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Business Wire enters into reciprocal relationship with Taiwan's Central News Agency

CNA Will Provide Direct Access to Taipei Media, Online, Academic, Government and Corporate Subscribers

Business Wire announced a news distribution and commercial representation agreement with Taiwan's Central News Agency. CNA -- the island-nation's oldest and largest news agency -- will transmit local language full-text news announcements to virtually all Taiwanese media, Internet service providers and mobile phone operators.

CNA will serve as a direct conduit to the media, government agencies, academic institutions, and corporate clients. More than 100 newspapers subscribe to the CNA daily news report, which also serves Chinese expatriates worldwide.

All Business Wire's releases will be translated into "Big Five," the local Chinese language dialect, and will gain additional visibility via leading websites, including, and

Business Wire becomes the first international news service to offer newswire distribution in the thriving Taiwan market. The unique agreement was negotiated by Hector Botero, chief executive officer of International Media Services, which licenses the Business Wire name in the Greater China region.

In addition, CNA will promote Business Wire's portfolio of products and services to local companies eager to reach regional and global markets.

"We're pleased to welcome CNA to Business Wire's global media network, which has evolved into the world's largest network of news agencies," said Cathy Baron Tamraz, Business Wire's president, in making the announcement. "CNA has a distinguished 80-year history. We look forward to providing additional content from the world's leading corporations and associations to CNA's large and diverse subscriber base."

"CNA is proud to associate itself with Business Wire, one of the world's leading sources of corporate news," said April Tsao, director of marketing, CNA. "As Taiwan's role in the global economy continues to expand, our reciprocal relationship with Business Wire will grow in its importance as Taiwanese companies seek to communicate with global consumer markets and investors."

Business Wire is committed to further expanding its multi-channel distribution network in Greater China; the platform currently includes proprietary networks operated by key government ministries, trade media news services, and leading news portals.

About The Central News Agency:

Founded in Guangzhou (Canton), southern China on April 1, 1924, The Central News Agency (CNA) has been in operation longer than any other media outlet in the country and is Taiwan's largest national news agency. Headquartered in Taiwan since 1949, CNA provides about 1,500 items of fair, fast and comprehensive local and international news in Chinese, English and Spanish every day to the media, helping to promote an open information society as well as effectively preserving the multifaceted and balanced media environment in Taiwan.

CNA's coverage spans the globe, with correspondents in every city and county in Taiwan and in 35 cities overseas. CNA correspondents file an average of 500 news items every day, covering politics, economics, defense, diplomacy, military affairs, justice, and international and cross-Taiwan Strait affairs, making it the largest news provider in Taiwan.

In addition to articles, CNA offers radio, television, in-flight services and mobile phone operators with news content and images from around the world.

About Business Wire:

Business Wire was founded in 1961 by chairman/CEO Lorry I. Lokey, veteran journalist and public relations executive.

The company's multi-channel delivery network, with access to some 60 international and national news agencies, financial information providers and Web-based news services throughout North America, Europe, Asia, Latin America, the Middle East and Africa, provides real-time, simultaneous access to key audiences-the news media, trade publications, institutional and individual investors, business-to-business decision-makers and consumers.

Business Wire electronically disseminates some 1,000 full-text news releases daily to the media, the Internet, online services and databases, and the global investment community in 150 countries in 45 languages. Business Wire has 24 U.S. offices, Frankfurt, London, Stockholm, Brussels, Sydney and Tokyo offices, and reciprocal offices throughout the world.

For more information, contact Stan Simek at Business Wire, via email.

Source: Business Wire - GAI

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Business Wire enters into reciprocal relationship with Taiwan's Central News Agency
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