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FDI grows in Latin America

El Salvador, Brazil and Mexico were the big winners in foreign direct investment, Venezuela, Ecuador and Bolivia were among the losers.

Latin America attracted a total of $56.4 billion in foreign direct investment last year, according to estimates from the United Nations Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC). That was an increase of 44.1 percent over 2003.

Brazil was again the top recipient, boasting $18.2 billion in foreign direct investment. That was 79.1 percent more than in 2003 and the strongest growth in dollar terms of any Latin American country.

Mexico also grew - by 46.0 percent - to $16.6 billion.

Combined the two countries - the two largest economies of Latin America - accounted for 61.7 percent of total FDI in the region last year.

The strongest increase in percentage terms took place in El Salvador, which noted a whopping 275.1 percent growth in FDI. Other countries with significant growth included Argentina (up 76.4 percent), Chile (up 73.4 percent) and the Dominican Republic (49.4 percent).

Of the 18 countries ECLAC provided figures for, half boosted their share of FDI, while the other half posted declines.

The largest decline in both real and percentage terms took place in Venezuela, which saw foreign direct investment drop by $1.5 billion and 57.0 percent. Other major losers were Ecuador, Panama, Bolivia and Uruguay. Ecuador and Bolivia have been plagued by political instability, while Panama and uruguay both suffered from uncertainty prior to presidential elections.

Source: Latin Business Chronicle

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