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May,  2017

Automakers answer govt call to expand
Domestic producers increasingly focus on overseas markets, in bid to internationalize industryChinese carmakers are accelerating their global expansion plans, especially in countries along the route of China's Belt and Road Initiative. (...)
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China to allow majority foreign ownership for car ventures
Rule change could mean more green tech for carmakers and less trade friction.China will allow foreign majority ownership of automotive joint ventures by 2025, the government said April 25, a move that prompted cheers abroad but apprehen (...)
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China's annual output of automobiles expected to break 50m
China's annual output of automobiles is poised to break 50 million, said Dong Yang, executive vice chairman of China Association of Automobile Manufacturers (CAAM). Dong made the announcement at the 2017 China Auto Forum held in Shanghai on Ma (...)
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China bares plan to be top global automaker by 2027
China aims to be leading automaker in the world in 10 years.Don’t be surprised if you find yourself torn between a couple of China-made vehicles a decade from now.With some 12 indigenous automotive brands already and numerous f (...)
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Chinese Car-Sharing is Blossoming
The concept of a shared economy is gaining traction in China. Shared mobility, including car sharing, has become a popular trend as customers; especially the younger generation, increasingly use this service rather than their own cars.S (...)
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China’s auto industry should independently develop technologies
China's domestically built large passenger jet C919 made its maiden flight on May 5, sparking a wave of national pride over the country's advanced engineering capabilities and its ability to challenge giants like Boeing and Airbus. Howe (...)
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Consumer Insights on New Energy Vehicles in China
This report, in association with AutoForesight, highlights the key current and future consumer preferences for new energy vehicles in China.KPMG China and AutoForesight recently conducted a survey of 220 owners and potential owners of n (...)
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Tax incentives and future development trends of the New Energy Vehicle industry
Development of the new energy vehicle (NEV) industry in China is starting to accelerate, especially as the government is increasing its support through policies including subsidies and R&D and innovation incentives.This report analy (...)
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A Robot Revolution, This Time in China
Even a decade ago, car manufacturing in China was still a fairly low-tech, labor-intensive endeavor. Thousands of workers in a factory, earning little more than $1 an hour, performed highly repetitive tasks, while just a handful of industrial (...)
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CFOs are turning positive and prioritize business expansion in 2017
China CFO Survey 2017 Q1.Deloitte China CFO Program has recently conducted a survey in January to March 2017, with the objective of gauging opinions from China CFOs on a wide range of topics, including the economy, the industry, their c (...)
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Quality of Leadership Matters Most to Senior Talent in China, Finds Latest Employer Branding Survey
Heidrick & Struggles International, Inc. (NASDAQ: HSII), a premier provider of executive search, leadership consulting and culture shaping services worldwide, has launchedits Getting Employer Branding Right in #China report to further expl (...)
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Making Sense of China’s 2017 Economic Growth Target
During the annual Two Sessions meetings last weekend, China’s political leaders announced their economic growth targets for 2017. Given the deliberately crafted nature of the Work Report, slight changes in the way the government presents iss (...)
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What to expect from Made in China 2025 and China's first Belt and Road Forum
The China Economic Quarterly is a market outlook prepared on a quarterly basis by PwC to share the latest economic and policy updates. In this Q1 2017 update, the overview of China's macroeconomic trends are followed by insights into the new e (...)
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Prospects for future economic cooperation between China and Belt & Road countries
The Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation (BRF) was held in Beijing from 14 to 15 May 2017. According to China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, 29 heads of states and governments attended the highest level of international conferen (...)
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China's rising leverage is a growing risk
Other Asian economies should be leery of companies using debt to fund M&As.Worries over China's rising leverage have been growing, especially since the country's ratio of debt to gross domestic product surpassed 250% in 2016. This f (...)
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It’s Time for the U.S. to Revoke China’s Free Pass on Trade
This article is part of a series by Thunderbird School of Global Management faculty, sharing their insights on the future of internationalism.Like most international business professors, I believe in free markets. I can quote Adam Smith (...)
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China Contract Templates: the Cons and the Cons
We are often asked to draft China employment contracts for WFOEs and Joint Ventures. Our first response is to ask the potential client whether their Chinese entity already has a set of Rules and Regulations (sometimes called employer manual or (...)
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More Than 25 Employees: Do I Need To Establish A Trade Union?
The establishment of a trade union in a company is always a point of focus between labour and capital. As far as management is concerned, especially for those foreign invested companies, “trade unions” are synonymous with the term “troub (...)
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One Belt One Road in 2017: Continuing the Momentum
In 2013, the Chinese Government first initiated the "One Belt One Road" development strategy and framework; an initiative that focuses on connectivity and cooperation among countries along both the land-based "Silk Road Economic (...)
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China Cyber News Alert
An update of the latest developments surrounding China’s Cybersecurity Law in particular on the security requirements of overseas data transfer.China’s Cybersecurity Law is scheduled to come into effect on 1 June 2017 and the author (...)
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Work Permit Changes to Attract Foreign Talent
As most foreigners working in Beijing can testify, work permit renewal headaches and a few weeks without your passport are annual reminders of China’s cumbersome administrative regulations regarding work permits. While reports about some of (...)
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“Two Invoice System”
Survive through Change and Develop through Exploration.The reportOn January 11, 2017, the State Council Healthcare Reform Office, the National Health and Family Planning Commission of the People’s Republic of C (...)
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Draft Amendment to the Anti-Unfair Competition Law Pending Final Review
The Legislative Affairs Office of the State Council of PRC recently published a draft amendment to the Anti-Unfair Competition Law ("AUCL") for public consultation from Feb 26 to March 25. The draft is currently under review by the S (...)
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China: IFRS 16 – Lease definition
The new on-/off-balance sheet test.Under the new leasing standard, IFRS 16, lease definition becomes the key on-/off-balance sheet test. Therefore, assessing whether an arrangement is, or contains, a lease will be one of the biggest pra (...)
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Where Manufacturing Activity Stands in China
China’s (FXI) (MCHI) economy, based on some of its economic indicators, has recently shown signs of a slowdown. Its manufacturing and services PMIs (purchasing managers’ indexes) dropped in April 2017, with manufacturing activity slowing m (...)
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Belt and Road online database released in Shanghai
Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences Wednesday announced the release of an online database of Belt and Road information. The website, offers free of cha (...)
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A New Dawn for the International Tax System: Evolution from past to future and what role will China play?
This book describes the development of the key components of the global tax system, in terms of law and administration, across countries and over time. It provides insights on international tax rules and international tax systems, and their po (...)
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How fintech disrupts supply chain finance in China
As technology heralds the future of the finance industry, transaction banks are facing increasing competition from non-traditional providers, such as fintech companies. Supply chain finance has become a battlefield in China amid recovering glo (...)
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China-ASEAN trade to hit $1t by 2020
The total trade volume of Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) with China is projected to increase to $1 trillion by 2020, said AKP Mochtan, deputy secretary-general of ASEAN for Community and Corporate Affairs, at a seminar Monday. (...)
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China's emergence as a key patent litigation hub poses challenges for its companies
China is already arguably one of the three most important countries when it comes to patent enforcement and most signs point toward continued growth in litigation. For multinationals who have long struggled to protect their IP rights here, the (...)
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