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Six Secrets to a Better Corporate Video

The relationship between cost, quality and business success is meaningless in the realm of corporate video. While you may get what you pay for, often what you're paying for is not what you need. A video that costs anywhere from several thousand to several million dollars can bear little relation to sales success. How can you avoid wasting money to gain eyeballs? Here are six tips:

1. Understand That Video is King
Video is the most powerful and effective way to consistently get your message out. A report by the Wharton School of Business shows that video boosts comprehension and retention by 50 percent in a live presentation—for example, online marketer David Frey increased visitors to his Internet site by more than 60 percent in two weeks by using video. He also achieved a No. 1 Google search ranking for his target keyword phrase. The lesson: using video helps you stand a chance, and the sky's the limit revenue-wise when video is used well.

2. Remember: Your Audience Isn't Stupid
Your customers are being bombarded with every sales message imaginable. How do you separate yourself from the hype? Tell you audience the truth and don't hide factual evidence with pretty graphics and animation. Be straightforward, and they'll reward you with their attention. But don't try too hard, or your audience will tune out quickly.

3. Be Passionate
If you don't really care about your message, your audience won't either. Put people who are truly passionate about your message in front of the camera. They can be either customers or team members—or better yet, both. The more diverse, the better.

4. Use Testimonials
The best people to speak about any topic are those who are closest to it. Your customers, users and constituents are the people who will give you the most honest, passionate answers—and your audience will respond to them. Get real people telling the truth, and your audience will remember your message.

5. Unscripted Videos Rule
Audiences hear narrators all day long. Your message needs to be delivered spontaneously—by real people answering real questions—if it's going to cut through the clutter. You'll need to take some extra time to edit the answers, but you'll learn things about your message you never realized and your audience will see that real people believe in this—not just professional narrators.

6. People Forget (People Forget)
Don't forget that people will forget what you say and they'll forget what you do. There are only two ways to make an audience remember—by connecting with them emotionally or by spending millions of dollars to constantly repeat your message. If you can connect emotionally to your audience, there's a better chance of them remembering you and your message.

Source:    Sales and Marketing ManagementGAI

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