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GLOBAL: Insight Bureau: "World economy: lifting the curtain on what worries the EIU about for 2008"

GLOBAL: The Insight Bureau: "World economy: lifting the curtain on what worries the EIU about for 2008". 3-page article by Robin Bew, Editorial Director and Chief Economist at the Economist Intelligence Unit, and Insight Bureau.

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March,  2014

Global Human Capital Trends 2014: Engaging the 21st-century workforce
CEOs and HR leaders see talent as a major challenge to growth. Where should you focus? Our survey of 2,500+ organizations in 90+ countries reveals 12 critical trends shaping the human capital agenda.As the world comes out of the recession (...)
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Be careful with global HR strategies
Some workforce strategies in China and India have deemed to be unsuccessful, largely due to their global, rather than local, focus.This is according to an Organisation Solutions report titled "Workforce Strategy for High-Growth Marke (...)
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Asian employees demand bigger bonuses
The bonus expectations of employees in Asia has gone up by 24% this year, with more than half (55%) anticipating a bonus of more than 20% of their salary.According to a report by EMR, which surveyed over 6,000 marketing, digital and commu (...)
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U.S.: Tips for Managing Interns
Are you considering hiring an intern, but you're afraid it will be an overly time consuming endeavor? Perhaps you've heard stories from colleagues who've hired interns, only to have to disappoint them when the intern applied for a paid position. Or m (...)
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Money may not hold talent in China
Double-digit salary increases and high employee turnover are the two greatest challenges companies will face in China next year, according to Michael Page's China 2014 Salary & Employment Forecast. Average salaries in China will increase six per (...)
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Brazil Seeks Over a Million Skilled Workers in 2014-2015
The CNI warns of a labor shortage of 570,000 workers in both 2014 and 2015 respectively.In a signal that the Brazilian labor market is still going strong despite the economy’s languishing performance, the Confederação Nacional da Ind (...)
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Special Report: New Survey Shows Latin America Safety Image Continues to Improve
Groundbreaking study reveals Latin America’s image trends upward.Negative perceptions of personal safety in Latin America are widespread, but they are often based on outdated or incomplete information. Executives investigating outsourci (...)
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Mexico Recent Jurisprudence - Employment Offers. Lawsuit against Two or More Individuals or Entities
The Second Chamber of Mexico's Supreme Court of Justice (SCJN) recently approved legal opinion number 2a./J. 115/2013 (10a.) titled: "Employment Offer. In order to provide evidence as to such in a lawsuit against two or more individuals, the off (...)
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Diversity in Central and Eastern Europe: The decisive next growth factor?
This study by Roland Berger Strategy Consultants together with Erste Group looks at how diversity in management boards affects a company's financial performance. The study is based on a survey conducted among 500 companies from various industries and (...)
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Social media critical in India Inc’s recruitments
Employee referrals and direct hiring channels such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and company websites, considered fads at one time, now contribute 70% to 90% of hires for companies. The once-dominant HR consultants now hire only for critical and nic (...)
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Russia: Information Bulletin on Recent Employment Disputes
If an employee extends her maternity leave, the temporary employee hired as cover can not be dismissed. 1An employee was hired to cover for an employee who was on maternity leave. The date when the absent employee was intended to r (...)
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Hong Kong’s Pay Trends and Talent Landscape
While the global economy remains on track for a mild recovery in the final months of 2013 and looking up to 2014, the upturn is slower than expected. China seems to be keeping a strong grip on its debt policies and particularly property prices, while (...)
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Canada: Aging and unskilled workers worry HR
An aging workforce and new workers lacking required skills are among the employer/employee challenges most HR practitioners are expecting to increasingly face in 2014, according to a BC Human Resources Management Association (BC HRMA) survey. (...)
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U.S.: Deadline Coming Up for H-1B Visa Petitions for 2015
Employers that engage foreign workers coming into the United States on H1-B visas are reminded of the rapidly approaching April 1, 2014 "deadline" for the filing of H-1B visa petitions for Fiscal Year 2015. Employers are encouraged to ident (...)
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B-1s Beware: You Can’t Work In The United States
It's a growing problem. Current U.S. immigration law provides few options for foreign entrepreneurs who are keen on establishing start-up companies in the United States.Investments in the $500,000 to $1 million range may provide investors (...)
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Canada: Changes to the Temporary Foreign Worker Program, Effective December 31, 2013
1.     Regulatory amendments now require employers to retain any document that relates to compliance with the conditions set out in the Regulations or in a Labour Market Opinion (LMO) for a period of 6 years, beginning on the first day of the per (...)
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Shanghai facilitates expat visa renewals
Wait time to get passports back for residence permits cut to 1 hour.New visa procedures due to take effect on Thursday mean expatriates living in Shanghai will no longer have to forfeit their passports for a week when renewing their resid (...)
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Taiwan: Placement of restriction to exit
OverviewAccording to Article 24 of the Tax Collection Act, an individual residing in Taiwan may be prevented from exiting Taiwan if failing to pay the single or combined amount of tax due plus fine if the amount is over NT$1 million by t (...)
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New Guidance on Management of Foreign National Employees in Vietnam
