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NORTH AMERICA: "Trucks: October Class 8 Conditions Accelerate (+NAV Takeaways)" (2017) report

NORTH AMERICA: "Trucks: October Class 8 Conditions Accelerate (+NAV Takeaways)" (2017) report. 11-page report by BAIRD.

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The 10 Worst (and Best!) US Airports for TSA Security Delays

Your grandparents can wax nostalgic about the supposed "golden age of flying" all they want. Wow, you got full meals and friendly flight attendants? Kudos. Where are your scars from the golden age of TSA security delays? THAT'S something to brag to your grandkids about.

If you flew in the past year or so, you might've gotten to see a magical era of aviation, where two hours on a TSA line wasn't even unusual. (We'll see your so-called Greatest Generation and raise you a Latest Generation.) Security wait times crept up steadily since 2006, then doubled at many airports earlier in 2016. What a time to be alive! And some of us have been lucky enough to experience these great delays far more than others. got some interesting data from the folks at TSA, showing the airports with the most frequent passenger security delays from 2006-2015, defined as waiting in line longer than 20 minutes. What’s most surprising is the usual suspects nottopping the list of slowest airports. Only five of the 25 slowest were airports with more than 10 million passengers in 2015, and a lot of heavy hitters were nowhere to be seen. While the absolute slowest were in some of the more far-flung airports in the nation.

Behold, the 10 worst airports in America for procrastinators:

10. Austin-Bergstrom International, Texas
6.67 delays per 100,000 passengers, 5.8 million passengers in 2015

9. Lambert-St. Louis International, Missouri
7.36 delays per 100,000 passengers, 6.2 million passengers

8. Long Island MacArthur, New York
7.6 delays per 100,000 passengers, 630,600 passengers in 2015

7. Burlington International, Vermont
7.77 delays per 100,000 passengers, 581,100 passengers in 2015

6. Buffalo Niagara International, New York
8.53 delays per 100,000 passengers, 2.3 million passengers in 2015

5. Miami International, Florida
8.9 delays per 100,000 passengers, 21 million passengers in 2015

4. Southwest Florida International, Fort Myers, Florida
9.55 delays per 100,000 passengers, 4.2 million passengers in 2015

3. LaGuardia, New York
10.26 delays per 100,000 passengers, 14.3 million passengers in 2015

2. Ted Stevens Anchorage International, Alaska
10.94 delays per 100,000 passengers, 2.5 million passengers in 2015

1. Kona International at Keahole, Hawaii
17.58 delays per 100,000 passengers, 1.5 million passengers in 2015

We've called the TSA to find out why little Kona was the runaway winner. Other notables on the list were Philadelphia at No. 13, Newark at No. 15, Seattle-Tacoma at No. 20, and Bill and Hillary Clinton National in Little Rock at No. 17. And they can't even blame that on $200 haircuts.

Source: Travel

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