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February,  2017

Automotive Innovation Slovakia Survey 2016
Survey of research, development and innovation in the Slovak automotive industry 2016.KPMG in Slovakia, in cooperation with the AIA SR, have prepared the second version of a unique survey regarding the direction of research, development a (...)
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Israel's automotive & smart mobility industry
The automotive industry is currently excited by possible disruptions arising from technological and societal trends such as electric, autonomous and smart mobility. These trends are attacking the very foundation of the business models employed by est (...)
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This is how Brexit could impact the German car industry
Britain leaving the European single market will damage both the UK and EU member states' economies, the German car industry warned on Wednesday, after Prime Minister Theresa May appeared to head for the exit."The British economy is d (...)
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Europe Top 20: motor vehicles produced per worker by country
2.3 million Europeans are directly employed by the EU automotive industry in the manufacturing process. On average, each worker produces 7.11 vehicles per year.To see interactive chart, (...)
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WTO has ordered Russia to change duties on LCVs
Kommersant – WTO panel of arbitrators has found inconsistencies on anti-dumping duties introduced by Russia in 2013 on LCV imported from Italy and Germany to Customs Union countries, as stated by the European Commission (EC) on Friday. The EC empha (...)
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Automotive Industry in Romania: A Path to Success
Romania is a South-Eastern, Socialist, European state that has a great reputation for their automotive industry. It produces more than two million vehicles every year. The types of these vehicles include cars, trucks, motorbikes, large vehicles and m (...)
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UK car output reaches 17-year high on export growth
The number of cars made in the UK reached a 17-year high last year, according to the industry's trade body.About 1.7 million cars rolled off production lines in 2016, a rise of 8.5% on the year before.The Society of Motor Manu (...)
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European Carmakers Weigh Options Amid Mexico Tax Threats
European automakers that count on their plants in Mexico to supply the U.S. market are weighing their options in the face of threats from President Donald Trump to impose stiff penalties in his bid to return manufacturing jobs to the United States. (...)
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Europe: an attractive market with complex supply chains
Whereas other regions in the world are struggling, Europe is delivering sustained – albeit modest – economic growth. According to the World Economic Forum, no less than six of the world’s top 10 most competitive countries are European. As a res (...)
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Eurozone growth and inflation confirm economic recovery
Fresh eurozone economic data show that inflation has risen to just below the ECB's key target, growth is accelerating and unemployment has hit a seven-year low, suggesting the bloc's economy is finally on the mend.Myriad economic data rel (...)
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Will EU nationals be allowed to stay in UK after Brexit?
Proposed amendment to Article 50 offers guarantee of rights for Europeans already in country.Uncertainty continues to cloud the fate of the 3.3 million EU nationals currently residing in the UK, after MPs last night voted to trigger Artic (...)
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Eastern Europe’s workers are emigrating, but its pensioners are staying
The EU’s newest members face economic decline unless they woo back workers, or recruit immigrants of their ownIN THE Lithuanian town of Panevezys, a shiny new factory built by Devold, a Norwegian clothing manufacturer, sits alone in the (...)
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Top priorities for European boards in 2017
For corporate boards across Europe, 2016 proved to be a challenging year. In particular, large European companies have had to deal with issues such as market volatility, sluggish economic growth, competition from new and unexpected areas, more comple (...)
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EU inks deal to end roaming charges in June
European travelers will no longer have to pay roaming charges for using their mobile phones within the EU after the 28-nation bloc has finally reached a deal that will take effect in June.During negotiations going into the early hours of (...)
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EU Antitrust Continuity Potentially Threatened by Brexit
Our second antitrust outlook-focused post reflects on how we expect 2017 to continue to shape up as a year in which competition policy and enforcement will face increased uncertainty and complexity, specifically with respect to the EU where competiti (...)
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Choo-Choo! New China-Europe Rail Link Set to Steal Air and Sea Freight Volumes
2017 will be the year that China-Europe rail services shift supply chain patterns.As the first train from China rolled into London today, having left on new year’s day, the CEO of Kazakhstan’s dry inland port, Khorgos Gateway, told Th (...)
