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Recruitment: Canada offers top talent pool

Canadian executives are steadily gaining recognition as a major talent pool in the international market, reports Virginia Galt in The Globe and Mail. Canadian executives travel well and, as a source of talent, Canada is very important for us,” explains Damien O'Brien, a partner of Egon Zehnder International based in Australia.

Canadian executives enjoy a reputation for flexibility, strong business and consensus-building skills, notes the author. They also offer a good cultural fit, she adds.

Former Canadian CEOs or presidents are often preferred for their full experience of managing profit and loss operations, versus U.S. executives, who are more likely to have run large-scale business units. Canada's higher education system is also rated very highly by international companies, with business schools achieving consistently strong results nationwide, notes the author.

Waves of migrants, which continue to flow into Canada, have given birth to a generation of leaders from diverse cultural backgrounds. This means that, unlike many U.S. executives, most Canadians offer an international perspective, the author concludes.

Source: Egon Zehnder International - GAI

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