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ASIA: "ASEAN: Sales in August Exceed Expectations (Oct 2015)" report

ASIA: "ASEAN: Sales in August Exceed Expectations (Oct 2015)" report. 3-page Alert by LMC Automotive.

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Online Auction Services

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To include your items into the Auction, please complete form below. online auction service helping companies liquidate excess inventory

Companies from Germany, Mexico, UK, USA, Canada, France, India and China have posted inventory and attracted worldwide inquiries - including the Pacific Rim, Latin America and Eastern Europe. An additional $5 million in inventory will be posted shortly.'s online auction service has attracted manufacturing companies worldwide looking to liquidate their excess inventory and generate revenue.

Join in posting your items up for auction or bidding on the items already listed, included are: (click on product to download short description in PDF file format)

Master Cylinder - Toyota

Master Cylinder - Ford

LED 031 - 36000 pcs

Female Metri-Pack 280 Tin Plated Terminal


100Ton Press BLISS (USA)

130Ton Press TAYLOR & CHALLEN (UK)



Black 13.000mm STX 75 Strand Cable (# 01)

Steel Bars Peeled #1

Wire Rod #1

Steel Bars Raw #1

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The online auction service is an instant pipeline to the 34,000 members worldwide, who visit the site daily, and it provides the exposure needed to sell the products. has been supporting suppliers in their global efforts for over ten years and has now included an online auction service as part of its strategy to better serve manufacturing suppliers with their needs and improve the way they conduct business around the globe today.

Through this online auction, we are able to assist global suppliers and buyers to do business online. Sellers are able to move that excess inventory they haven't been able to and buyers benefit greatly from this.

Information Request Form

Use our Auction Services to liquidate your excess inventory.   To have someone contact you, please complete the following information and provide any questions or comments you would like us to answer. The most appropriate person will be getting back to you as soon as possible. We thank you for your interest.

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