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Is your business getting “Lost in Translation”?

•  What is the real issue in going from one country to another of a different language?

•  How does this affect your business?

•  What can you do about it?

•  Get expert help not bargain offers.

Business is all about supplying a need or desire to clients in a manner and time of their liking or convenience. The more clients you can supply, it naturally follows the greater your business will be. Supplying clients can be difficult enough in your native language; but once you start doing business in other languages, your problems and constraints can quickly multiply.

It is arguable to say that the development of a successful business depends to a large degree on the effectiveness of its documentation. This applies across the board whether we are talking about internal, financial, instructional or marketing material. Effective documents need to communicate clearly and translating these is where the fun” begins.

Internal, financial and instructional documents and others similar need to be as direct and as precise as possible or as warranted by the situation. Decisions cannot be made or instructions followed if the information supplied is ambiguous at best or unintentionally misleading at worst. On the other hand, some marketing material needs to be ambiguous, allowing the reader or listener to correctly infer its purpose. It is important to have financial data presented clearly and accurately; however, it isn't necessary to read or see an accurate representation of the effect of stool softeners.

The issue is knowing what to say and how to say what you want to say. This, also, is the issue in translation: does the translator understand what you are saying and can the translator say what you want to say in a manner that can be understood by your potential client.

To download this free white paper, please click here. (Look for "TRANSLATION: Is your business getting "Lost in Translations?")

Source: LinguaVox - GAI

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