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Mexico Risk: Labour Market Risk

Mexico requires every firm operating on its soil to hire 90 percent of its workforce locally, a limit that labor lawyers say the government can be flexible on, especially when it comes to companies operating along the U.S. border, which are exempt from standard personnel requirements.

Up to 10 percent of a firm's technicians can be temporary foreign workers, according to a special provision in Mexico's labor laws.

As temporary workers, these employees may obtain visitante status through an FM3 visa, which grants worker status for a one-year period, with up to four years of potential renewal.

Foreign workers may also be granted inmigrante status through FM2 visas if they intend to apply for permanent Mexican residency.

Immigrants are divided into several categories, including cargo de confianza (executive), which applied to foreigners filling top executive positions in established firms, and tecnico (technician) status, for foreigners working in specialized positions that could not be filled by local professionals.

Source: Globality - GAI

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