The Government of Vietnam has recently provided further guidance regarding the implementation of provisions of the new Labor Code on the management of foreign national employees in Vietnam by issuing Decree No. 102/2013/ND-CP (Decree No. 102” or De (...)
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Liar for hire? Fake CVs flood the 'tough' Indian job market
Managers of an IT company in New Delhi were puzzled as they sifted through a pile of CVs — as many as 30 job seekers claimed to have worked previously for the same employer.Unwilling to take any chances, the managers approached a firm o (...)
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United Kingdom: Short-term business visitors and PAYE reporting
OverviewUK host employers should be aware that Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (HMRC) is taking a stricter approach to the operation of Pay As You Earn (PAYE) on the remuneration of visitors from abroad who come to the UK to wo (...)
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New Benefits for Intracompany Transfers and Highly Skilled Professionals in Spain
Law 14/2013, in force since September of 2013, has introduced benefits for the processing of work for intracompany transfers, as well as highly skilled professionals or managers of companies in Spain.A clear benefit introduced by the Law (...)
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Foreign Workers in Brazil
Legal entities interested in using foreign labor, either permanently or temporarily, must request a work permit from the General Immigration Coordination, an agency of the Ministry of Labor and Employment.The request will be by submission (...)
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Mexico’s President Says Drug Violence Has Been Contained, Isolated
The wave of drug-related violence that swept through Mexico in recent years has been contained and isolated, and further improvement could allow the government to pull back the armed forces from the fray, President Enrique Peña Nieto said late Monda (...)
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Expat Stress In China
This post is by Morgan Dolan, who studied in China and now works there. Morgan majored in Anthropology.For anyone who has been abroad in China the catcalls of laowai” are an inescapable part of life. There is not a day that goes by wher (...)
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China: Employees Successfully Seek Court Relief for Unpaid Social Insurance and Housing Fund Contributions
In a recent case reported on September 17, 2013, the Chongqing Intermediate People’s Court upheld a retired employee’s claim against his former employer for compensation of pension losses resulting from unpaid pension insurance contributions. Thi (...)
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What Germans Know Could Help Bridge U.S. Workers' Skill Gap
Job training programs are failing to turn out enough skilled workers to fill job openings in the U.S., a phenomenon that puzzles some European companies that expand into the U.S.President Obama freely admits that America needs to improve (...)
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U.S.: Recycled NLRB Rule Hurts Manufacturers and Employees
Ambush Elections Are Unnecessary According to NLRB’s Own Data.Following the release of the ambush election” rule to expedite union elections by the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB), National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) Pre (...)
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China: New Important Rules on Labour Dispatch Published and in Force From 1 March, 2014
Significant restrictions on the use of dispatch (temporary) workers in the PRC came into effect on 1 July, 2013.  The Ministry of Human Resource and Social Security has now issued detailed Interim Provisions on Labour Dispatch setting out additional (...)
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UK: Holiday Pay: A Sign of Things to Come?
An Advocate General to the European Court has given an opinion, in a case brought by a UK worker, that when calculating holiday pay for workers who earn commission, employers must include an amount reflecting the commission the employee would have ea (...)
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Belgium: The 6th State reform - Important implications on individual resident and nonresident income taxation
OverviewWithin the 6th State reform framework, the Belgian federal government is currently preparing new draft legislation to be deposited with parliament. This pre-draft legislation modifies the income tax code to take into account the (...)
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Japan: Foreign asset reporting for incentive plans
BackgroundCurrently, all resident taxpayers in Japan, both permanent and non-permanent, in receipt of earned income over JPY20 million are required to file a Statement of Assets and Liabilities, reporting on a worldwide basis. (...)
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New On-Demand Seminar: "New Tax Reforms Relating to Labor & Social Security in Mexico" with Ricardo Castro
This seminar presentation focuses on the impact of the tax reform related to employment relations, in particular to social security.To view Seminar, please (...)
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Paypal and Accenture Critique High-Skill Talent Availability in South America
Despite IT market growth in Latin America, the mismatch between supply and demand of qualified labor is a constant challenge for the sector. This imbalance directly influences the salary of the professionals in the region and increases costs in the I (...)
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Argentina: Labor Unions
- By Resolution 1534/2013 of December 27, 2013, the Argentine Labor and Social Security Authority granted union status to the union of call centers (SUTAT) to represent all workers employed in private companies in that field- By Resolutio (...)
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Colombia: New Minimum Monthly Statutory Salary and Transportation Allowance for Year 2014
Recent DevelopmentsThe Government and the employers’ and employees’ representatives, reached an agreement on the minimum monthly statutory salary for year 2014 as well as the transportation allowance. Minimum monthly statutory (...)
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Hong Kong - leader in flexible hiring
Hong Kong tops key lists of those countries utilising contingent workforces according the Contingent Workforce Index 2013 Global Analysis (CWI) survey from ManpowerGroup.Using a proprietary formula, countries in the CWI are ranked on thei (...)
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Appealing Volkswagen vote won't be easy for UAW
The United Auto Workers union faces a high legal hurdle in appealing its defeat at Volkswagen's Tennessee plant.Citing public statements by Republican U.S. Sen. Bob Corker and other Tennessee politicians, the UAW asked the National Labor (...)
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