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May,  2017

WardsAuto: European Automakers to Mull EU Future Without U.K.
The European Automobile Manufacturers' Assn. cites concern over the potential damage Brexit could do to the competitiveness of its industry, which represents 6.5% of the EU's GDP and employs some 12.2 million Europeans.The main group re (...)
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Germany rebuffs EU proposals for auto industry controls
German media has reported that Berlin will reject an EU proposal calling for stricter controls over emissions tests. Environmental groups have accused Berlin of putting its commercial interests ahead of its citizens.The German governmen (...)
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Brexit Should Not Undermine Automotive Competitiveness, Manufacturers And Suppliers Warn
Ahead of the EU-Brexit summit this weekend, European automobile manufacturers and suppliers today sounded the alarm over the potential damage that Brexit could do to the competitiveness of their industry, which represents 6.5 percent of EU's G (...)
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Europe's car industry appeals for tariff-free trade deal ahead of Brexit summit
Europe's car industry appeals for tariff-free trade deal ahead of Brexit summit (...)
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Turkish auto production sets new record
The number of cars produced by Turkish automakers in first quarter of the year was up 44 percent, pushing overall automotive production to its highest level since 2007, according to official data released Wednesday.In the January-March (...)
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European Parliament calls out emissions cheaters
EU lawmakers on Tuesday urged European authorities to quickly establish new checks to prevent automakers from cheating on emissions testing following the Volkswagen "dieselgate" scandal. The European Parliament called on the European (...)
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UK car manufacturing accelerates through March
Simon Heath, automotive M&A specialist for KPMG in the UK comments on the SMMT car production figures that were up 7.3% in March 2017.He said: 'UK car manufacturers will be encouraged by these excellent figures that is the product o (...)
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EU flirts with protectionism amid foreign takeover concerns
Some EU member states' attempts to push for EU legislation to protect 'critical infrastructure' from unwanted third-country takeovers has raised concerns of growing protectionism and economic nationalism in the bloc.The European Commi (...)
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Brexit: What it Means for Your Business
Pulling the Trigger: Life After Article 50.Theresa May has triggered Article 50, signalling the start of the UK's formal departure from the EU. Our Brexit experts share their views on some of the wide ranging issues your business should (...)
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As Brexit Negotiations Approach, Europe's Talent Market Faces Uncertainty
Britain's pending leave from the European Union is likely to come with a host of talent implications for the region. But, for now, what such implications will be have yet to fully materialize and may not for some time.The United Kingdo (...)
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Expats, exports, security: What's worrying the rest of the EU about Brexit?
As the leaders of the EU's remaining 27 member states prepare for the first Brexit summit in Brussels, which issues will shape the agendas of the individual countries taking part?Chancellor Angela Merkel is keen to emphasise that Brexit (...)
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Rethink manufacturing: A UK strategy for Industry 4.0
Research among UK manufacturers uncovers their highest priorities for a long-term and coherent industrial strategy. To download 32-page report, (...)
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Post-Brexit Customs Checks a 'Catastrophe' for UK Shipping
The introduction of physical customs checks following Brexit would be a catastrophe for British ports and shipping and would likely reduce the volume of trade, the head of the sector's UK industry body said.Prime Minister Theresa May ha (...)
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Finding Europe's Edge in the Internet of Things
Technology providers in the US seem to have captured a great deal of mindshare around the promise and possibilities of the Internet of Things. European technology providers, however, are no less enthusiastic about the IoT's potential, even if (...)
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Transaction-value Merger Threshold Soon to be in force in Germany
Update on the 9th ARC Revision.On 31 March 2017, the German Federal Council (Bundesrat) has voted in favour of passing the ninth amendment to the Act against Restraints of Competition (ARC) (Gesetz gegen Wettbewerbsbeschränkungen). A (...)
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The attractiveness of the Netherlands as a gateway to Europe
5-Minute Insight.Considering how to retain access to the European market for your financial services business?Given the significant economic and political turmoil in the financial services sector, many financial services organisa (...)
