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May,  2017

How Mexico's Unions Sell Out Autoworkers
Wage contracts are inked years before plants open and workers never get a say.At a ceremony at Mexico's Los Pinos presidential residence in July 2014, BMW Chief Executive Officer Harald Krüger pledged to spend $1 billion to build a f (...)
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Mexico to Remain Automotive Force, PwC Says
Mexico will remain a force in the automotive industry even as President Donald Trump looks to revamp the North American Free Trade Agreement, PricewaterhouseCoopers said in a report about the industry.'Mexico has leveraged its low wages (...)
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WardsAuto: Mexico LV Sales Down in April
Although Mexican dealers sold 4,399 new cars and light trucks daily in April, 0.5% more than the 4,378 delivered daily a year earlier, one-less selling days kept volume for the month from setting a benchmark.The 114,378 light vehicles d (...)
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Autos/Trucks: Brazil Production Improving on Export Activity
Brazil auto registrations declined 3% in April, consistent with YTD down 2%. Economic indicators are starting to improve with interest and inflation rates falling for over a year, but GDP and employment growth continue to decline low single di (...)
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NAFTA Cars Are Not ˜Foreign Made" Cars
One of the first foreign companies to rush into U.S. production when the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) took effect on January 1, 1994 was Germany's BMW Group; they constructed and opened a gigantic factory in South Carolina that (...)
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Automotive players urged to tap Mexican supply chain
Malaysian automotive parts and component manufacturers are urged to tap into the US$8 billion (US$1=RM4.33) automotive supply chain market in Mexico and use the country as a platform to expand their exports to the United States, Canada, as wel (...)
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Brazil vehicle sales fell 17 percent in April from March
Licensing of new cars, light commercial vehicles, buses and trucks fell 3.6 percent in April over the same month a year earlier and 17 percent over March, according to Fenabrave, an industry group formed by car retailers.Auto sales in B (...)
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After 2 years in the doldrums, economies in the Americas are back on the road to growth
Latin American and Caribbean nations are expected to return to economic growth this year after two consecutive years in the negative column. But when analysts talk about the prospects for 2017, the words they use are slow, shallow recovery and (...)
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Mexico: Recent Jurisprudence - Termination of Employment Agreements. Ratification before the Labor Board, by Adrian Salgado
Recently, the Second Chamber of the Supreme Court of Mexico issued legal decision by contradiction titled: 'Termination of Employment Agreements. The parties are not required to appear before the competent Labor Board in order to ratify such.' (...)
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Doing Business in Mexico 2017 (Guide)
Doing business in Mexico is a guide detailing the general legal frame for businesses in the country. Our professionals have contributed with their expertise, analysing the changes and key reforms for 2017 in several aspects of Mexican Law and (...)
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Mark Mobius: Reasons for optimism in Latin America
The demise of populism is an important development within many countries in Latin America. In the case of emerging markets more broadly, the rise of the internet and smart phones has aided this trend. Greater numbers of people now have knowled (...)
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Poll shows Brazilians are more optimistic about the unemployment crisis
45 percent of Brazilians expect the economy to improve.Polling institute Datafolha released a survey on Tuesday revealing an upturn in optimism about Brazil's unemployment crisis. In December, 16 percent of Brazilians expected the unemp (...)
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Panama Canal to Launch State-of-the-Art Vessel Scheduling and Maritime Management System
New software will help how the Panama Canal plans and schedules transit operations, and for the first time, the Canal will be able to execute a completely integrated operating plan for all of its critical resources, including tugboats, pilots (...)
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Controversial Labor Bill Passes in Brazil's Lower House
The bill's supporters hope to modernize labor legislation and ease union regulations, generating more jobs and boosting Brazil's weakened economy.A controversial labor reform bill was approved by Brazil's Chamber of Deputies in the earl (...)
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Worldwide R&D Incentives Reference Guide 2017
To download 380-page guide, which includes Mexico, Brazil, Argentina and other Latin American countries, please click here. (...)
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The Pacific Alliance: Trade & Investment Opportunities When Doing Business in Latin America
Aligned with the recent release of Baker McKenzie's Pacific Alliance guide developed by our dedicated Taskforce of attorneys, we conducted a one-hours webinar session to provide further insights on our findings, including:- What the Pac (...)
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Mexico's Tax Ombudsman issues final transfer pricing regulations
Executive summary:On 3 April 2017, the Mexican Tax Ombudsman (PRODECON) released the final transfer pricing regulations (final regulations), providing guidance on the master file, local file and country-by-country (CbC) (...)
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Brazil: Tax and financial incentives
What are and how companies can benefit from these stimulus?Federal incentivesSpecial tax regimes are provided by Brazilian legislation to benefit some specific economic activity sectors. In most cases, taxpayers (...)
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April Shows Brazil's 12-Month Inflation is Lowest in Ten Years
For the year ending in April inflation rate was 4.08 percent, the lowest twelve-month inflation rate since July 2007.The National Consumer Price Index (IPCA) in Brazil rose by 0.14 percent in April, according to the IBGE (Brazilian Stat (...)
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Country Report Colombia 2017
Since 2015 GDP growth has slowed due to decreased commodity prices, but the external economic position remains solid and the liquidity position sound.To read entire analysis, including charts and graphs, (...)
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Brazil: Mining and metals tax guide - April 2017
To download 15-page report, please click here.Source: EY - (...)
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Mexico: Mining and metals tax guide - May 2017
To download 11-page report, please click here.Source: EY - (...)
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A Guide to VAT/GST/SUT in the Americas 2017 - Indirect Tax guidance of 21 countries in the Americas
Consumption taxes play a crucial role in the Americas, regardless of whether they are assessed as Value Added Tax (VAT), Goods and Sales Tax (GST), Sales and Use Tax (SUT) a Customs duty or excise tax. For tax authorities indirect taxes are an (...)
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Labor legislation for foreign workers in Brazil
Legal entities interested in using foreign labor, either permanently or temporarily, must request a work permit from the General Immigration Coordination, an agency of the Ministry of Labor and Employment.The request will be by submissi (...)
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Argentine officials confident economy exited recession and should grow 3% this year
Argentine Treasury Minister Nicolas Dujovne said he was confident the economy would grow more than 3% this year, while another treasury official said the economy had rebounded in March after declining the prior two months.The country's (...)
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Mercosur and Japan resume talks on trade and investment opportunities
Mercosur and Japan resumed trade negotiations and exchanged data on the state of their respective agendas regarding the IV chapter of the bilateral dialogue. and reaffirmed their commitment to continue with the talks. The delegations met in Bu (...)
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Brazil-India Social Security Agreement signed on 16 March 2017
Executive summary:The Social Security Agreement (the 'Agreement') between India and Brazil was signed on 16 March 2017. For international assignments between the two countries, the Agreement allows for the issue of Ce (...)
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