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6 Tips for maximizing success with people strategies in the Central & East European region:

  • Hire a mix of motivated, high-potential locals. As a rule, younger workers are more educated, eager, and less affected by the wary, ex-Communist mentality. But older workers, while more reticent to sell themselves” as candidates, can offer more experienced skills.
  • Provide business briefings and workforce development programs, as well as language and cultural training for long- and short-term assignees. Select a supplier with extensive global resources and trainers fluent in CEE languages.
  • Assign experienced and motivated transferees at management levels. These are the individuals who will develop your CEE staff and set the tone for operational procedures patterned after your business model and expectations.
  • Search for a skilled local person to facilitate communication between home management and local staff. Charged with dual advocacy, this person must have a clear understanding of your business model in order to communicate with locals on such things as policy, benefits, security, and employee expectations. This person also will need to provide employee feedback and communicate with management about local staff concerns or questions.
  • Consider the local mindset and experience when bringing HR policies into the CEE workplace. In terms of salary, for example, a longstanding former political tradition in the CEE has tended toward equal pay for equal responsibility regardless of individual production. Effective training and job development programs will help locals understand and support such concepts as performance appraisals and merit pay.
  • Develop a program for incorporating local custom into HR policies. Be mindful of traditional celebrations in many CEE countries, such as Women's Day, Children's Day, or the January celebration of Orthodox Christmas, and adapt policy whenever possible to accommodate the expectations of local staff.

Source: Jack Keogh, Prudential Relocation International, MOBILITY magazine - GAI

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