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Business Wire news and press release distribution in China and Hong Kong reaches business and media

Business Wire, a partner of, has entered into a news distribution agreement with China's Technology Information Promotion System, (TIPS,) a government-affiliated agency that provides access to a multi-channel distribution platform that reaches Chinese enterprises, government and educational institutions, media and consumers.

TIPS, established in 1985 by China's Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation and the Ministry of Science and Technology, maintains a proprietary communications infrastructure that ensures comprehensive distribution to all of China's key constituencies. It is at the nexus of a technology information exchange network for some 50,000 Chinese companies and other influential recipients.

"Business Wire is anxious to play an expanded role in China's continued growth and development by establishing a two-way flow of news and information," said Cathy Baron Tamraz, president of Business Wire.

"Business Wire is recognized worldwide as a valued and trusted provider of information direct from the originating source. We look forward to playing a similar role for Chinese enterprises seeking to communicate their message to global capital and consumer markets, Tamraz said." Business Wire is anxious to serve as a seamless gateway to global markets for Chinese companies seeking to expand their commercial foothold."

TIPS is part of a global communications network that provides Chinese enterprises and other subscribers with international technology news, import-export developments, new product, technology transfer, joint venture and related industry news. TIPS has 30 bureaus throughout China and is part of a satellite network of more than two dozen regional partners worldwide. Headquarters in Beijing are housed in the Institute of Science and Technology Information of China (ISTIC) complex.

Established in 1956, ISTIC is a comprehensive information center directly under the Ministry of Science and Technology that focuses on the collection, storage, and service of scientific and technological documents, database building, information analysis and research, information services, network infrastructure construction, training and media publishing.

"TIPS is very happy to serve as a communications bridge between Business Wire's worldwide client base and our audience, which consists of China's leading institutions in industry, government, media and education," said Lin Jing, director of the TIPS national bureau in China. "Business Wire will help Chinese enterprises continue on their growth trajectory by providing them with industry-specific news direct from the world's leading companies."

The arrangement with TIPS, which began Dec.1, will have a positive impact on all Business Wire Asia Pacific regional circuits. All releases transmitted to China and Hong Kong will automatically be translated into simplified and traditional Chinese. In addition to its own dedicated network, TIPS maintains content-sharing agreements with affiliated distribution partners, ensuring the broadest penetration of the China/Hong Kong marketplace. Additional distribution platforms include:

Xinhua Infolink: China Industrial and Economic News Service. Chinese-language releases are processed by the Science and Technology International News Department at the Xinhua News Service, China's official news agency. This news service has more than 2,000 subscribers throughout China.

CINIC: One of China's leading industrial news services, which generates more than 1,200 news stories daily covering a cross-section of industry sectors.

Trade Newspaper Commission of the China Newspaper Association: A consortium of more than 150 trade publications with a cumulative staff of 4,000 journalists and a combined circulation of more than 7 million.

Tamraz, in making the announcement, said that the TIPS relationship will serve as a springboard for additional distribution options in China and Hong Kong, with Greater China serving as the linchpin of Business Wire's planned expansion throughout the Asia Pacific region.

TIPS distributes its news and information in China via a sophisticated network that includes strategic alliances with The Trade Newspaper Association, CINIC, The Institute of Science and Technology Information of China, Xinhua InfoLink, China Industrial and Economic News Network, and the The Science and Technology News section of the Xinhua News Agency.

Business Wire's multi-channel delivery network has access to more than 60 international and national news agencies, financial information providers and Web-based news services throughout North America, Europe, Asia, Latin America, the Middle East and Africa. It provides real-time, simultaneous access to key audiences - the news media, trade publications, institutional and individual investors, business-to-business decision-makers and consumers.

Business Wire electronically disseminates some 1,000 full-text news releases daily for 18,000 members worldwide to the news media, the Internet, online services and databases and the global investment community in 150 countries in 45 languages. Chairman and CEO Lorry I. Lokey, a veteran journalist and public relations executive, founded the company in 1961.

Business Wire has 26 U.S. offices as well as offices in Frankfurt, London, Stockholm and Brussels and reciprocal offices throughout the world.

For more information contact Stan Simek, Michigan District manager and automotive industry specialist, at Business Wire at +1 (248) 213-4750 or by email at GAI

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Business Wire news and press release distribution in China and Hong Kong reaches business and media
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