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Ontario Paper Says Honda May Be Looking To Build Plant Along the 401 West of Toronto

The London, Ont. Free Press greeted Toyota's ground breaking at nearby Woodstock last week with an article that suggested Honda is also shopping for a site in the area west of Toronto, along the 401 freeway that runs to Windsor and Detroit.

The paper said Honda of Canada is reportedly looking at building a third assembly operation, with Ontario the likely destination,” and it added that for reasons of available workforce, transportation and proximity to suppliers and markets, London is a prime location.

Honda's two existing plants in Alliston, 40 miles north of Toronto, have about drained off the available labor supply in that area, it said, and the two Toyota plants in Cambridge, Suzuki's plant at Ingersoll and the new Toyota plant at nearby Woodstock, have done much the same in the area to the west of Toronto.

That leaves four towns farther to the west, London, Brantford, Hamilton and Newmarket as the likeliest choices, the paper said. It added that the word in Canada is that Honda is feeling a need to raise North American capacity before the end of the decade because it can't meet demand with the plants it now has.

Indeed, it added, Honda executives have quietly put out enough feelers for a new site in Canada to have caused the London Economic Development Corp. to start pitching the provincial ministry of economic development for help in getting the plant.

Source: Japan Automotive Digest

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