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CHINA: "What’s the Real Value of Experience in China?"

CHINA: "What’s the Real Value of Experience in China?". Article by Deloitte.

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"Today's business environment demands superior communication
and leadership across borders and cultures."

World Learning for Business (WLfB ), with offices in the U.S. and Asia, helps corporate professionals anywhere in the world develop critical job-related people skills to succeed in the global marketplace. WLfB is the corporate training and consulting division of World Learning, founded in 1932 to promote international and intercultural understanding through education and training programs globally.

Global People Skills Development
Our training and coaching programs in language, culture, and business communication, based on World Learning - developed experiential learning techniques, enhance on-the-job competence of those engaged in global commerce anywhere in the world.

Customized small group or one-on one intensive business language programs, delivered at client sites, are designed to boost participants' language communication skills in the context of identified job-related tasks. World Learning for Business also offers full immersion training in native-speaking settings for those requiring an accelerated program. In addition to training corporate managers in Business English, World Learning for Business prepares clients to communicate in other cultural settings and languages, including Spanish, Portuguese, French, Arabic, Chinese, Hindi, and more.

Business Communication
The ability to communicate effectively in a global business context, whether in face-to-face encounters, teleconferences, or via e-mail, is a crucial skill for every professional. Our courses and workshops are custom-designed for both non-native and native speakers of English, and are targeted to enhance identified job-related business communication competencies.

A comprehensive needs assessment is an integral component of all World Learning for Business training programs. In addition, we provide individual assessments on a team or organization-wide basis, particularly in the area of language proficiency. Sample Courses and Formats


  • One-on-One or Small Group Language Classes at client site; 30 to 60 hours over a period of five to fifteen weeks.
  • Self-Directed, Computer-Based Learning; a supplement to either of the above formats.
Business Communication
  • Six- to- twelve-week courses (two to three hours per week) and half- to- one- day workshops that address key business writing and speaking competencies for native and non-native speakers of English. All classes held at client sites.
  • Examples: "Say it Clearly"; Effective Writing; "E-mail Booster"; "Language of Meetings"; "On your Feet and Speaking Effectively".

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