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April,  2017

China could be world's leading electric vehicle producer: Expert
The Chinese lithium-ion battery industry is growing to be the most powerful in the world, said Simon Moores, managing director of Benchmark Mineral Intelligence.In a recent interview with Xinhua, Moores said that the world are seeing th (...)
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Autos/Trucks: China Auto Demand Tracking Above Q1 Estimates (download report)
China auto sales (wholesale shipments) are tracking up 9% quarter-to-date, above our Q1 estimate for an 11% decline. Note, CPCA (China Passenger Car Association) is showing retail sales down 3% quarter-to-date, which is below the wholesale num (...)
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Auto Makers Long for Easier China
Top auto makers, facing the threat of costly North American trade policy changes, want the Trump administration to take a harder line on a market thousands of miles from their home turf. China's car business is attractive to outsiders c (...)
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Combustion: The Beginning of the End For American Automakers in China
Combustion is The New Cartographer's guide to the present and future of the auto industry.In the early 1980s Chinese leader Deng Xiaoping returned from visits to Japan and the US with a vision of China's economic future. Seeing a connec (...)
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Gao Feng Advisory Says U.S. Carmakers Doing Well in China
Bill Russo, managing director at Gao Feng Advisory, discusses Ford introducing pickup trucks in China and the outlook for the Chinese auto market. He speaks to Bloomberg's David Ingles on Bloomberg Markets.To see video interview, (...)
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Report: US Automakers Seek End To Chinese Tariff
The debate over trade issues in Washington largely centers on the potential renegotiation of trade agreements, the establishment of new tariffs and a "border adjustment" plan that would prevent businesses from deducting imports on th (...)
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China Outbound Investment Drives a New Chapter of Globalization
The shift in global political and economic order, plus China's effort to curb capital flight may pose uncertainties for Chinese outbound foreign investment this year, but strategic acquisitions and Belt and Road-related investments by Chinese (...)
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These Chinese-backed Start-ups are Gearing Up to Challenge Tesla
The electric vehicle market is currently dominated by Tesla Motors, which reached a market cap this week of $48 billion.But as EV sales grow - Tesla pulled in more than $7 billion in revenue last year and just had its best quarter - the (...)
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Importance of Business Intelligence on Decision-Makers When Doing Business in China's latest Audio Interview, 'The Importance of Business Intelligence on Decision-Makers When Doing Business in China' features Xiaodong Han, President of Shanghai China-based Taichi and supply chain expert.  I (...)
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Global Concerns Over China's 'Manufacturing 2025' Initiative Highlighted In New EU Report
A new Financial Times article reveals that the core technologies that China wants to lead the world in as part of its overarching Manufacturing 2025 initiative are coming under fire from other nations.China first laid out its Manufactur (...)
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Sourcing top-notch talents for China Inc
Leadership expert excited about the 'extraordinary opportunities' for local recruitment.Kevin Connelly, a seasoned corporate headhunter and managing partner and chief executive officer of US-based global headhunter Spencer Stuart, said (...)
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Competing with the Chinese Factory of 2017
Deep manufacturing expertise and extensive supply chains give China a lead that will be tough to overcome.During his presidential campaign and since moving to the Oval Office, Donald Trump has spoken a lot about manufacturing in (...)
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Opinion: China's economic problems will come to a head in 2017
Faced with a heavy debt load, the Asian nation would find it difficult to absorb an external shock such as a U.S. trade war.Next year is shaping up to be a decisive one for China's economy.In the eight years since the global fina (...)
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Beware The Dragon: Expert Views On Risks And Opportunities In China
This compendium collates knowledge and expertise from the world's leading experts to provide practical and timely insights on the various risks and opportunities associated with China's accelerated economic growth.The compendium feature (...)
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New Labor Laws Seek to Pressure Chinese Employers
Employers that violate China's labor protections have been targeted by a pair of measures that took effect Jan. 1, one that calls for the worst offenders to be 'named and shamed,' the other for compliance grades to be assigned to every company (...)
