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Council on State Taxation (COST) releases Ernst & Young's "Total State and Local Business Taxes"

This study presents a detailed state-by-state analysis of total state and local business taxes, and finds that businesses paid $447 billion in total state and local taxes in fiscal year 2004. This was 43 percent of total taxes collected by all state and local governments in the United States.

The report demonstrates that businesses need to factor non-income taxes as well as income taxes into their strategic business decisions. Furthermore, with state taxes on the rise, companies must carefully consider their state taxes when adopting and executing a comprehensive risk management strategy.

Key findings of the study include:

  • Over the last four years, state and local taxes on business have risen faster than total state and local taxes. As a result, businesses have paid a major portion of the additional state and local taxes collected. Businesses paid 52 percent of the entire increase in state and local taxes from FY2000 to FY2004.
  • Businesses paid over half of the total four-year increase in state and local taxes in 26 states.
  • Property taxes on business property were $165 billion in FY2004, accounting for 37 percent of total state and local business taxes. Sales tax on business inputs and capital equipment totaled $105 billion, 23 percent of business taxes.

Although the corporate income tax has been the focus of intense legislative debate in a number of state legislatures during the last two years, it represents only 8 percent of total state and local business taxes nationally. Download the complete 50-state total business taxes study here. (pdf, 527K)


Source: Ernst & Young - GAI

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