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CHINA: "Hong Kong employers risk jail time for “blind” job ads" review

CHINA: "Hong Kong employers risk jail time for “blind” job ads" review. 6-page review by Human Resources Online.

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January,  2017

China automotive market: witnessing the transformation (2017 edition)
From an industry-wide perspective, China's auto market will experience an unprecedented transformation in the next few years. Given the support from Chinese government, the era of New Energy Vehicles has arrived, meanwhile, Connected Car, the more di (...)
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Global Automotive Executive Survey 2017
This survey summarises the opinions of global automotive executives and consumers on key automotive trends and opportunities.KPMG’s 18th annual automotive survey summarises the opinions of global automotive executives – including 88 f (...)
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Connectivity, digitalisation and data analytics are key priorities for Chinese automakers, finds KPMG survey
Connectivity, digitalisation and creating value out of data are identified by China’s auto executives as key trends to watch out for, finds KPMG’s latest annual automotive survey. KPMG’s 18th Global Automotive Executive Survey gathe (...)
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China: Top 10 game-changing auto industry events in 2016
In China, the world's largest auto market, industry news breaks out every day: record-breaking sales, history-making moments, far-reaching policies and outrageous scandals. Below are China Daily's motoring editors' picks for the top 10 moments that s (...)
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China sales vroom in 2016 for global automakers; dull 2017 looms
Global automakers reported a surge in China sales last year as consumers rushed to take advantage of a tax cut on small-engine cars, but cautioned 2017 would be tougher for the industry as the incentive is rolled back and the broader economy slows. (...)
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Lower-tier cities set to fuel auto market growth for decade
The world's largest automobile market could continue expanding for a further decade, fuelled by the increasing incomes and aspirations of residents in China's lower-tier cities.The China Association of Automobile Manufacturers made its pr (...)
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China to build world's largest autonomous driving testing zone
The city of Zhangzhou, Fujian province, is planning to build the world's largest experimental zone for autonomous driving.The project, which was signed on Dec 15 in Beijing, will be constructed in a 56-square-km zone in the city's economi (...)
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Foreign automakers set to roll out more SUV models in China
Chinese automakers released 43 SUV models in 2016, accounting for 65 percent of vehicles they launched during the year. In contrast, international automakers unveiled 15 models, accounting for less than one-third of their new products. Overseas autom (...)
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Is the world’s factory ‘hollowing out’ as manufacturers pack up and leave China?
Concerns raised as increasing tax and labour costs prompt Chinese producers to move business offshore.Fears are being raised of a hollowing out” in China, formerly thought of as the world’s factory, after a mainland tycoon explained h (...)
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American businesses say working with China is getting harder, despite government rhetoric about free trade
Chinese President Xi Jinpingstood in front of the world’s financial elite this week and fiercely championed free trade. But for many foreign companies, doing business in China is getting harder.Many American companies, confronted with a (...)
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Silk Road route back in business as China train rolls into London
After 16 days and 7,456 miles, the locomotive’s arrival heralds the dawn of a new commercial era.When the East Wind train rumbles into east London this week, it will be full of socks, bags and wallets for London’s tourist souvenir sho (...)
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China Business Climate Survey Report 2017
Executive SummaryMember companies are preparing for a third straight year of slower economic growth in 2017, but many are finding ways to adapt and maintain profitability. Nonetheless, increasing numbers are deprioritizing China as (...)
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90 seconds to understand how to deal with the China transfer pricing compliance requirement
On 13 July 2015, the State Administration of Taxation (SAT) released the Public Notice regarding Refining the Filing of Related Party and Administration of Transfer Pricing Documentation (SAT Public Notice [2016] No. 42, hereinafter referred to as th (...)
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Tariffs on China will mean tariffs on US imports, says Beijing
Comments by Chinese officials have led to heightened risk of a trade war between China, US.Senior Chinese officials have warned the US that Beijing is ready to retaliate if Mr Donald Trump’s incoming administration imposes new tariffs, (...)
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IP rights push in China benefits business
China's Supreme People's Court (SPC)  recently overturned a lower-court decision that ruled against former basketball star Michael Jordan in a trademark dispute accusing a Chinese firm of building its brand by using the translation of Jordan's name (...)
