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LATIN AMERICA: "Trucks: Brazil Truck Environment Continues to Deteriorate (Nov. 2015)" report

LATIN AMERICA: "Trucks: Brazil Truck Environment Continues to Deteriorate (Nov. 2015)" report. 5-page report by BAIRD.

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January,  2017

Manufacturing in Mexico a no-go for US automobile companies
Fiat Chrysler has heeded Trump’s warnings over imported cars, announcing a $1bn US-based investment plan.The US arm of automobile manufacturer Fiat Chrysler announced on 8 January a $1bn investment into the retooling and modernisation†(...)
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How Trump’s Trade Policies Could Disrupt Mexico’s Growing Auto Sector
In 2015, Mexico assembled more than 3.5 million vehicles, making it the world’s seventh-largest manufacturer. But global automotive giants have even bigger plans in store: According to AMIA, Mexico’s automotive industry association, and ProMexico (...)
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Weekly Chart: Mexico's Auto Industry
have to face the threat of losing automaker investments over fear of a future U.S. big border tax,” but it can celebrate a record year for its auto industry. December 2016 saw more car sales and more vehicles produced than any other month in the co (...)
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Automotive Sales, Production to Grow in Brazil in 2017
With more positive economic indicators, auto manufacturers association forecasts 4 percent growth in sales and 11.9 percent growth in production this year.After a year of declines in both vehicle production and sales, automakers expect th (...)
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Autos/Trucks: Brazil Demand Comps Improving into Yearend (Jan. 2017)
Brazil auto demand declined 11% in Q4, modestly above our estimate down 13%. Brazil economic indicators are showing early signs of improvement with inflation and interest rates coming off cycle-highs (both above 10% in 2016). Importantly, auto demand (...)
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Scuttled Ford Plant Has Mexico Fearing More Under Trump
Ford Motor Company's cancellation of plans to build a $1.6 billion auto manufacturing plant in San Luis Potosi has sounded alarms throughout Mexico.Even as the country is being rocked by rowdy nationwide protests against a Jan. 1 gasoline (...)
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Global Automotive: Cruisin'- Road Map to the Auto & Truck Market January 2017
To download 72-page report, please click here.Source: BAIRD - (...)
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Will Latin America Regain Prosperity in 2017?
Latin America’s major nations are hoping that 2017 will be the year that they finally recover from the lingering impact of weak commodity prices. For the fourth consecutive year, Latin America’s exports contracted in 2016, according to a report b (...)
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How to Hire Employees in Mexico, a Quick Glance at Labor Contracts
When navigating the complexities of a new legal system it is vital to maintain focus on certain principles as to avoid law suits and more importantly, to avoid wasting time, resources and energy in unproductive hiring strategies.When unde (...)
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In Latin America, Mexico The Only Real 'Loser' Under Trump
In just four days, Donald Trump goes from PEOTUS to POTUS.  Latin America is not impressed.They'll get over it.While most of the knee-jerk reactions of fear and loathing have subsided south of the Rio Grande, Trump is widely (...)
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Mexico: Cost of electricity goes up following 20% increase in fuel
The adjustment has occurred after the government announced last December liberalization of gasoline in 2017 and amid protests across the country by rising prices and the impact on inflation because of deregulation.The electricity tariffs (...)
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Managing the employment relationship in Mexico
What laws and regulations govern the employment relationship?The Federal Labour Law is the only governing law in Mexico for labour and employment relationships in the private sector.Who do these cover, including cate (...)
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What Could a U.S.-Mexico Partnership Look Like?
New Approaches Could Advance Cooperation With Mexico.When the Trump administration takes office, one of the clearest articulations of its foreign policy is likely to be its position toward a range of issues at the center of U.S-Mexico rel (...)
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Withdrawing from or renegotiating NAFTA was a key element of President-elect Donald Trump´s presidential campaign. NAFTA was approved and implemented by the US, Mexico and Canada in late 1993, and now twenty-three years later, political and business (...)
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Minimum wage increases nearly 10 percent in Mexico
