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ASIA: "Women Key to Addressing India Inc.’s Projected Talent Shortage, Study Shows"

ASIA: "Women Key to Addressing India Inc.’s Projected Talent Shortage, Study Shows". 28-page report by Catalyst.

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November,  2016

Indian aftermarket to touch US$ 16.5 billion by 2021; double figure growth likely
Chennai: After two years of lull, the Indian aftermarket is back in the growth track. The $7 billion industry is expected to grow at around 10-15 per cent. The industry is also expected to see a huge consolidation, say industry representatives. (...)
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Chinese Automakers Go High Tech & Premium Price in Global Push, Rejecting the Japanese Approach
Chinese automakers have no patience for the low-price, incremental growth strategy that worked for the Japanese and Koreans.They want a giant leap.We won’t come out like the Japanese and Koreans did”, a supply chain direct (...)
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Inside Thailand’s Rising Automotive Industry
When we think of automobiles, we most likely associate certain parts of the world with them. North America, particularly the United Sates, is probably one of the best examples. Nations like the United Kingdom, China, Germany, Italy, Japan, South Kore (...)
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Connected car report 2016: Opportunities, risk, and turmoil on the road to autonomous vehicles
The race to build the fully connected car, and ultimately the completely autonomous vehicle, is already under way. Who will cross the finish line successfully, and where exactly that finish line is, remains to be seen. In this report — based on ext (...)
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Auto Components Industry in India (Nov. 2016 update)
IntroductionThe Indian auto-components industry has experienced healthy growth over the last few years. Some of the factors attributable to this include: a buoyant end-user market, improved consumer sentiment and return of adequate (...)
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The Chinese Automotive Industry – Opportunities in Diversity
China is now the largest single market for light duty vehicles, such as cars, light trucks, and sport utility vehicles. Speaking at a University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute sponsored conference titled Inside China: Understanding Chi (...)
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Automakers Ponder Plan B as Trump Vows to Quit TPP
The promise by President-Elect Donald Trump to withdraw the U.S. from the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade agreement on his first day in office is generating widespread anxiety within the global automobile industry.His rejection of the dea (...)
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TPP Requiem: What May Supply Chain Managers Expect Next?
Throughout 2016, APEC focused its efforts on the following thematic priorities: regional economic integration and quality growth; enhancing the regional food market; working towards the modernization of micro, small and medium-sized enterprises in th (...)
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China struggles to steady RMB decline
China is facing an uphill battle to maintain an orderly depreciation of the yuan as investors pile up bearish bets against the currency outside the mainland. The gap between the yuan's value against the dollar in the domestic market and in what is kn (...)
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How to Execute Business Strategy in India
India's dynamism, adrenalin, and economic opportunity cannot be overlooked. Strong GDP growth over the last thirty to forty years has seen the sub-continent's growth rates recently surpass even China. A growing consumer base, young population with lo (...)
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The Case For Optimism In China's Machinery Market: Premiumization, Services and Local Competitors
Prompted by China's New Normal, the machinery market in China is entering a new phase of development and growth, but perhaps not in the places most international machinery companies are looking.Premiumization and services will play increa (...)
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Asia: Pivot Required
Beyond a rapidly changing macro outlook, the tools required to be a successful investor in Asia are changing too. As such, we think that investors may need to pivot,” adopting a new, updated approach that might require different skills than what wo (...)
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China: New work authorization policy on expats
The State Administration of Foreign Expert Affairs (SAFEA) has released the Pilot Implementation Plans for Foreigners' Work Authorization Policy (Plans), which is effective from this October until next March in 10 locations, including Beijing, Shangh (...)
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Dispute Resolution in Thailand: Litigation (Guide)
Every jurisdiction processes litigation in different ways.  The civil legal system in Thailand mandates a series of procedural steps that will likely be unfamiliar to those accustomed to the courtrooms of foreign common and even civil law jurisdicti (...)
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More expats allowed to open "free-trade accounts'
