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Global investment gathering steam

Germany remains the destination of choice in Continental Europe

As foreign direct investment regains momentum, developing countries in Asia stand to gain the most. But in the mature economies of continental Europe, Germany remains the destination of choice. That's the upshot of two recently published reports on global FDI.

Overall, foreign investment is finally picking up after a couple of disappointing years. The World Investment Report 2004” , compiled by the UN Conference on Trade and Development ( UNCTAD ), shows that global FDI outflows rose marginally in 2003. That, together with the improved economic climate suggests that a recovery is underway,” says UNCTAD Deputy Secretary-General Carlos Fortin. Factoring out Luxembourg, the main recipient of FDI inflows in 2003 was China.

The UN's report highlights a dramatic” shift towards services in foreign investment flows. Whereas a decade ago services accounted for less than half of global inward FDI stock, today they make up about two thirds of the total flow. Electricity and telecommunications services are among the industries that have shown dynamic” growth. As Karl P. Sauvant, director of UNCTAD's investment division put it: services are where the action is.”

In continental Europe, the action is in Germany. That's the conclusion of the FDI Confidence Index 2004” , published by A.T. Kearney 's Global Business Policy Council. Germany again secured fifth place in the global ranking of destinations for FDI. China and the US topped the list, followed by India and Britain.

Like the UNCTAD report, A.T. Kearney's confidence index observed growing optimism in FDI circles. The study found that a large majority (69 percent) of leading executives believe conditions for international investment are positive”. That majority has not been present since the year 2000.

Source: Invest in Germany newsletter

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