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Global Language Training Programs

As the automotive industry continues to globalize, being able to communicate with your foreign colleagues, partners, suppliers or customers in their own language, even at a rudimentary level, is not just a nice skill to have, but a business necessity for building strong partnerships.”

Bhaskar Pant - managing director of World Learning for Business in conjunction with its Global Expert partner World Learning for Business offers language training in customized, small-group or one-on-one intensive programs.

Training is delivered at client sites and is designed to boost participants' language communication skills in the context of pre-identified job-related tasks.

For certain languages, WLfB also offers full immersion training in native-speaking settings for those requiring an accelerated program.

WLfB offers language-training programs in a variety of languages including English as a Second Language, Chinese, German, Spanish, Portuguese, French, and many others.

WLfB also trains native and non-native speakers of English who need to improve their ability to communicate via presentations, meetings and teleconferences conducted in English.

Programs include

•  On-site Foreign Language Training - One-on-One or Small Group Language Classes at client site; 30 to 60 hours over a period of five to fifteen weeks

•  Self-Directed, Computer-Based Learning - a supplement to either of the above formats

•  Speak Up™ for Professionals - Helping native and non-native English speaking professionals develop appropriate business communication skills to better meet their performance objectives and contribute more fully to company goals

•  Speak Up™ for Manufacturing - Providing ‘English as a Second Language' training in the production workplace to help employees improve communication on the job.

•  English for Relocation - Training to support expatriate employees and their families moving to an English-speaking location

•  Language Assessments - A comprehensive needs assessment is an integral component of all World Learning for Business training programs. In addition, we provide individual assessments on a team or organization-wide basis, particularly in the area of language proficiency.

•  Other Programs are -Say it Clearly”; Effective Writing”; E-mail Booster”; Language of Meetings”; On your Feet and Speaking Effectively”

For more information on the above and other World Language Programs, click here

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