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September,  2016

China’s Green Car Scandal Just Got Bigger
The Chinese government is accusing more than 20 car companies of illegally taking green car subsidies, according to state media reports.In one such case, China will revoke the production licenses of the green car company Suzhou Gemsea Coa (...)
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Success and challenges of Chinese-brand vehicles
China's three automakers are in the fast lane with their own brand vehicles. Geely Auto, Chang'an Automobile, and Beijing Automotive Industry Group, or the BAIC Group for short, say their cumulative production in the past few years has reached a new (...)
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Autos/Trucks: China Vehicle Demand Continues to See Upside Through July (2016)
China auto demand increased 26% yoy in July, benefitting from easy yoy comps (down 5% in 2015). Sequentially, demand declined 9% versus the normal seasonal decline of 11%, implying a modest improvement. Production expanded 33% yoy in July and is trac (...)
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Chinese auto industry rides high with EV sales
China has taken a leading position in the global electric vehicle (EV) market with its market size and infrastructure. Also a Chinese EV maker has topped global sales with its firm domestic demands.Chinese EV makers in total sold a combin (...)
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Ford shelves compact car program for China, India; to tweak existing models
Ford Motor Co has shelved plans to produce a new compact car family designed mainly for emerging markets like India and China, industry sources said, reflecting disappointing sales of mainstream models in the world’s fastest growing car markets. (...)
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Using Robots to Attack High Labor Costs – in China!
Chinese Labor Costs Twice that in Mexico and Four Times in India, Chinese Factory Told.Trillions of dollars of goods are produced each year in China by companies that used to manufacturer in the US or Europe, moves made primarily to take (...)
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China’s Manufacturing Sector Starts To Grow, First Time Since November 2014
Today’s August manufacturing PMI data painted a reassuring picture. For the first time since November 2014, China’s manufacturing sector is growing again.The official manufacturing PMI, which tilts towards larger state-owned enterpris (...)
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China should reduce production costs for manufacturers as competition with India grows
The competitive pressure on China's manufacturing sector from India is perhaps much bigger than China imagined. China's actual salary has grown 10.6 percent since 2008, while India has seen a salary growth of just 0.2 percent during the same period, (...)
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How corporate decision making is changing in China
China findings overview.Huge amounts of data are now at the fingertips of businesses. With the ever-increasing influx of data, both big” and small”, executives can know radically more about their businesses, customers, employee (...)
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Japan, China, U.S. Ports Seen at Highest Catastrophe Risk
Ports in Japan, China and the U.S. face the greatest financial risk from natural disasters because of their vulnerable locations and increasing cargo volumes, a risk management firm said.Nagoya, Japan leads all ports with a potential $2.3 (...)
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If you want to understand China, understand this industry
A lot of major investors want clues on China's economic "transition," and many analysts say the country's steel sector is the one to watch.Steel is seen as emblematic of the worst of China's economy: A heavily state-supported ma (...)
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China Further Liberalises Regime for Administration of Foreign Invested Enterprises
On 3 September 2016, the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress amended relevant laws on foreign-invested enterprises and the Ministry of Commerce has also issued a set of draft measures, both aiming to further relax the regime for th (...)
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China Ministry of Human Resources Issues Three New Regulations to Strengthen Enforcement of Labor Laws in 2017
Within the space of two months, the China Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security ("MHRSS") has issued three successive regulations aimed at strengthening enforcement of labor laws and regulations and ensuring companies' compliance (...)
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China Employment Law Update
In this issue:- New Measures Increase Company Responsibility for Labor Unrest- New Salary Payment Regulations in Shanghai- Employers Face Liability for Unpaid High-Temperature Subsidies- Occupational Disease Approval Pro (...)
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China's economy maintains momentum in challenging conditions
China Economic Quarterly August 2016.The China Economic Quarterly is a market outlook prepared on a quarterly basis by PwC to share the latest economic and policy updates. In this inaugural issue, we provide an analysis of major economic (...)
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Cyber security in China
Companies are now in possession of an increasing amount of personal information and data. KPMG China outlines here the major topics affecting cyber security in the mainland.Given the increasing reliance of many companies on technology, cy (...)
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New Law Enabling a Quicker Process to Incorporate China Subsidiaries
Rollover of Negative List and Recordal System Nationwide.On September 3, 2016 China published a new law[1], which amended the four laws[2] governing foreign invested enterprises ("FIEs") including joint ventures ("JVs" (...)
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Rolling out the Unwelcome Wagon?
Xi’s remarks during G20 of protectionist backwardness” contrast with three-fourths of AmCham China member companies who reported feeling less welcome in China than in previous years.During his opening speech at the recently concluded (...)
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China: Country VAT Essentials Guide 2016
The 2016 edition of the China Country Value Added Tax (VAT) Essentials Guide provides an overview of the indirect tax system in mainland China.The 2016 edition of the China Country Value Added Tax (VAT) Essentials Guide provides an overvi (...)
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Social Media in China: What’s Trending?
For the 9th year running, Kantar Media CIC has released its social media landscape report.As always, the report includes an in-depth analysis of emerging trends from Asian powerhouse China.Here are the 4 key takeaways that you (...)
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In the Power Line Business, ‘Made in USA’ Thrives in China
In Watertown, SD, Tiffany holds a mini flashlight with her teeth as she inspects an insulated aerial boom. This will be going to China,” she announces. When the aerial booms leave here, they spend about eight weeks on the ocean until they arrive in (...)
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China: Demographics as Destiny
China has a demographic problem.According to Time magazine, in 15 years China will have the world’s largest elderly population. By 2050, its working-age population will have declined by 200+ million people. Constructing a social safety (...)
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The New China Silk Road: Changing the face of oil & gas in Southeast Asia
There has been much commentary surrounding the development, conception, and now the roll out of the New Silk Road (One Belt One Road) by China. Much of this commentary has focused on whether it will happen and the commercial viability of such an auda (...)
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U.S. Firms Profitable in China Despite Headwinds
The US-China Business Council reports 90% of firms were profitable last year but business confidence continues to decline.Most U.S. businesses operating in China remain profitable despite the country’s economic slowdown but business con (...)
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China Orders Lower Domestic Logistics Costs
Six Year Plan Hope to Cut Logistics Costs as a Percent of GDP to Still High 16% by 2020.The Chinese government last weekend released a six-year plan to reduce domestic logistics costs to make its economy more competitive. The move was par (...)
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China to build 40 manufacturing innovation centers by 2025
China will set up around 40 national manufacturing innovation centers by 2025, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) said on Tuesday.The centers will be devoted to information technology, intelligent manufacturing, ne (...)
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