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CHINA: "Yes, China’s the Largest, but Let’s Put Things in Perspective" Exec Summary

CHINA: "Yes, China’s the Largest, but Let’s Put Things in Perspective" Exec Summary. 6-page China Automotive Monthly Executive Summary by J.D. Power AsiaPacific.

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March,  2017

China green vehicle subsidy authorizations slow following scandal
China on Wednesday issued its 2nd list for 2017 of green energy vehicles qualified for subsidies, with the number of approvals slowing amid more stringent oversight following a cheating scandal.The newest list from the Ministry of Industr (...)
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WardsAuto: Relaxed China Mapping Rules Would Aid Autonomous-Car Progress
Geely Chairman Li representative to government advisory body * China closely protects mapping rights for national security * Mapping critical to developing self-driving cars By Jake Spring BEIJING, March 2 (Reuters) - Chinese automaker Geely called o (...)
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Emerging markets key to China's intl automotive growth
Chinese carmakers' efforts to expand into more emerging markets have spurred optimistic forecasts on export growth, amid strengthening international political ties.The General Administration of Customs reported better-than-expected trade (...)
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Autos/Trucks: China Auto Demand Beats January Expectations (2017)
China auto sales were flat yoy in January, solidly above our Q1 estimate for an 11% decline. Demand was well above Street channel checks that called for 20% declines in January given impact from Chinese New Year (caused lower selling days). Auto sale (...)
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“Chinese bastards”: What we can learn from Daimler’s cross-cultural incident
When emotions hit a high, intelligence drops to a low.Whether we like it or not: Sometimes people lose their temper and act out against others. And it is usually not a pretty picture. When this happens to company leaders on foreign assign (...)
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Top 10 Best-Selling Cars in China
China is the biggest automotive market in the world, with the country selling and making more cars than anywhere else on the planet.But what’s interesting is what that market consists of. The Chinese automotive landscape is very differe (...)
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Protectionism in China is growing, German ambassador to mainland says
China's leaders may be touting efforts to offer foreign investors a level playing field, but on the ground, protectionism appears to be growing, Germany's ambassador to China told CNBC."It doesn't matter which trading partner you tal (...)
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China's new foreign exchange regime may bring volatility and value to its financial system
The size of the yuan's initial drop this week seems to have overshadowed its cause, perhaps understandably: The currency's trading-band fall of nearly 2% against the US dollar on Tuesday hit many unsuspecting investors, analysts and journalists squar (...)
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China's long-term economic growth prospects
China is currently undergoing a transition from an export- and investment-driven economy to one that is consumption and services oriented.Nonetheless, fixed investment remains a key driver of China’s economic growth for the moment. In 2 (...)
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For China’s Factories, a Weaker Currency Is a Double-Edged Sword
At first glance, given the way that China controls its currency, the Guangdong Chigo Air Conditioning Company might seem like a winner.For the past three years, China has allowed its currency, the renminbi, to weaken in value compared wit (...)
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Overview of China’s Cybersecurity Law
This report provides an overview of China’s Cybersecurity Law, which was adopted in November 2016 and will come into effect on 1 June 2017This report provides an overview of China’s Cybersecurity Law, which was adopted in November 201 (...)
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Why the New Silk Road needs a digital revolution
The ancient and historic trade route between China and Europe is coming back to life as one of the biggest infrastructure projects of the 21st century, with major implications for economies throughout the world.One Belt/One Road (OBOR), t (...)
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Why 110 Japanese firms went bankrupt in China last year
Fast fashion, rising labour costs, political tensions and an inability to adapt have many investors picking up the pieces and moving to Vietnam or Myanmar.Yao Jun is a worried man. As a senior official of the Changshu High Tech Industrial (...)
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WardsAuto: China hints at trade war strategy in S. Korea standoff
South Korean firms are being squeezed in China, in suspected retaliation for Seoul's deployment of a U.S. missile defence system, highlighting the tools China can deploy to hit back at the corporate interests of trade partners it disagrees with. The (...)
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China's impact on the semiconductor industry: 2016 update
Both China's semiconductor production and consumption revenues continued to outpace those of the global market, further solidifying its position as a key player in the worldwide industry.To download 42-page report, (...)
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China unveils 20 measures to further open up the economy to foreign investment
The State Council issued Notice (Guofa [2017] No.5, Circular 5) in January 2017, setting out 20 measures (the 20 Measures) to attract more foreign investment. Surrounding the theme of "further actions", Circular 5 raises 20 specific tasks i (...)
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Negotiating In China: 6 Cultural Business Tips For Success
How can we adapt our cultural work styles to manage more effectively when doing business in China?Working successfully with China means understanding several important cultural concepts that govern all business deals and responding adeptl (...)
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Hong Kong: Salary overview – KPMG Executive Search and Recruitment Services
KPMG Executive Search and Recruitment Services’ overview of salaries in various industries in Hong Kong.In this brochure, KPMG’s Executive Search and Recruitment Services looks at salaries for various industries and roles in Hong Kong (...)
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New developments in Forex Administration for trade in goods - Huifa [2017] No.3
On January 26, 2017, the State Administration of Foreign Exchange (SAFE) issued the "Circular on Further Advancing the Reform of Foreign Exchange Administration and Improving Examination of Authenticity and Compliance" ("Huifa [2017] N (...)
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Bankruptcies surging in China
Bankruptcies of Chinese businesses have surged in the past two years, in a sign the state is beginning to take painful steps to trim the bloated industrial sector as it tries to rein in debt, The Wall Street Journal reports.  The common practice: Ke (...)
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China: Final countdown on for new FTZs
Preparation for seven new free trade zones (FTZs) is moving into the final stages, with the launch date expected within weeks, Security Daily reported on Monday.The country's third batch of pilot FTZs, which aim to boost inland regions, a (...)
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Chinese wages higher than Brazil, Mexico
Average wages in China's manufacturing sector have soared above those in countries such as Brazil and Mexico, the Financial Times reports.Average hourly wages in China's manufacturing sector trebled between 2005 and 2016 to $3.60, accordi (...)
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China's Aging Population Becoming More Of A Problem
China's getting old. In fact, they are getting older faster than anywhere else in the world. And the Chinese government has a very weak safety net to cover for them all.According to the United Nations, China is ageing more rapidly than al (...)
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Report: Companies to see more tax savings
Taxation of companies will be further reduced this year as China aims to maintain the same budget deficit as in 2016, Premier Li Keqiang said as he delivered the Government Work Report on Sunday.The target for the budget deficit has again (...)
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China companies look to branding to attract talent
Chinese companies are set to fuel hiring growth in 2017, according to a latest survey by global recruitment specialists Michael Page.The company surveyed more than 3,400 employers in Asia, trying to find key employment trends in the regio (...)
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More CEOs in China optimistic about business growth: report
More CEOs in China are optimistic about their companies' growth prospects, a private survey has showed, as the economy gained a firm footing in the beginning of the year.Around one-third of surveyed corporate executives are "very con (...)
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Country Report China 2017
The on-going economic slowdown, overcapacities and high indebtedness of many businesses will lead to further increasing business insolvencies in 2017.Industries performanceInsolvencies expected to increase further in (...)
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