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Slovakia: In a Way, Execs Are Returning a Favor Done by Their Forebears

U.S. Steel has sent about 60 managers to Europe for relocation assignments lasting up to about three years since it first embarked upon a joint venture with Slovakia's VSZ mill in 1997.

Managers on international assignments with U.S. Steel receive premium pay, benefits, housing compensation, and two annual trips back to the United States paid in full by the company.

The U.S. Steel expatriates who have spent time in Serbia and Slovakia say the experience has broadened their personal and professional horizons. Some say there is an altruistic reason for traveling to Eastern Europe, since immigrants from that region contributed much to the U.S. steel industry. U.S. Steel's managers are now returning the favor by helping depressed mills in Slovakia and Serbia rebound from a long slump.

U.S. Steel Chief Operating Officer John H. Goodish says the overseas assignments help executives become "much more global." Expatriates also say the experience has helped them and their families improve their cultural tolerance.

Source: Globality newsletter - GAI

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