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EU Employment: The New Frontier

While many predicted that a large portion of the Czech Republic's domestic workforce would leave for jobs elsewhere in the European Union once the country became a member of the E.U. in 2004, estimates currently put the number of Czechs working abroad in just the several thousands.

Some experts suggest that restrictions placed on new E.U. members have limited job opportunities for Czechs in countries other than the United Kingdom, Ireland, and Sweden. However, some nations, such as Germany, are allowing Czechs to apply for certain positions for which there are not enough domestic workers, such as health-care workers, ship hands, and construction workers.

So far, most of the Czechs who have sought employment abroad have done so only temporarily and have either returned home or are planning to do so. One public opinion research center estimates that about 12 percent of Czechs intend to work abroad, and for three main reasons: better pay, the chance to experience new social and cultural conditions, and professional development. "People who want to succeed abroad should focus on high qualification and language skills," suggest Monika MacDonagh-Pajerova of the Yes for Europe project.

Source: Globality magazine

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