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EUROPE: "ACEA President Dieter Zetsche speech February 2010"

EUROPE: "ACEA President Dieter Zetsche speech February 2010". Zetsche calls for smart industrial policy to cement a sustainable Europe.

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Leadership: cross-border training combats talent brain drain

Despite the growing mobility of talent, professional qualifications are often limited to national boundaries, writes Gill Plimmer in the Financial Times.

A recent report criticized European universities for failing to open up education to private funding and exploit talent, adds Sarah Laitner. There are, however, signs of change.

An estimated 2 million students (almost 2 percent of the world total) were studying outside their home country in 2003. Universities are consequently forming international partnerships in a drive to become more competitive. In a bid to stem the brain drain to the U.S. and Asia, Europe's policy-makers are also proposing to offer top doctorate students EU citizenship.

Professional bodies are under even greater pressure to provide qualifications that travel, notes the author. In response to growing demand, the financial world has developed the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) Certificate, covering a mix of economics, ethics, law and accountancy. The CFA, which embraces global best practice rather than the specifics of local markets, is internationally recognized. Experts believe that the exam could provide a model for cross-border educational training. With mobility on the rise, other industries are likely to promote international credentials, they conclude.

Source: Egon Zehnder International - GAI

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