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China's Geely Boasts It Will Be Making 2 Million Cars a Year By 2015

China's Geely, a minor but up and coming player in China, brought five vehicles to Frankfurt for this week's motor show, and confidently predicted it will be able to raise production 20-fold to 2 million vehicles a year by 2015.

The privately owned former motorbike maker said it expects about 70% of that total, or 1.4 million a year, to be made in China for export, or assembled overseas, according to the China Daily. The company, which has been making cars only since 1998, has sold vehicles in 30 countries and regions, but in minor numbers. It expects to export about 10,000, or roughly 8% of production, this year. It recently signed a partner in Malaysia to start assembling its 1.5-liter ‘Freedom Cruiser' in December, at a rate of 10,000 a year (JAD 8/8).

Prove We Don't Copy:'

Geely founder Li Shufu said he joined the Frankfurt show because we want to prove Chinese car makers don't copy foreigners, by showing our own designs.” The offerings include the 1-liter Haoqing 203A, the Freedom Cruiser, and the FC-1, China Dragon and Maple Marindo, all with 1.8-liter engines.

Source: Japan Automotive Digest - GAI

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