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When wireless truly means wireless

Going wireless isn't new. Going completely wireless? Well, that's a different story. Sprint recently announced that Ford Motor Co. will shuck 8,000 employees' landlines for new mobile "walkie talkie"-style phones. Most of the employees are engineers who spend a lot of time away from their desks and who will use their new Sprint Ready Link phones for instantaneous communication and collaboration.

"These wirelessly empowered employees will be able to spend more productive time with the right people and in the right places, rather than behind a desk," says Howard Janzen, president of Sprint Business Solutions in a press release. Other smaller and medium-size businesses have made similar moves, including surveillance equipment manufacturer NovaSol that put almost its entire 80-person workforce on mobiles.

Can going completely wireless work for you?

• Analyze the costs of the landlines compared to the wireless lines. Then negotiate with a wireless carrier for even deeper discounts.

• Factor in hidden costs like installing extra antennas around the office complex to ensure consistent service and signal.

• Pick and choose which divisions might actually benefit from the conversion. Switching over customer support, who spend much of their time on phone systems integrated with CRM software, wouldn't make much sense. Leaving receptionists-who spend almost all of their time on transferring calls-on their landlines is a good idea too.

• Think about waiting for hybrid land and mobile lines, the next innovation in telephony according to the telecom consultancy Shosteck Group. It says those systems will be smart enough to know when a worker is at his desk or not.

Source: Sales & Marketing Management magazine
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