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Beijing seeks brainpower from abroad

New regulations that are directed at institutionalizing foreign hiring and bringing greatly needed overseas talent to China are set to go into effect later this year.

The regulations would include a comprehensive assessment and selection procedure to ascertain that only the best talent is hired. Around 200,000 foreign workers are hired to work in China annually. Foreign workers will have to have an above-college degree from an academic institution and their earlier positions in business settings must have included being department managers.

Special consideration would be given to those workers whose experience was in short supply, such as specialists in agricultural technology, renewable energy and environmental ecology, and public health. China currently ranks among the most popular nations for foreign graduates. Certified foreign experts can get many advantageous concessions offered by the central and local governments, including a fast-track access to permanent residency.

Source: South China Morning Post – March 3, 2005- GAI

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