On Sunday January 1st, Mexico’s minimum wage rose almost 10% in a jolt to the system meant to stoke the poorest workers’ buying power, which has been eroded by recessions and past bouts of high inflation.But the prospect of higher ear (...)
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Brazil Raises 2017 Monthly Minimum Wage to R$937
The monthly new minimum wage is R$57 higher than the current one, but was R$8.8 below the R$945.80 that had been proposed in August.Despite the financial troubles facing the country, Brazil’s federal government announced that as of Janu (...)
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Mercosur and EU feel “2017 is a window of opportunity”, but can't find the path despite Brexit and Trump
Negotiations for an ample trade and cooperation agreement between the European Union and Mercosur are strategic, essential and must be urgently concluded, said Ramon Jauregui, head of the Euro-chamber for Latin America delegation, following on the re (...)
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Brazil Registers Record Judicial Recovery Filings in 2016
From construction companies, to financial trading firms to amusement parks, 2016 saw many companies, big and small, struggling to stay afloat.The number of companies in Brazil seeking judicial recovery in 2016 set a record according to da (...)
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Brazil Tax News: Tax Regularization Payment Program
The Federal Executive Branch issued Provisional Measure 766 on January 4, 2017 (MP 766”), and published on the following day, with the force of law, which introduced the Tax Regularization Payment Program (PRT”) with the purpose of giving Brazili (...)
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Expats highly rate health care in Mexico and Central America
The quality of healthcare is of the most critical things people should consider before moving abroad, especially retirees.  But how is the healthcare abroad?  Here’s an article by Chuck Bolotin that gives some answers that may surprise you. (...)
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Half the Argentine labor force make a monthly average of US$ 565, says Indec
Half the Argentine labor force employed was making at the end of the third quarter a monthly average of 9.000 Pesos, equivalent approximately to US$ 565, while the poorest 10% averaged 2.500 Pesos (approx US$ 165) and the richest 10%, anywhere from 2 (...)
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Brazil tops rankings of countries where companies must pay bribes
Brazilian companies are connected with 19 ongoing investigations in the United States.No country in the world is connected to more ongoing corruption investigations in the U.S. than Brazil. According to the latest Country Count for the Co (...)
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Emerging markets: Mexican wave
We explore the outlook for investors in Mexico, where government reforms have helped to create an economic boom.To read entire article, (...)
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IMF Cuts Economic Growth Forecast for Latin America in 2017
With its January economic outlook update, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) has become more pessimistic about Latin America. The Washington-based global economic authority is now forecasting regional GDP growth of just 1.2% in 2017, down from the (...)
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Brazil inflation at its lowest in years ends 2016 within the official target range
Brazil's inflation finished 2016 within the official target range, government data showed on Wednesday. Consumer prices rose 6.29% last year slowing from an increase of 10.67% in 2015 and below the 6.5% ceiling of the official goal.Prices (...)
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Brazil's unemployment rate reaches a record high of 11.9%: this means 12.1m out of a job
Brazil's unemployment rate from September to November reached a record high of 11.9%, the country's statistics agency IBGE said. This new rate is a significant year-on-year hike over the same period in 2015, when it stood at 9%.The IBGE o (...)
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Argentina: More Flexibility to Exchange Control Market
Minimum Stay Term for Portfolio Investments and Loans is Reduced to Zero Days.The Ministry of Treasury issued Resolution No. 1 - E/2017 by means of which it reduces to zero (0) days the minimum stay term for (i) loans granted by no (...)
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Brazil lowers basic interest rate to 13 percent
Brazil's Central Bank surprised markets with a 0.75 percent reduction.On Wednesday, Brazil’s Central Bank announced a 0.75 percent reduction of the country’s basic interest rate to 13 percent per year. It marks the third straight occa (...)
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The move to assemble vehicles in Mexico is about more than low wages
Total per Vehicle Cost Advantages of Producing a Vehicle in Mexico for U.S. or European Markets.Mexican automotive production has been a topic of recent debate. Since 2009, automakers—including BMW, Honda, Hyundai-Kia, Mazda, Nissan, To (...)
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