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Suppliers find China sourcing solution via China Auto Suppliers Group has partnered with the China Auto Suppliers Group, a consortium of pre-qualified, OEM-proven Chinese auto suppliers, to assist Western-based automotive suppliers sourcing components in China.

This unique initiative offers U.S., European and Asian-based suppliers a complete solution to matching their manufacturing needs with the appropriate supplier in China, along with U.S.-based warehouse and support.

"The service we have created with the China Auto Suppliers Group allows the ability to offer Western suppliers what they are seeking - one-stop to secure reliable sourcing of components in China," said Ron Hesse, president and CEO of "Through, available in English language and Chinese language versions, auto suppliers around the world will be able to find qualified sourcing in China."

The China Auto Suppliers Group includes 35 Chinese component manufacturers with 60 Chinese plants with OEM experience supplying Nissan, Honda, Toyota, Mitsubishi, Mazda and Ford. All members are ISO/QS certified in the following manufacturing processes: electronic and electrical, plastic molding, insert molding, stamping, forging, die cast and machining.

"We are excited about launching the China Auto Suppliers Group with We will be able to offer Western suppliers a total package solution for sourcing auto components in China," said Dr. Wess Tao, the U.S.-based representative for the China Auto Suppliers Group. He is general manager of CBC (USA) Inc. in Ann Arbor, Mich., a Taiwanese company with manufacturing plants in China and warehouses in Ann Arbor and California.

Services available from the China Auto Suppliers Group:

  • Matching Western suppliers with appropriate Chinese suppliers
  • Competitive quotes from several qualified Chinese suppliers
  • Consulting services to help develop a strategy for Chinese production
  • Assistance arranging plant visits in China
  • Assistance in the PPAP process
  • EDI capability
  • Logistics assistance
  • U.S. warehouse to ensure just-in-time delivery
  • For more information click here, or contact Michael DaMour at (248) 526-3312 or GAI

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