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LATIN AMERICA: "Mexico’s Automotive Production and Exports Posting New Records in 2011" review

LATIN AMERICA: "Mexico’s Automotive Production and Exports Posting New Records in 2011" review. 8-slide presentation by Mexico Trade & Investment.

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March,  2017

Auto suppliers proceed with caution amid threats to NAFTA
Following through with campaign promises, the Trump administration has set its sights on renegotiating the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA).While the administration says changing NAFTA will bring back automotive manufacturing j (...)
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WardsAuto: Mexico Sees Record January LV Sales
Amid signs of economic weakness, ranging from higher inflation and a weak peso to lackluster industrial investment and the prospect of fewer exports to the U.S., more Mexican consumers frequented dealer showrooms in January than did so a year ago. (...)
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Outlook for the Brazil Automotive Industry in 2017’s latest Audio Interview, Outlook for the Brazil Automotive Industry in 2017”, features Julian G. Semple, Auto Industry Consultant of Brazil-based CARCON Automotive, and Brazilian automotive industry expert. (...)
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Turbulence and triumph in Brazil
A transfer across the Atlantic sees Ghosn hone his reform chops.The first thing you noticed about Francois Michelin was his height. What you learned by working beside him was that he was also sophisticated, dignified and polite. He was ap (...)
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WardsAuto: Emerging Markets Key to Growth in 2017
Last year proved a mixed bag for light-vehicle sales in emerging markets.While growth continued across most of the emerging Asia-Pacific region, the biggest markets in Eastern Europe, Latin America, the Middle East and Africa contracted u (...)
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Brazil Automotive Sales Falls 25 Percent in Last Month
In comparison with January 2016, the automotive sector showed a drop of 14.08 percent.The month of January 2017 had a 25 percent decrease in sales compared to December 2016, across of all sectors including; cars, light commercials, trucks (...)
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New Book Reveals The Truth About Car Culture In Cuba
Cuba may be the only country where you can see drivers running out for milk and eggs in Model A’s and 1935 Fords, but transit is not always picturesque in a country where a 1960 Corvair is considered late model.For car enthusiasts eager (...)
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Why Latin America is the Hotspot for this Billion Dollar Company
Last week, my girlfriend decided to sell her car.Now I’m not a ‘car guy’, but when I look at that car I don’t see a vehicle. I see the trip we made to Lorne on the Australia Day weekend. Or the fun we had driving too Mt. Hotham to (...)
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WardsAuto: Toyota: No Regrets on Mexico Sourcing Plans
Toyota officials say they aren’t having second thoughts about plans to build a new assembly plant in Mexico for Corolla small-car production, despite U.S. government threats of a 20% border tax on Mexican imports.Toyota North America CE (...)
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Mexico warns it will end NAFTA talks if U.S. proposes tariffs
Mexico's economy minister Ildefonso Guajardo warned that his country will break off negotiations on the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) if the United States were to propose tariffs on products from Mexico, Bloomberg reported on Monday. (...)
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International Location Report: Mexico Maintaining a Place in Global Manufacturing
Despite dealing with a collapse in oil prices and threats of new tariffs to be imposed by the incoming Trump administration, Mexico retains significant economic advantages.The moment Donald Trump declared that the United States is going t (...)
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4 Factors to Weigh When Evaluating Manufacturing Options in Mexico
When considering offshoring manufacturing operations to Mexico, there are many factors that must be evaluated to make a sound decision that will benefit your business both in the immediate future as well as over the course of the next several years. (...)
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Reduced income tax rate effective due to Mexico repatriation program
The Mexican government included a new repatriation program in its presidential decree issued on January 18, 2017.  The program reflects Mexico’s efforts to encourage investment in certain strategic areas within Mexico and to incentivize Mexican co (...)
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Chinese wages higher than Brazil, Mexico
Average wages in China's manufacturing sector have soared above those in countries such as Brazil and Mexico, the Financial Times reports. Average hourly wages in China's manufacturing sector trebled between 2005 and 2016 to $3.60, accord (...)
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Managing Conflicts in Mexico
Conflict should not be feared; it should be managed. It is the presence of disagreements or differences. Thus, as long as human beings are different from one another, we will always have conflicts. However, having conflicts does not mean we should be (...)