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The Road to Globalization for Chinese Multinationals
Chinese companies looking for deals abroad face five main challenges when globalizing through M&A - including the often overlooked human capital.Chinese companies looking for deals abroad face five main challenges when globalizing throu (...)
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IP theft: Declining, or just more stealthy?
According to several reports, economic espionage by China has been declining since before an agreement 18 months ago to curb it.Eighteen months ago, President Obama and Chinese President Xi Jinping announced, with considerable fanfare, (...)
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Chinese Cities of Opportunity 2017 - report
According to the Chinese Cities of Opportunity 2017 study report jointly launched by PwC China and the China Development Research Foundation (CDRF), Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Hangzhou, Wuhan and Nanjing are ranked as the overall top five cities. Th (...)
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Belt and Road countries are China's dynamic trade partners
More than half of foreign buyers and exhibitors at this year's spring Canton Fair, or 121st China Import and Export Fair, are from Belt and Road countries, organizers said.Karn Chopra is a new buyer from India. This trip is the young ma (...)
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China IPO markets take global lead in Q1, Hong Kong sees sector and geographical diversification, KPMG analysis finds
China's A-share IPO market made a strong start to the year with Shanghai and Shenzhen securing the top positions in terms of proceeds raised in the first quarter. While Hong Kong saw a slowdown in IPO proceeds, a trend of sector and geographic (...)
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China Employment Offer Letters Because They Matter
In China, it is common for employers to deliver an offer letter to a potential employee stating the employer's intent to enter into an employment relationship with that employee. An offer letter is typically a 1-2 page document and it usually (...)
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China Stonewalls U. S. Steel's Cybertheft Lawsuit
Our country's ongoing battle against illegal hacking and cybertheft waged by foreign countries has reached a boiling point.In U. S. Steel's much publicized cybertheft lawsuit against China, a complete lack of cooperation and blatant sto (...)
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China's latest five-year plan could be its last
The outline for China's 13th five-year plan isn't exactly summer beach reading: The 65,858-character document, which lays out in broad terms how China's leaders want the country's economy to develop between now and 2020, is akin to the Platoni (...)
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Trends and implications in the internationalisation of the Renminbi
China's ambition to internationalise its currency has brought about a unique set of opportunities, challenges and implications...China's ambition to internationalise its currency has brought about a unique set of opportunities, challeng (...)
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China issues compliance requirements on related-party transactions
Background:On June 29, 2016 China's State Administration of Taxation issued Public Notice [2016] 42 (Notice 42) which enforces additional compliance requirements for related-party transactions. The compliance requiremen (...)
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China's New Industrial War
New Chinese economic theft campaign detailed by insider.The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has a new program for economic warfare, one that follows a path well trodden in the history of industrial competition.According to a source (...)
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China's IC Industry to Embark on a Major Recruitment Drive This Year
TrendForce's latest analysis on China's semiconductor sector reveals that the country's domestic IC manufacturers are affecting the movement of industry talents worldwide as they continue to aggressively headhunt for senior managers and engine (...)
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Economic Watch: China's manufacturers sharpen competitive edge
Despite rising labor, land and logistics costs, Chinese manufacturers face a moment of opportunity.Average wages in China's manufacturing sector have soared above those in most Latin American countries and are at around 70 percent of th (...)
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China's spending on robotics to hit $59.4b in 2020: IDC
International Data Corp (IDC) reports that China will be spending $59.4 billion on robotics and related services by 2020.As the largest and the fastest growing robotics market in the world, China will account for over 30 percent of all (...)
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How Technology Can Help China With The New Customs Self-Tax Methodology
When the General Administration of Customs (GAC) announced an immediate change for tax collection in October 2016, there was a very limited pilot area of goods at Shanghai port that were able to participate in the new self-tax methodology. Goo (...)
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