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Super Common China Contract Mistakes
One of our China lawyers got an email the other day from a US company saying the following:"I read one of your blog posts saying that it almost always makes sense to draft a contract with a Chinese company in the Chinese language and (...)
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Corporate Deadlock In China: When Business Runs Aground
As with any relationship, corporate relationships are subject to disagreements and the opportunity for parties to the agreements to become non-cooperative. It is important to understand the deadlock issues within ‘Wholly Foreign-Owned Enterprise’ (...)
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Are China's taxes killing its competitiveness?
Businesses claim they are being ‘taxed to death’ and losing their advantage over countries such as the United States.Businesses on the mainland say they are being taxed to death, with the country becoming a less competitive manufactur (...)
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What To Expect From China’s Anti-Monopoly Law This Year
China’s Anti-Monopoly Law (AML) has been enforced for more than eight years. With the accumulation of experiences and the growth of competition advocacy, now China is growing into a mature competition jurisdiction. The AML’s fast development rais (...)
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China needs manufacturing upgrade amid challenges from India: Chinese media
China should focus on upgrading its manufacturing amid rising competition from India which with its labour advantage has become an attractive destination for multinational firms like Apple, Chinese official media said.As US President-elec (...)
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China tells top officials to lead corruption fight by example
The top echelons of China's ruling Communist Party must lead the fight against corruption by accepting supervision for all they do, state media on Tuesday quoted President Xi Jinping as saying.Since assuming office four years ago, Xi has (...)
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Narrowing talent recruitment gap between local and foreign companies in China: Report
For foreign firms in China, the business environment just got even tougher.Homegrown Chinese companies are now going head-to-head with multinationals when it comes to recruitment of top talent, salaries and career opportunities, new resea (...)
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Going global: Trends and implications in the internationalisation of China’s currency – 2017
Insights from survey participants on the opportunities, challenges and implications of RMB internationalization.Going global: Trends and implications in the internationalisation of China’s currency – 2017 is the second in a series of (...)
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No vacation for nearly 40% of China’s white collar workers
While Hong Kong workers may be unhappy with the limited amount of annual leave they get compared to some European countries,  employees in China have it worse. According the latest Worker Satisfaction Index Report by career platform Zhaopin, 38.7% o (...)
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Shifting patterns: The future of the logistics industry
Like most other industries, transportation and logistics (T&L) is currently confronting immense change; and like all change, this brings both risk and opportunity. There are many ways the sector could evolve to meet these challenges, some evoluti (...)
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Chinese growth slips to slowest pace for 26 years
With fears about the Trump presidency, rising debt levels and an unwinding property boom, the world’s No 2 economy is set for an uncertain 2017.China’s economy slowed further last year to expand at its weakest pace for quarter of a ce (...)
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Three ways executives in China will adapt to new market realities
Ask executives how much they expect China’s GDP will grow over the next three years...And the projections fan across the chart. Ask what they think it will take to compete and a clearer pattern emerges despite the wide uncertainty in th (...)
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Greater China leads world’s IPO market in 2016 despite global uncertainty
Entrepreneurial and investor confidence was challenged throughout 2016 by heightened political and economic uncertainty globally, according to the quarterly EY Global IPO Trends: 2016 Q4. The number of initial public offerings (IPOs) worldwide in 201 (...)
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Doing business in China - about relationships and subtleties
New Zealand company director Annie Govan says two things are absolutely essential to doing business in China – building relationships and understanding the many subtleties that come with the Chinese culture.Actively involved in several (...)
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China bids to attract more investment
International firms likely to take part in bids for govt procurement contracts.The authorities on Friday moved to lure more direct foreign investment, with one minister announcing that international companies would be entitled to particip (...)
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Shanghai’s new mayor leads off with free-trade zone commitment
Ying Yong tries to underscore his economic credentials after his official appointment to the municipality’s second-highest job.Shanghai’s new mayor tried to strike a confident and optimistic note in his public debut on Friday, giving (...)
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