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October,  2016

Self-drive cars home in on India, and fast
In the summer this year, Joe King, the India head of Audi, was in Germany, driving a car with driverless technology, though not fully automated. When a car pulled-up in front of King, his Audi automatically applied the brakes. On another occasion, Ki (...)
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Asian Governments Will Drive Electric Vehicle Growth And Car Sharing
SummaryNew incentives rolling out from various Asian governments.Less rapid take-up rate in North America should not be seen as an indicator of the future of electric vehicles.New moves in Singapore point th (...)
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China auto sales growth at 3-year high
Auto sales in China, the world's biggest auto market, continued to expand at a faster pace in September with growth for the month reaching a new high in more than three years, data from an industry association showed Wednesday.About 2.56 (...)
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Indian Automobile Industry: Implementation of GST
Indian Automobile Industry: Implementation of GST positive for Automobile Industry but greater clarity awaited on many aspectsTo download 8-page report by ICRA Research Services, (...)
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India: Will GST Prove To Be A Game Changer For Auto Sector?
To download 18-page report, please click here.Source: EY - GAI (...)
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Autos/Trucks: China Vehicle Demand Continues to Outperform Expectations
China auto demand rose 27% yoy, benefitting from easy comps and likely pre-buy with government incentives set to expire at the end of 2016. Given this backdrop, OEMs are increasing production and Q3 likely finishes +30-35% (versus consensus +16%). Ev (...)
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The CEO guide to China’s future
How China’s business environment will evolve on its way toward advanced-economy status.For ten years or more, China has been a uniquely powerful engine of the global economy, regularly posting high single-figure or even double-digit ann (...)
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India's Low Cost Manufacturing Poses Major Threat to China
China’s Huawei become the 40th Mobile Manufacturing Unit to open up in India in last 24 months. Growing trust and liberalized regulation for Chinese firms in India could attract more firm from China to manufacture in India.New Delhi (Sputnik) — C (...)
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The Indian manufacturing industry is being re-shaped by digital technologies
This process is being further accelerated by emerging technologies such as Internet of Things (IoT). This paper focusses on IoT, and aims to cover the rapid evolvement of traditional manufacturing enterprises in India and their IoT readiness. (...)
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India emerging as alternative to China in electronics manufacturing- study
India’s attractiveness for manufacturers is growing due to availability of low-cost labor, said an ASSOCHAM-EY joint study."Rising manufacturing costs in China and Taiwan are compelling manufacturers to shift their manufacturing ba (...)
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Investors see new promise in Indian manufacturing
India shipped more than 100 million smartphones in 2015, many of which were manufactured domestically. The country's manufacturing sector has long been considered less competitive than its service industry. But with growing domestic demand backed by (...)
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Germany to collaborate with India to improve rail connectivity of Indian ports
May also bring in technology for scrapping old vehicles.The Minister of Road Transport & Highways and Shipping Shri Nitin Gadkari has said that India and Germany are all set to collaborate on projects for improving rail connectivity o (...)
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China: Third protocol signed to tax arrangement with Macau
The third protocol to the double taxation arrangement (DTA) between China and Macau, signed on 19 July 2016, contains three major changes:- A broadening of the definition of transportation business to include income and profits derived fr (...)
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Asian multinationals should develop a global outlook
Firms grow rapidly but need better brand building and post-merger integration to be successfulIn a short period of time, Asian multinational corporations have come a long way and are now included in the ranks of the world's elite. (...)
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Is South Korea a 'nation in trouble'?
The headlines in South Korea's newspapers have been largely negative in recent months, dominated by scandal, political impasse and social unrest. But some say it shows the nation is evolving into a mature society.The headline for The Kore (...)
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Brexit and Indian businesses: An initial report
The impact of Brexit has been widely deliberated to affect growth and job-creation through its impact on trade.The impact of Brexit has been widely deliberated to affect growth and job-creation through its impact on trade, manufacturing, (...)
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Singapore will continue investing in advanced manufacturing: Iswaran
Singapore must continue to adapt to technological trends that are fundamentally transforming the manufacturing sector, said S Iswaran, Minister for Trade & Industry (Industry).Manufacturing is a globalised and highly competitive secto (...)
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Japanese disguise helps sell 'Made in China' in Vietnam
Three variety shops that opened in central Hanoi in mid-September have signs that might look familiar to many consumers around the world: two red squares containing Japanese characters and Latin alphabet letters in white.One could be forg (...)
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India: Employer-paid maternity leave likely to increase from 12 to 26 weeks
EMPLOYER ACTION CODE: MONITORThe Upper House of parliament (Rajya Sabha) has approved amendments to the Maternity Benefit Act that would greatly enhance maternity and adoptive leave benefits in India. The legislation still has to be appro (...)
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Skill India certified workforce to be available on UrbanClap
UrbanClap will target absorption and verification of 300-500 candidates per month from NSDC's skilled workforce database, onto their platform.Skill India certified workforce will now be available on leading mobile market place for local s (...)
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Shanghai easing way for expat talent
A trial program to test the issuance of a single, unified work permit for foreigners-replacing the current system under which two government entities have issuing authority - is expected to ease the burden of getting work in Shanghai for highly skill (...)
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Keeping Chinese Tech Talent
The Chinese government announced plans in May to promote innovation-driven development, with the aim of becoming an "innovative nation" by 2020, an international leader in innovation by 2030, and a scientific and technological powerhouse by (...)
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The new German-Japanese double tax agreement
For the thousands of Japanese companies in Germany, and for future investors, the new double tax agreement will bring significant advantages.Germany is one of the most attractive locations for the direct foreign investment of Japanese com (...)
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Thailand: Tax News Flash Issue 7
International Headquarters (IHQ) and International Trading Center (ITC).Highlights- Recent developments on the IHQ and ITC regulations- Tax losses carried forward from the IHQ- Relaxation of criteria for for (...)
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Vietnam: Changes to transfer pricing rules proposed
The Vietnamese government recently released a draft decree that proposes comprehensive changes to Vietnam’s transfer pricing rules to better align them with OECD and BEPS principles.The draft decree, which has been sent to the Ministry (...)
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Philippine Tax Facts
R.G. Manabat & Co. (RGM&Co.) recently published the Philippine Tax Facts, an essential reference tool to individuals and corporate entities who wish to do business here in the country.The Philippine Tax Facts is a concise overview (...)
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Taiwan: Individual CFC Rules
OverviewIn response to the BEPS and Panama Paper event, the Taiwan government has proposed the individual Controlled Foreign Company (CFC) rule to cope with potential tax evasions.The Executive Yuan of Taiwan approved d (...)
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Southeast Asian conglomerates are tapping Hong Kong’s role as a connector for Belt and Road-related projects
Opportunities are emerging for ASEAN-related projects, worth an estimated US$800 billion a year, under China’s Belt and Road Initiative. Following last year’s launch of the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC), some of the largest ASEAN conglomerates a (...)
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South Korea: Police release anti-graft law guide
Bracing itself for the implementation of a comprehensive anti-corruption law on Sept. 28, the police on Thursday handed out investigation manuals to help officers apply the new regulations.It also summoned senior officials of regional pol (...)
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