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We are hiring! The European manufacturing industry looks for STEM graduates
Manufacturing gets a bad rap. Today’s advanced manufacturing companies require engaged, intelligent and highly-trained workers. Those working at these cutting-edge facilities would scarcely recognize the old assembly lines from the 1950s. (...)
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EU Agrees on Final Version of Prospectus Regulation; All EU Issuers can Expect to Benefit from the Employee Share Plan Exemption Starting in 2019
In early December, the European Parliament, the EU Council and the EU Commission reached agreement on revisions to the EU Prospectus Regulation. The EU Prospectus Regulation will replace the national EU Prospectus Directive, which (as implemented by (...)
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Russia Files WTO Suit to Protect Metallurgists
Russia's Ministry of Economic Development has filed a suit with the World Trade Organization in order to resolve a dispute involving an EU anti-dumping measure against Russian producers of cold-rolled steel."The cause of the suit was (...)
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EU commission drops anti-corruption report
The EU commission scrapped plans to publish a report on anti-corruption efforts throughout EU states.When pressed to explain why, EU commission spokesperson Margaritis Schinas on Thursday (2 February) refused to speculate.&quo (...)
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Germany: The Works Council’s right of co-determination regarding the Employer’s Facebook presence
The German Federal Labour Court (Bundesarbeitsgericht) decided on 13 December 2016 that the Works Council has a right of co-determination when the employer’s Facebook page allows other users to post comments, which are related to the behaviour and (...)
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Brexit White Paper: implications for employers
The Government has published its White Paper on the basis on which it proposes to approach negotiations with the EU on Brexit.There are three parts of the (...)
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Poland: New tax super deduction for R&D in annual corporate tax returns for 2016
In the annual income tax returns for 2016, business will have the opportunity for the first time to claim a new tax relief for research and development (R&D).Benefits of new incentiveCosts incurred in 2016 on R& (...)
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German Tax Monthly January/February 2017
KPMG's German Tax Monthly is an English-language publication appearing once a month in PDF-format. German Tax Monthly provides useful information regarding the latest tax developments in Germany and focuses on foreign investors. Selected topics which (...)
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EU labour cost index - recent trends (Dec. 16)
The labour cost index (LCI) shows the short-term development of the labour cost, the total cost on an hourly basis of employing labour. In other words, the LCI measures the cost pressure arising from the production factor labour”. This article take (...)
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Survey shows Hungary’s healthcare near bottom in Europe
The Hungarian healthcare system has slipped three places on the Euro Health Consumer Index (EHCI), a comparative list that claims to measure the consumer friendliness” of healthcare systems in 35 countries, making it one of the worst-performing in (...)
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UK manufacturing kicks off 2017 on the right foot
Stephen Cooper, head of industrial manufacturing at KPMG UK, comments on the Markit/CIPS UK Manufacturing PMI figures published today.He said: Manufacturers have had a bumper start to 2017, boosted by the exchange rate, which continues to (...)
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How privacy consent might change with new European ePrivacy rules
The draft EU ePrivacy Regulation might have a considerable impact on privacy compliance obligations relating to new technologies. What is the draft ePrivacy Regulation?There is an ongoing review of the European rules ap (...)
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Europe: Employer’s subsidiary liability for occupational pension payments
By judgement of 20 September 2016 (BAG, docket number 3 AZR 302/15), the Federal Labour Court ruled that an employer is liable for occupational pension payments, where the pension payments have been granted on the basis of a collective agreement and (...)
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CEE outperforms rest of Europe (real estate)
CEE REGION The total commercial real estate investment volume across Central and Eastern Europe grew 11 pct to EUR 11 bln in 2016, bucking the wider trend across Europe, where volumes shrank year-on-year, according to Cushman & Wakefield. In Q4 2 (...)
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Major European Manufacturing PMI data remains firmly in expansion territory
Notes/Observations- Verbal intervention dominated FX markets (comments from President Trump, Director of the National Trade Council Navarro began the FXwar; with replies from Chancellor Merkel, Japan PM Aso, Cabinet Sec Suga, Japan (...)
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