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Toyota to Open School in Bangalore to Train Future Engineers and Managers

As it contemplates plans for a major expansion of its vehicle assembly operation in India, Toyota will open a new vocational school in Bangalore this summer to help create a stable source of engineers and managers for its local operations, Japanese reports said.

The company is currently selecting a first class of about 60 local 16-year-olds to attend the new Toyota Technical Training Institute, built on the grounds of Toyota Kirloskar Motors in the suburbs of a city that in recent years has become the computing center of India.

Smaller Class

When the company unveiled the project about 10 months ago (JAD, 5/29/06), the size of the class was reported to be 80. The latest reports didn’t say why Toyota ended up with the smaller number.

Like the Toyota Technical Skills Academy, a 70-year-old vocational high school the company runs in Toyota City, students at TTTI will get not only free education but free room and board in an adjacent dormitory.


At the Japanese institution, students also get a stipend of ¥114,000-¥139,000 ($965 to $1,180) a month, that goes up with seniority, plus two bonuses a year that range from ¥200,000 to ¥379,000 ($1,700 to $3,200) last year. It wasn’t clear whether the students in India will get similar stipends.

The school, which is not a certified high school under Indian law, will teach general high school subjects in addition to technical skills so that the students can obtain high school equivalency certificates.

At the end of their freshman year, students will choose majors from among four specialties—painting, welding, vehicle assembly and mechatronics.”

Nikkan Jidosha said Toyota Kirloskar will actively” make jobs available to graduates, but it didn’t say whether employment at the company is mandatory.

According to the TTSA website, there are currently 8,016 graduates working for Toyota, which would seem to indicate that in Japan, at least, almost all graduates end up there.

In Factory Compound

The TTTI campus occupies 12 acres in the Toyota Kirloskar compound. The company spent Rs 130 million ($3 million) to build the school, dormitory and a sports ground.

Toyota Kirloskar’s personnel manager will serve as head-master, and will oversee a staff of 25, including 17 instructors, Nikkan Jidosha said.

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Source:   The Japan Automotive Digest - GAI

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