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December,  2014

Managing global compensation: the quest for compliance
Employees on international assignment present a challenge to HR and payroll functions in organizations. There is increasing scrutiny and enforcement from tax authorities, the length and structure of assignments are changing, and businesses continue t (...)
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How to Lead a Successful Global Team
In a multicultural workplace, misunderstandings happen. If your British manager tells you something is interesting,” does he really mean the opposite? Why do your Dutch coworkers feel so comfortable talking back to the boss?Erin Meyer h (...)
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2015 Global Recruiting Trends: LinkedIn’s 4th annual report
LinkedIn’s 2015 Global Recruiting Trends report is based on the largest survey of talent acquisition leaders in the world. Gain insight into 3 trends every talent acquisition leader needs to know:- Industry overview: Recruiting budgets (...)
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The Untapped Value of Overseas Experience
How skilled return migrants can be your company’s agents of change.Viktor had worked for several years as a programmer for a global software company in Eastern Europe when his manager chose him for a prestigious assignment in the compan (...)
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The Future of Management: More Agile, More Digital, More Global
Last month, McKinsey Quarterly published a special edition, Management: The next 50 years, to commemorate its 50th anniversary. The special edition includes interviews with leading thinkers like Lou Gerstner on corporate reinvention and Robert Solow (...)
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Insights on the changing global workforce
Changes in the global workforce create interconnected risks, such as attracting talent, mobility, BYOD, taxes, benefits and pensions. In this video, Zurich's Hanno Mijer, Global Head of Corporate Life and Pensions takes a strategic macro (...)
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US and China Extend Visas to 10 Years
Speaking at the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Summit (APEC) in Beijing, President Barack Obama announced a reciprocal agreement by both the US and China to grant visitor visas that are valid for up to ten years.Beginning Nov. 12, the (...)
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"How I Manage Across Cultures and Companies" by Carlos Ghosn, Chairman and CEO, Renault-Nissan Alliance
I recently sat down with Daniel Roth of LinkedIn to talk about how I manage two global automakers, Renault and Nissan, while overseeing a global alliance organization, multiple partnerships and collaborations with other automakers. We also talked abo (...)
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EU sees annual growth in labor costs
The euro zone and the wider European Union saw an annual growth in labor costs in the second quarter this year, according to data released Tuesday by the EU statistical office.Eurostat figures showed that hourly labor costs rose 1.2 perce (...)
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US Boards Lack Global Insights
While major US companies increasingly rely on overseas revenue, their boards often remain all-American, reports The Wall Street Journal, citing Egon Zehnder’s recently published 2014 Global Board Index. The results suggest that such homogeneity at (...)
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Chasing Low-Cost Labor in Mexico: Is VW Chattanooga the Last New U.S. Auto Plant?
During the 1992 presidential campaign, Ross Perot quipped that the North American Free Trade Agreement (then being negotiated) would create a giant sucking sound” of jobs leaving the US for Mexico if it ever became implemented (which happened in 19 (...)
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Management Capability Index India 2014 Report
Management Capability of an organization is an aggregate of the collective potential, exhibited or latent, of talent in the organization. The Management Capability Index (MCI) is a nationwide study, which attempts to understand and benchmark skills a (...)
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German Labor Costs Growth Accelerates In Q2
Germany's labor costs growth increased in the second quarter after easing a quarter ago, Destatis reported Monday.Labor costs per hour worked rose 1.7 percent annually after expanding 0.5 percent in the first quarter. Quarter-on-quarter, (...)
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US: The United Auto Workers on the Skids?
Defeat in Chattanooga, a 25 percent dues hike, Michigan Right to Work, and promotions for failed leaders.Summary: It’s been a long, slow slide for the United Auto Workers, which hit its peak in the early 1950s. Defeated in a critical un (...)
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Guide to China Market Salaries
This guide is intended to give approximate salary ranges for the positions as described and specific skills or experience requirements can mean that a premium may need to be paid.Salaries are based on a 13-month per year gross payment. (...)
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German Government May Say 'Nein' To After Work Emails
All of us are familiar with the sound a smartphone makes when an email or text has arrived. Our somewhat Pavlovian response is to pick up the device, see who the message is from and read it.In Germany, a growing number of these emails com (...)
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Bridge the Gap: Rebuilding America’s Middle Skills
When it comes to middle-skills jobs in the United States—those that require more than a high school diploma but less than a four-year degree—there is a misalignment in the overall system that should move a potential employee smoothly from a relev (...)
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Canada: 'Paid to learn': Facing skills shortage, manufacturers invest in training youth
Young people may be wrestling with a tough jobs market, but the news isn’t all glum: Some employers are experimenting with new ways to hire, train and invest in them.A cluster of Canadian manufacturers has banded together to tap young w (...)
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US: Some employers face higher federal unemployment taxes on Jan. 31
The Department of Labor has announced that additional federal unemployment tax will be due on Jan. 31, 2015, for employers who paid wages to employees in 2014 in eight states and territories: California, Connecticut, Indiana, Kentucky, New York, Nort (...)
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Indonesia Companies Need to Capitalize on Improving Employee Engagement Trends
Employee engagement scored in Indonesia continues to show consistent increase from 64 percent to 71 percent over the past six years, the highest score in employee engagement among 11 other countries in Asia Pacific. Economic factors such as GDP growt (...)