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Yellow fever vaccination recommendations for international travellers to Brazil
As of 13 February 2017, yellow fever virus transmission continues to expand towards the Atlantic coast of Brazil in areas not deemed to be at risk for yellow fever transmission prior to the revised risk assessment published by WHO in the Disease Outb (...)
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Brazil central bank cuts interest rate hoping to overcome recession
Brazil cut its key interest rate further on Wednesday to try to prop Latin America's biggest economy out of its worst recession in a century. The country's central bank cut the benchmark rate by 0.75 percentage points to 12.25%, still one of the worl (...)
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Argentina: The Macri Administration: into the Second Year
This report discusses the main events that occurred in the second semester of 2016, and prospects for 2017.To download the 12-page report, (...)
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A Corruption Investigation Clouds Brazil's Prospects for Economic Reprieve
SummaryThe past few years have been difficult for Brazil's economy. But after two straight years of recession, things are looking up. By mid-January, the country's inflation rate had fallen to just below 6 percent, its lowest level (...)
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U.S.-Mexico Trade - report
Learn how to win at cross-border logistics with these best practices for streamlining cross-border and aftermarket strategies for U.S.-Mexico trade.To download 14-page report, (...)
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Mexico Legal News 2017: Mexican Companies must comply during 2017
1. F96.Notice to the Mexican IRS informing the Tax ID Number of foreign shareholders or partners, which shall be led within the rest 3 months of the year.  Filing this notice releases the foreign stockholders from the obligation to be l (...)
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Brazilian Government Tries To Attract $120 Billion In Foreign Investment
Brazil expects to attract foreign money by lifting some regulatory barriers.Since Brazilian inflation rates are more or less under control, the federal government has decided to launch a program to inject over $120 billion into the econom (...)
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EFTA/Mercosur talks confirmed to begin next June in Buenos Aires
The first round of formal trade negotiations between Mercosur and EFTA, European Free Trade Association, is scheduled to take place in Buenos Aires next June according to information from Brussels where there was a preliminary encounter between the t (...)
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Industry of São Paulo hires 6.5 thousand in January
Job marketSector celebrates first positive result after 20 months of decline. Largest hirings were in rubber products, in plastic material and in the manufacture of articles of clothing and accessoriesThe industry of S (...)
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Argentina in April will lower 35% tariff on computers and laptops imports
Argentina will get rid of a 35% tariff on imports of computers, laptops and tablets, the Production Ministry said on Monday, part of a larger effort to lower consumer prices and roll back protectionist policies.The government hopes the el (...)
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The One Big Reason Why 3G In Brazil Is So Darn Slow
The current state of Brazilian bureaucracy isn't conducive to reforming telecommunications infrastructure.Why yes, for those wondering, we do have 3G in Brazil. (We also have television and internet, thank you very much.) In fact, Brazili (...)
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Brazilian Federal Regional Court: Importation and COFINS-Importation Applies to (Re)Insurance Business
The Brazilian Federal Regional Court recently unanimously decided that insurance policies and reinsurance agreements are equivalent to rendering of services; therefore PIS-importation and COFINS-importation (PIS/COFINS-importation) applies to premium (...)
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Brazilian currency at its strongest against the US dollar since July 2015
The Brazilian real gained on Tuesday to its strongest level in more than a year and a half, following a rise in capital inflows and after the central bank resumed currency intervention following a two-week pause. The real firmed 0.45% to 3.096 real p (...)
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Argentine economy finally seems to have began a rebound
Argentina's economic activity rose 1.6% in December compared with the previous month, government data showed, a sign the economy likely expanded in the fourth quarter after a long recession. The economy fell 0.1% in December year over year and closed (...)
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15 More Brazilian Expressions That Don't Translate Literally
Ending something with a pizza is not exactly a positive thing in Brazil.Brazilians have amazing expressions – and most don’t translate literally into English. We’ve selected a few of our favorite ones, explaining what they mean and (...)
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