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LATIN AMERICA: "Autos: Brazil Demand Remains at Low Level in June (2015)" report

LATIN AMERICA: "Autos: Brazil Demand Remains at Low Level in June (2015)" report. 5-page report by BAIRD.

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December,  2016

The Mexican Automotive Industry: Current Situation, Challenges and Opportunities
Automotive production represents one of the most dynamic and competitive industries in Mexico. Thus, Mexico has become an important player in the automotive and auto parts sector at the global level. Over recent decades, Mexico has attracted the atte (...)
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Government wants to make the competitive Brazilian automotive industry globally national production
Target was highlighted by Minister Marcos Pereira during the opening of the 29th International Motor Show in Sao Paulo.During the opening of the 29th International Motor Show in São Paulo, on Thursday (10), the Minister of Industry, Trad (...)
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GM Forecasts Brazil’s Auto Economy To Recover Starting In 2017
General Motors has remained bullish on the Brazilian market, even after slumping automotive sales and a teetering economy. The Motor & Equipment Manufacturing Association has reported GM’s plans to invest heavily in the country will likely pay (...)
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Mexico’s Auto Industry in Jeopardy as Trump Policies Could Wipe Out 1 Million Jobs
Donald Trump promised during his campaign that he would prevent the automotive industry from leaving the United States and even proposed a 10 to 35 percent tariff.According to Mexican auto-industry analyst César Roy Ocotitla, the Big Thr (...)
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Parent companies aiding auto subsidiaries in Brazil
In the golden times, not so long ago, global automakers' subsidiaries operating in Brazil sent healthy profits back to the parent companies' coffers. Between 2006 and 2012 these even accounted for the bulk of profits some car makers made as their Bra (...)
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In-Vehicle Connectivity to Propel New Growth Opportunities for OEMs in Latin America
Latin America (LATAM) will have over 8.5 million connected cars on the road by 2023. Increasing in-vehicle connectivity to enable value-added services, infotainment and next-generation human-machine interface features will encourage partnerships acro (...)
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Portugal And Brazil Cooperate To Build An Affordable Electric Car
Tesla Motors chose to approach the electric car market starting at the top. Its strategy has worked superbly. The Tesla Model S is now outselling the Mercedes S Class sedan in most global markets including the United States and Germany. Elon Musk thi (...)
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NAFTA and the New Trump Administration: Your Top Ten Questions Answered
IntroductionWith the recent U.S. election finally reaching its close, the unexpected election of Mr. Trump has left many multinational companies wondering how the change in administration will impact their business operations. One (...)
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With NAFTA on the Chopping Block, Implications For Nearshore IT Are Very Real
With Trump's plans to collapse, or at least disrupt, NAFTA, there implications for nearshore IT services are real, but are they a death-knell for the industry?Last week, news agency CNN reported on a leaked memo suggesting that President- (...)
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Mexico is third most dangerous country Risk analysis firm's index ranks Mexico as 'extreme risk'
A study by a risk consultancy firm ranks Mexico near the top of the list of the world’s most dangerous countries.The Criminality Index created by Verisk Maplecroft evaluates the risk to people, businesses and economies caused by violent (...)
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Brazil: Company retrieves partial repayment from an employee in relation to his non-compete covenant
As he failed to comply with his non-compete clause, the former superintendent of a recognized banking institution was ordered to return part of the amount he received for signing such clause, in which he agreed not to work for any other company for a (...)
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What’s on the minds of CEOs in Mexico
Thriving in a slow-growth worldFor the first time in 15 years, the growth rate of global trade volume could lag that of global GDP. Fragile CEO confidence underscores the challenges ahead—just 28% of all APEC business leaders rem (...)
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Industry Expert Talks About 3D Printing In Latin America: 'We Want Printers To Supplement Other Machines'
The 3D printing technology, like every other industry technology, has to be a part of a productive process. On its own, it’s much more similar to a toy,” Trimaker Co-Founder Alexis Caporale — recently selected as one of the 50 most innovative y (...)
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Getting Your Brazilian Documents as an Expat
If you live in Brazil, you need register with Brazil’s tax authorities and the Federal Police.Once you move to Brazil as an expat, you’ll need to get your Brazilian papers in order. There are two essential documents: the CPF and the R (...)
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Mexico M&As: The Trump Impact
