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ASIA: "Indian Automobile Industry: Implementation of GST positive for Automobile Industry but greate

ASIA: "Indian Automobile Industry: Implementation of GST positive for Automobile Industry but greater clarity awaited on many aspects" report. 8-page report by ICRA Research Services.

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January,  2017

China automotive market: witnessing the transformation (2017 edition)
From an industry-wide perspective, China's auto market will experience an unprecedented transformation in the next few years. Given the support from Chinese government, the era of New Energy Vehicles has arrived, meanwhile, Connected Car, the more di (...)
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After expat exes fail, global automakers searching for Indians to lead their India operations
As many as five global carmakers have named or are in the process of naming Indians or Indian origin executives to lead their show in India, an indication of their increasing reliance on the more rooted local talent.You need an Indian in (...)
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The Automotive Sector Can Transform South Asia Economically
South Asia is increasingly building its capacity to become a globally competitive leader in the automotive manufacturing sector. With gains in productivity, innovation, research and development, the region can take advantage of the auto sector’s po (...)
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China: Top 10 game-changing auto industry events in 2016
In China, the world's largest auto market, industry news breaks out every day: record-breaking sales, history-making moments, far-reaching policies and outrageous scandals. Below are China Daily's motoring editors' picks for the top 10 moments that s (...)
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China sales vroom in 2016 for global automakers; dull 2017 looms
Global automakers reported a surge in China sales last year as consumers rushed to take advantage of a tax cut on small-engine cars, but cautioned 2017 would be tougher for the industry as the incentive is rolled back and the broader economy slows. (...)
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Asia-Pacific automotive industry now a powerful revenue generator for robot manufacturers
Underserved SME segment encourages the development of cost-effective robots, finds Frost & Sullivan's Industrial Automation & Process Control Team.The automotive industry accounted for 49.3 percent of the global demand for robots (...)
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Demonetisation woes: Car market in India stops short of 3 mn units in 2016
India, the world’s fifth largest car market, stopped short of reaching the milestone of three million units in domestic annual sales of passenger vehicles (PVs) in 2016, as sales in November and December were muted in the wake of demonetisation. (...)
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Philippines car sales soar 24.6% in 2016
Toyota, Mitsubishi set to begin local production to tap fast-growing market.New car sales in the Philippines peaked last year, as the entry of new models spurred more auto purchases in Southeast Asia's fastest-growing economy, industry gr (...)
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How 3-D Printing Could Disrupt Asia's Economies
Even the factory of the world, China, will not be spared the shocks of this new wave.From retail goods to medical implants and even food, 3-D printing technology promises to change the way we think about everyday things. It's difficult to (...)
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Globalization: Considerations For Global Companies In Asia
The rate in which global businesses are tapping into local markets is rapidly rising. As the world gets increasingly smaller, the ability to create and deploy globally relevant products and services is more important than ever. There are a number of (...)
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Tariffs on China will mean tariffs on US imports, says Beijing
Comments by Chinese officials have led to heightened risk of a trade war between China, US.Senior Chinese officials have warned the US that Beijing is ready to retaliate if Mr Donald Trump’s incoming administration imposes new tariffs, (...)
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Three secrets to a successful Asia strategy
Asia is the growth story of this century, but it’s not waiting for anyone.Tackling Behind the border” regulation is the next frontier in AsiaFree trade is not a free pass into Asia.Despite the wave of new trade (...)
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Asia-Pacific employers raise salaries to combat high turnover
Voluntary employee turnover rates are particularly high for the technology sector, which has seen companies increase salaries in a bid to retain talent. As the employee turnover rate in technology-sector organisations continues to rise, c (...)
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Emerging markets: reimagining India
With a stable, business-friendly government at the helm, India is flourishing. Radical liberalization and imaginative development programs have made it one of the most attractive destinations in the world for investors.Almost literally th (...)
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India: Ease of doing business: DIPP calls for fast-track commercial courts
