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LATIN AMERICA: "Brazilian automotive industry yearbook (2013)"

LATIN AMERICA: "Brazilian automotive industry yearbook (2013)". 164-page yearbook by ANFAVEA Brazil. (33MB file size)

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June,  2005

Business etiquette in Latin America
More and more young professionals find themselves doing business in Southern and Central America every year. Each country, from Guatemala to Chile, has its own distinctive flair. The savvy business traveler and smart businessman will (...)
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Industrial parks increase foreign investment in Mexico
Foreign trade zone-status, higher standards attract more international companies. It's a busy season for Mexico's industrial parks. One park in San Luis Potosi, has started operating the country's first foreign trade z (...)
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Mexico's carmakers in a ditch
Mexican auto plants are reeling from disastrous U.S. sales. Can they get rolling again? Out in the middle of Mexico's searing Sonoran desert, Ford Motor Co.'s (F ) Hermosillo plant is humming. Clipboard-toting supervis (...)
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Brazil stares, East Asia takes off...
A vital question Latin America, and Brazil in particular, should be asking these days, is why economic development has been so impressive in East Asian countries. That was one of the central themes at the recent annual meeting of the Inter-American D (...)
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Brazil will replace Mexico as Latin America's largest economy this year, according to a recent IMF forecast
For the first time since 2000, Brazil is slated to hold the top position among Latin American economies. The South American country is expected to have a 2005 GDP of $732.1 billion, measured in U.S. dollars in current prices. Mexico, which has been t (...)
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FDI grows in Latin America
El Salvador, Brazil and Mexico were the big winners in foreign direct investment, Venezuela, Ecuador and Bolivia were among the losers. Latin America attracted a total of $56.4 billion in foreign direct investment last (...)
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Mexico Risk: Labour Market Risk
Mexico requires every firm operating on its soil to hire 90 percent of its workforce locally, a limit that labor lawyers say the government can be flexible on, especially when it comes to companies operating along the U.S. border, (...)
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Global Tax Navigator: Brazil
Need some guidance on tax matters in Brazil? Help is at hand Welcome to the new Tax Navigator information service from HSBC Offshore. Whether you are moving overseas or returning home, we know how important it is for you to (...)
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