group of about 80 Japanese and Indonesian companies held a first meeting in Jakarta late last month to organize the Indonesia Die & Mold Industry Association.”

The Japanese hit on the idea of setting up such an association during a government-private sector forum a couple of years ago, according to Nikkan Jidosha. They hope to shorten delivery times, lower costs and improve maintenance capabilities by developing local suppliers.

Fussy about quality
In the process, of course, because they’re very fussy about quality, they will also conduct a series of monthly consciousness-raising seminars on the subject. The seminars will also give the locals an opportunity to network with each other as well as with the Japanese makers.  While local suppliers in Thailand make about 70% of the molds and dies used by the auto industry there, the ratio is only about 5% in Indonesia. As a result, Japanese makers import most of their manufacturing equipment from domestic suppliers or from other countries in the region. The ratio in Indonesia is extremely low,” Yoshinari Nakayasu of Takagi, one of the founding companies, told the paper.

The group plans to bring in second hand die-making machinery donated by Japanese members, and use it to train 50,000 Indonesians over the next five years in manufacturing, inspection and maintenance of dies and molds. It has already won an agreement from the Indonesian government to start a certification program in die-making and maintenance skills, perhaps as soon as the start of the new fiscal year at the beginning of next month, the paper said. KMK Plastic Indonesia president Makoto Takahashi, chairman of the new unit, told reporters the group will set out right away to enlarge its membership so it can expand its training program and create new jobs in the field.  Although about four-fifths of the new association’s members are Indonesian companies, they represent only a tiny fraction of the 10,000 or so local companies that either make dies or use them to process materials for the auto industry, the paper said.

Chamber of Commerce
The group, which is asking the Indonesian Chamber of Commerce to support its effort, hopes to draw in as many as half its target audience by the end of the year. Takahashi said his dream” is to raise local capacity for molds and dies to 30% of the demand by 2008, and to 50% by 2015.

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Source: Japan Automotive Digest - GAI

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