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UK Immigration Update – Changes to immigration rules
OverviewThe UK Government published its statement of changes in the immigration rules. The most notable changes are summarized below, including the amendments in the following immigration categories:- Tier 1 Investor; (...)
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US Renews Workplace Rights Agreements with LATAM Countries
The U.S. Labor Department has renewed workplace rights agreements with several Latin American countries. The agreements pave the way for American officials to work with LATAM governments on U.S. labor laws governing safety, health and wages and worki (...)
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Malaysians now required to pass English to graduate
A new government policy will require Malaysian university students to first pass the English language before being granted their degree.Speaking at the launch of talent development programme Cyberjaya Graduate Employability Enable 2 (CGEE (...)
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Spain: Changes to the taxation of employee share plans
BackgroundThe Spanish government presented a draft tax reform package that proposes changes to a broad range of tax matters, including the taxation of share awards and share options.Subject to final approval, the change (...)
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China: Lessons for employers on the risks of unwritten contracts and minimizing overtime liability
The Superior Court in Jiangsu Province has issued information and guidance on typical employment cases that came before the court during 2013, which provides a useful insight into some of the issues commonly litigated in the PRC labour courts. Whilst (...)
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Long-term Trends Reshape China's Talent Landscape
Lower economic growth in China has temporarily reduced the pressure on salary increases and staff turnover in the short-term. However, the slowdown in the numbers of new entrants into the workforce, the growing demand for employees who are multi-skil (...)
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U.S.: State Minimum Wages Going Up in 2015
The current federal minimum wage under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) is $7.25 per hour ($2.13 for tipped employees). Some states, however, have established their own minimum wage, and employees in these states are entitled to whichever minimum (...)
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Latin American Travel Management Challenged By Data Deficiencies
While Latin America is united by two common languages, Spanish and Portuguese, HRG Brazil's business development director Eduardo Murad during an online education session hosted in September by the Association of Corporate Travel Executives emphasize (...)
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Chinese companies in US urged to learn the employment laws
As more Chinese companies set up business in the United States, they need to know how to navigate the country's employment laws, which may differ greatly from China's, US employment lawyers said at a seminar on Wednesday in New York.Chine (...)
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Hong Kong employers risk jail time for “blind” job ads
A number of employers in Hong Kong who failed to identifying themselves – or their recruitment agency – in job postings have been issues enforcement notices for the practice, which had led to growing concern over data usage.The Privac (...)
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Managers Wanted: War for Talent Heats Up in China
Faced with slowing economic growth and mounting competition from domestic firms, China has a growing need for experienced managers and leaders. However, the pool of candidates with the relevant skill sets is shallow. With a population of over 1.3 bil (...)
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Study Finds Brazil Lost US$400 Billion to Fraud
According to study more than US$400 billion flowed illegally out of Brazil between 1960 and 2012.Illegal outflows from Brazil for the past fifty years have sapped hundreds of billions of dollars from the Brazilian economy, says a new stud (...)
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Brazil Has Created 700,000 New Jobs in 2014. One Million Are Expected Till End of Year
In August, 101,425 new jobs have been officially created in Brazil, as a result of the month's 1,748,818 engagements and 1,647,393 redundancies - 0.25 percent up from July. As for the number of jobs generated during the year, the figure stands at 751 (...)
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Latin America – Pensions: Addressing the Ticking Time Bomb
Under current conditions, a bone-chilling 60 percent of individuals who will reach retirement in 2050 will not be able to receive a contributory pension and will not have enough savings to live out of poverty. Carmen Pagés-Serra offers a solution to (...)
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Global Skills - Skilling India
With an enviable demographic dividend, India is expected to churn out the largest workforce not only for the Indian market but one that caters globally too. Hence, skill development is a key concern both for the government and the industry. This pape (...)
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Singaporeans feel “obliged” to work long, hard hours
Local bosses may be generally supportive of employees’ work-life balance, but more can be done to ensure staff in Singapore are not heading for a complete burnout.According to the Morgan McKinley Working Hours Survey 2014, 82% of profes (...)
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US: IRS initiative to test company compliance around deferred compensation plans and increased focus on employment tax compliance
Section 409A compliance initiativeSection 409A of the Internal Revenue Code provides rules for deferred compensation, which may impact typical global share plans operated by companies.Compliance Initiative (...)
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China: Unilateral termination of striking employees was illegal: Employers should consider the reason for strike action before dismissing
The Labour Arbitration Tribunal in the Fujian Province of Xiamen has ruled that a company's unilateral termination of employees who participated in a strike was illegal.   The court decided that the basis for the strike was reasonable and as such, (...)
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UK: KPMG's Guide to Directors' Remuneration 2014
KPMG has recently published the 2014 Guide to Directors’ Remuneration, a survey which analyses trends in FTSE 350 directors’ pay.The guide provides a comprehensive overview of directors’ remuneration in FTSE 350 companies, including (...)
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Why This Expat Loves Living In Singapore
I sometimes get amused looks from North Americans when I tell them that I moved to Singapore.They tend to reflexively respond that I must be crazy to move to a country where "consuming even chewing gum is a crime."Th (...)
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Cost of Living Allowances: Strategies for Relocation Success in a Changing Environment
While numerous sources offer cost of living information, not all allowances are created equal. This white paper outlines common cost of living information considerations that can make a material difference in the quality of relocation, talent managem (...)
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