The Mexican M&A outlook under a Trump Administration.If President-elect Donald Trump decides to exit or make significant changes to the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), cross-border mergers and acquisitions would be negati (...)
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Worst Case Scenario: How Mergers Go Wrong In Brazil
With merger reviews worldwide, the hoped-for best-case scenario is generally the same: a speedy review and either the all-clear sign or divestitures limited to what the companies have already identified and proposed.But the worst-case sce (...)
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Argentina: New salary agreement for commerce and services employees
On Thursday, October 13, the Argentine Federation of Commerce and Services Employees (FAECyS) and the Argentine Chamber of Medium Enterprises (CAME, the Union of Argentine Commercial Entities (UDECA) and the Argentine Chamber of Commerce and Services (...)
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Mexican government proposes tax incentives on IT services and R&D activities for 2017
As part of the 2017 economic budget and proposed tax reform, the Mexican government intends to incentivize a couple of activities that may be intertwined: first, by allowing information technology (IT) services to qualify as an export subject to 0 pe (...)
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OECD optimistic about global growth; anticipates strong performance of Argentine economy next year
Fiscal initiatives could boost global economic growth, the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) said Monday in its semi-annual economic forecast. The Paris-based think tank predicted a global gross domestic product (GPD) growt (...)
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Doing Business in Argentina 2016 - Guide
Doing Business in Argentina is a general guide for companies operating in or considerating investment into Argentina. It is intended to present an overview of the key aspects of the Argentine legal system and regulation of business activities in this (...)
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Latin American exports downward trend is greater than in the rest of the world
Following two years in a downward trend the value of Latin American exports fell 14.8% in 2015, and 8.5% in the first seven months of 2016, according to the Trade and Integration Monitor 2016 of the Inter-American Development Bank. Services exports, (...)
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Amendments to Argentine Employment Contract Law
Argentina's National Congress approved a series of amendments to its Employment Contract Law (ECL). Said amendments have yet to be enacted and published in the Official Gazette and, as such, for the time being are devoid of any legal effect. Their en (...)
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Santander bank confident of Brazil's “rapid recovery”
President Michel Temer met on Monday with Banco Santander chairman Ana Botin, who expressed the Spanish banking giant's confidence in Brazil's economic future despite the current downturn being experienced by Latin America's largest economy. (...)
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Mexico Cost of Living Guide 2016
When you’re planning to live, work, or retire in Mexico, it’s useful to form a budget around your lifestyle plans.  This guide enables you to that.How much will it cost me to live in Mexico?People considering a mov (...)
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Getting Around in Mexico
How to get around Mexico including driving in Mexico, flights, buses, taxis, road travel, public transport, cycling and walking…- Getting Around in Mexico- Domestic Flights in Mexico- Traveling by Bus- Local Buses (...)
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NAFTA value falls 2.3 percent; freight has declined 20 of last 21 months
Total September North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) freight by value decreased 2.3 percent from September 2015 to $91.1 billion in current dollars, according to the TransBorder Freight Data released today by the U.S. Department of Transportat (...)
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Unemployment in Brazil Reaches 11.8 Percent
Unemployment rises in latest trimester that ended in October, to 11.8%, up slightly from the previous trimester that ended in July, 11.6%.On Tuesday, November 29th, the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics (IBGE) released its l (...)
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Argentina's tax amnesty program “rescues” US$ 21.9bn including US$ 7.2bn in cash
Argentines have so far declared US$21.9 billion in previously hidden assets in the country's tax amnesty program meant to help jump-start the economy, Alberto Abad, director of the AFIP tax collection agency, said on Tuesday. That included US$7.2 bil (...)
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Brazil loses 750,000 jobs in 10 months this year
Brazil lost 751,800 formal jobs from January to October 2016, the country's Labor Ministry said on Thursday.According to the ministry's unemployment registry, the figures are only slightly better than the same period last year, when the B (...)
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Corporate Compliance and Responsibility – More than just words on paper
The backbone of any effective” corporate compliance program is a well-communicated code of ethics. This code defines the culture and expected behaviors within an organization.A well – constructed code will set the tone within a compan (...)
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