The Shanghai branch of People's Bank of China has said it will allow more foreigners to open "overseas free-trade accounts," a move it said will attract more international talent to innovative companies, Caixin reports. The measure, effecti (...)
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Shanghai FTZ to step up monitoring of capital flows to stabilise the yuan, PBOC says
Shanghai’s free-trade zone (FTZ) will step up its monitoring of cross-border capital flows, as part of efforts to stabilise the yuan’s exchange rate, the People’s Bank of China said on Wednesday.Zhang Xin, head of the Chinese centra (...)
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Emerging trends in real estate® Asia Pacific 2017
Emerging trends in real estate® Asia Pacific is a trends and forecast publication now in its 11th edition, and is one of the most highly regarded and widely read forecast reports in the real estate industry. It is a joint undertaking by PwC and the (...)
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Manufacturing Activity In China Shifts Into Overdrive
A wave of positive economic data suggests the Chinese economy is stabilizing and that business confidence is improving.The country’s purchasing managers’ index (PMI), which measures the health of its manufacturing industry, rose to 51 (...)
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Korea: Expansion of Eligibility for the Automated Immigration Clearance Service
OverviewThe Korean Ministry of Justice amended the Enforcement Decree of the Immigration Control Act,” allowing all registered foreigners to take advantage of the automated immigration clearance service at the airport as of July (...)
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Doing business in Asia Pacific 2016-17
Thriving in a slow-growth worldEconomies on both sides of the Pacific have been among the greatest beneficiaries of trade openness. Today Asia Pacific CEOs are planning for a future where data is as valuable as low tariffs and attr (...)
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Indian Accounting Standard Impact Analysis
As a follow-up to our Ind AS Outlook Survey published earlier this year, this publication summarises the actual impact of Ind AS adoption on corporate India.From 1 April 2016, Indian Accounting Standards (Ind AS) converged with Internatio (...)
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Japan: Expanded employer reporting obligations on share incentives and potential changes to Capital Gains Tax Regime
Expansion of reporting requirementsThe Japanese tax authorities announced in their 2016 Tax Reform Proposal that employer reporting obligations on share incentives would be extended to incorporate a larger amount of categories of e (...)
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India: Government plans to bring common Portal to certify exporters
The government plans to bring on a single online platform about 200 agencies that issue certificates to exporters to help them avail duty benefits at the destination or importing country, another move aimed at improving ease of doing business in Indi (...)
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Ensuring Lithium Ion Battery Safety in Japan
With their large output and long service life, lithium ion batteries power a broad variety of products from smartphones to electric vehicles. At the same time, there are frequent reports of safety problems that come with these batteries. Just recentl (...)
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China: SAT’s new rules on advance pricing arrangements reflect its new thinking on tax administration
On 11 October 2016, the State Administration of Taxation (SAT) issued the Public Notice on Matters Regarding Refining the Administration of Advance Pricing Arrangements (SAT Public Notice [2016] No. 64, hereinafter referred to as Public Notice 64” (...)
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India: Standardise your anti-bribery compliance programme with ISO 37001
With the increasing number of cases of bribery and corruption, the past couple of years have witnessed the globalisation of anti-bribery regulations, with various countries implementing stricter enforcement actions. In India, with the introduction of (...)
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Survey Finds Most Hong Kong CEOs Under-Utilising Social Media to Grow Businesses
A Hong Kong-focused Comprehensive Report on e-Commerce from CEO and Consumer Perspectives Identifies the Missing Piece” in Deploying Omni-business.A recent survey revealed that despite the fact that social media is a huge part of our li (...)
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Korean Tax Update 2016 October
Latest tax updates and taxation trend in Korea on October 2016.- Tax News- Revised Tax Law- Ruling UpdateTo download Korea Tax Alert, (...)
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India's trade deficit with China rises to $53 bn
Commerce Minister Nirmala Sitharaman said any trade restrictions imposed on China need to be WTO compliantIndia's trade deficit with China rose to $52.69 billion in 2015-16, from $48.48 billion in the year before, Parliament was informed (...)
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India: Government to push reforms to woo investment, plug infra deficit
The government will step up reforms to attract more investment in infrastructure and manufacturing sectors given the country’s impatience” to grow faster, finance minister Arun Jaitley said on Tuesday. We are looking to open up. We are growing fa (...)
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