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ASIA: "Summary of Survey Findings on the Operating Profit of Japanese Affiliated Firms in Asia"

ASIA: "Summary of Survey Findings on the Operating Profit of Japanese Affiliated Firms in Six ASEAN Countries and India". 14-page survey report by JETRO Japan.

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Automotive and Components Market in Asia report

In the automotive world, all eyes are on Asia.  The region is taking an increasing share of global vehicle sales, and is the only major market expected to see strong growth over the next few years.  Asia also is displaying potential as a source of components to the sector, with multinationals and local companies alike jockeying to supply major vehicle manufacturers with lower cost components.

The flip side of the coin is the challenge that Asia presents.   CEOs are grappling with questions that have major strategic implications for their businesses:

• Will countries such as China, India and Thailand emerge as a major vehicle exporters to challenge North American and European manufacturers on their home turf?
• As the sector develops, what regional ‘footprint’ is likely to be most effective?
• Which markets are more attractive in terms of ease of entry and operational environment?
• Who will be the winners, and who will be the potential losers, as regional free trade agreements are implemented?

This paper does not claim to provide definitive answers to all these questions; it has been written to provide an objective view of the Asian market and to highlight some of the major trends we are witnessing.

KPMG researched key markets in Asia and interviewed executives with local and multinational vehicle assemblers and component manufacturers across the region to provide additional industry perspective.  Our thanks go to all who participated for their valuable time and insights.

Key findings are that:

• Asia Pacific markets will see strong growth over the next five years, with China becoming a market the size of Japan today.
• Japan and South Korea will see their manufacturing pre-eminence in Asia diminished as China, India and other Asian economies see their vehicle manufacturing and components sectors grow.
• Free Trade Agreements (FTAs) are beginning to impact the sector and will require many companies to rethink their strategies.

We also paint three scenarios for the development of the sector:  these three contrasting visions of the future illustrate the high degree of uncertainty about how the next few years will play out.

To download the 40-page report "Automotive and Components Market in Asia report", click here.

Source: KPMG Hong Kong - GAI

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