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Board Insights 2004: What Europe's Directors Think

In the past three years, governance reform related to the structure and composition of boards, standards for independence, and

transparency of financial disclosure have effected sweeping changes in corporate boardrooms across Europe. Corporate Board Member Europe 's 2004 research study of 319 directors shows 63% of European directors believe EU Corporate Governance Reform provides genuine improvements in protection for investors.

Moreover, in general, board members have demonstrated their acceptance of best practices recommended by documents such as the UK Combined Code, The German Corporate Governance Code, The Bouton Report, and EU Corporate Governance Reform.

Board Insights 2004: What Europe's Directors Think is a survey of company directors throughout Europe conducted by Corporate Board Member Europe in association with The Economist Group. The purpose of the research is to gather data about the challenges corporate boards face as they begin operating in a post-reform environment. The questions were designed to tap into directors' perceptions about their risk, liability, current board practices, and needs for the future. Two corporate partners, Clifford Chance LLP and Heidrick & Struggles International, co-sponsored the research.

Download Research Study, click here.

Source: Board Member Europe - GAI

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