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Workers Made Germany Into the World's Best Economy
Let's hope U.S. policy makers have woken up to the fact that the country is in a period of sclerosis, where its economic institutions seem to be inefficient along a variety of fronts. When things aren't working, one good idea is to look around (...)
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Guide to incentives grants and state aid in Spain
This guide is intended to be a tool to locate the different lines of incentives and funding (the main national and some European) to stimulate investment and development in Spain. The aim is to facilitate investors the comparison of different (...)
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Payment & Travel Companies Sound Alarm Over Pending E.U. Card Regulations
In case the European Union fails to heed warnings about the unintended consequences of its revised Payment Services Directive, or PSD2, travel and financial services companies are examining workarounds for corporate travel payments. Payment an (...)
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Investment in the Netherlands - Guide
Investment in the Netherlands has been prepared by KPMG, in collaboration with Eversheds, to help answer many questions asked by business executives when they explore or have already decided to establish a presence in the Netherlands. T (...)
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Doing Business in Russia - 2017 Guide
Every year our lawyers produce Doing Business in Russia - a general guide for companies operating in or considering investment into the Russian Federation. The guide presents an overview of the key aspects of the Russian legal system and regul (...)
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Statutory minimum wages in the EU 2017
In 22 out of 28 EU Member States, a generally applicable statutory minimum wage exists; the level of this minimum wage varies greatly from one country to another. This article provides information on statutory minimum wage levels, how the mini (...)
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It's Official: Russia's Recession Is Over (Thanks to Some Creative Statistics)
It's official: Russia's economic recession is over. But instead of congratulating the Kremlin or praising Russian businesses, concerned citizens might want to thank Russia's state statistics agency, Rosstat.According to the Rosstat's la (...)
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Social Security and employee benefits in Germany for Expats
Expats in Germany can make use of the generous German social security and employee benefits. Germany's social security system is an elaborate one and it strives to help its citizens to live in a comfortable manner whether their reason not to w (...)
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Luxembourg Tax Alert 2017-05
Prime Minister Xavier Bettel, on 26 April 2017, delivered a speech in which he presented the government's policy plans, some of which concern tax.New Luxembourg patent box announced for 2018Prime Minister Xavier (...)
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Economic Snapshot for Central & Eastern Europe
Investment shifts from economic drag to boost.Economic activity is gathering modest momentum in the economies of Central and Eastern Europe (CEE). Monthly economic indicators are pointing to a pick-up in growth at the onset of 2017, aft (...)
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UK: EU migrants make up 11% of manufacturing workforce
EU migrants make up more than one in 10 manufacturing sector workers in the UK, official figures have shown.The Office for National Statistics (ONS) also said EU workers from outside the UK tended to work longer hours than the workforce (...)
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Poland and Industry 4.0 in the spotlight of Hanover industry fair
German chancellor Angela Merkel has opened the world's biggest industrial fair. Poland is the partner nation of the fair that also seeks to allay fears from technological advances associated with Industry 4.0.During he traditional openi (...)
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Russian M&A Overview 2016
KPMG presents the 12th edition of the annual Russian M&A Review.While 2016 only saw a modest increase in deal activity, the value of Russian M&A, leapt by 46% to USD75.8 billion. Much of this increase was driven by three deals i (...)
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Belgium: IP tax incentive - implementing the nexus approach and broadening the scope of application
In 2007, Belgium introduced a patent income deduction (PID) for Belgian companies (and permanent establishments of foreign companies) that derive income from or by means of patents and supplementary protection certificates. The PID regime allo (...)
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Science reveals why the EU's mission for equality in Europe is likely unattainable
Science reveals why the EU's mission for equality in Europe is likely unattainable (...)
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UK employees want better management
Workers feel out of their depth and aren't sure what is expected of them. Many believe they are under-skilledUK employees want better management and guidance from their employers, according to research from Robert Half UK.The pol (...)
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