The industry department has asked the law ministry to bring an ordinance to allow the government to open fast-track commercial courts in Delhi and Mumbai to improve India’s record in enforcing contracts.The move is aimed at improving In (...)
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China tells top officials to lead corruption fight by example
The top echelons of China's ruling Communist Party must lead the fight against corruption by accepting supervision for all they do, state media on Tuesday quoted President Xi Jinping as saying.Since assuming office four years ago, Xi has (...)
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Impact of internet and digitisation on SMBs in India
Small and Medium Businesses (SMBs) form the backbone of the Indian economy making large contributions to important economic indicators as well as household incomes.Small and Medium Businesses (SMBs) form the backbone of the Indian economy (...)
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Singapore: Need to review R&D tax incentive scheme to boost innovation
With the advancements in technology, innovation in all industries will accelerate. Singapore has long foreseen the need to embrace innovation in all forms, but it is not alone in gearing up to be an innovative economy. Developed countries such as the (...)
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Vietnam's Transformation
In just a few decades, Vietnam has undergone a dramatic transformation, from an agrarian society to one that has embraced the modern era. Its youthful population and growing middle class have helped drive solid growth—and opportunities for many glo (...)
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No vacation for nearly 40% of China’s white collar workers
While Hong Kong workers may be unhappy with the limited amount of annual leave they get compared to some European countries,  employees in China have it worse. According the latest Worker Satisfaction Index Report by career platform Zhaopin, 38.7% o (...)
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Shifting patterns: The future of the logistics industry
Like most other industries, transportation and logistics (T&L) is currently confronting immense change; and like all change, this brings both risk and opportunity. There are many ways the sector could evolve to meet these challenges, some evoluti (...)
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2017 Japanese Anti-Tax Haven (CFC) Regime
The ruling coalition (the Liberal Democratic Party and New Komeito) agreed on the ‘Outline of the 2017 Tax Reform Proposals’ (‘Proposal’) on 8 December 2016.Under the 2017 tax reform, the Japanese CFC regime will be extensively am (...)
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Signs of recovery broaden in Asia
Greg Gibbs, Director at Amplifying Global FX Capital, notes that China’s Caixin services PMI that reflects more private-sector firms (released on Wednesday 4 Jan), rose to 53.5 in Dec, a high since July-2015 (17 months). Key Quotes (...)
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Daily Minimum Wage Rates in Thailand to Increase from January 1, 2017
The Thai cabinet on November 22, 2016 approved the recommendations of the Central Wage Committee to increase the daily minimum wage rates by an additional five to 10 Thai Baht (THB) for 69 provinces with effect from January 1, 2017.This w (...)
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2017 Thailand Tax Calendar
This Tax Calendar is designed to assist you and your staff to keep track of and meet the filing requirements of tax returns and payments.Failure to meet a tax deadline usually results in the imposition of penalties and surcharges. This Ta (...)
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Vietnam: Tax reform and transfer pricing
The reform intends to modernise the transfer pricing regime beyond the review of contractual arrangements, to an analysis of the substance linked to value creation.One of the intentions of MoF is to adopt and implement the Organization fo (...)
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India: Domestic steel production rises as sales pick up
With domestic steel makers witnessing increased production in the current financial year, the demand scenario, both domestic and exports, seems to be in a pick-up mode.State-owned Steel Authority of India (SAIL) has produced 10.18 million (...)
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India, Singapore revise tax treaty
The government signed a pact with its Singapore counterpart on Friday, amending their decade-old tax treaty, gaining taxation rights over capital gains. This is the third double taxation avoidance agreement (DTAA) amended so far this financial year w (...)
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China bids to attract more investment
International firms likely to take part in bids for govt procurement contracts.The authorities on Friday moved to lure more direct foreign investment, with one minister announcing that international companies would be entitled to particip (...)
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Malaysian employers must pay foreign worker levy themselves
With effect from January 1 this year, Malaysian employers who wish to hire foreign workers will have to pay for the levies out of their own pockets. Employers who choose to recruit foreign workers will now have to pay for the hiring levy (...)
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