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Korea: Living conditions for foreigners to improve

Many foreigners working in Korea have been unhappy with their living conditions. Recent surveys conducted by the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy (MOCIE) have identified dissatisfaction with Korea's transportation, medical, education, and housing environments.

Complaints such as these have led the MOCIE to embark on a 5-year project to improve the living environments of foreigners working in Korea. The government has increased their efforts to build quality foreign schools in order to provide more options for education. MOCIE recently announced that in addition to building new foreign schools, it also plans to increase aid to existing schools to increase the quality of their services.

The Ministry of Health and Welfare has chosen certain private and university-run hospitals to be designated as providers of medical services to foreigners. These hospitals are required to be able to issue prescriptions in English. The ministry plans to provide aid to these hospitals in order to strengthen language education for staff members.

The Invest Korea Plaza project, now under construction in southern Seoul, is designed to offer a one-stop service for foreign residents. By contacting a single project manager at the plaza, a foreigner can access services ranging from investment counseling, to help with education and housing concerns. The plaza is scheduled to be completed in September 2006.

Source: Globality newsletter - GAI

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