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March,  2017

New look for Europe's car manufacturing industry
French motor giant PSA Group's acquisition of Opel and Vauxhall from General Motors will lead to a shake-up among the region's carmakers, finds Scott Reid. Anyone visiting Vauxhall's Ellesmere Port plant can be left in no doubt what is (...)
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WardsAuto: U.K. Government, Auto Industry Gather to Talk Tech
The U.K. government holds a roundtable conference with auto-industry leaders to discuss plans to make the region a world leader in electric, connected and autonomous vehicles.Chaired by Transport Minister John Hayes, it was attended by (...)
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Autos: European Demand on Strong Trajectory to Begin 2017
Western European (EU15+EFTA) registrations increased 9-10% yoy in January (versus our Q1 estimate +1% yoy), benefitting from an additional selling day in most major markets. Most major markets (Germany, France, Italy, Spain) saw 10-11% demand (...)
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WardsAuto: 2017 Geneva Auto Show: Shots From the Floor
World debuts, concept cars and new models populate the floor of the 87th Geneva International Motor Show.To see photos, (...)
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PwC predicts growth for the Russian automotive markets in 2017
New passenger car sales (excluding LCV) may increase by 7% in Russia in 2017, reaching 1.4 million units, according to a PwC survey.Oil price forecast has become one of the main factors in the prediction of sales volumes, as noted by Pw (...)
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Car Manufacturing Gloom: The Pro-EU Campaign's Worst Nightmare Becomes Reality As Hard Brexit Looms
Oh, Prime Minister May, how the mighty will fall. Brexit fears just got embalmed, secured in bulletproof glass, and showcased for the public to throw rotten veg at. It's the automotive sector, an industry targeted for economic vigour post-Brex (...)
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German car makers will build more than 100,000 electric cars this year
German car makers Volkswagen, Daimler and BMW will make more than 100,000 purely electric cars for the first time this year, according to PwC.Production of hybrid vehicles made by the Germans is also set to increase, by 46%, to 330,000 (...)
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Third of manufacturing firms want to move some operations out of UK after Brexit, report warns
Leaving EU is a 'game-changer' for UK manufacturing with two-thirds of companies believing the instability will be bad for the economy.Deep uncertainty caused by Theresa May's drive to Brexit has left one in three manufacturing firms pl (...)
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Labour drought in Europe's east as workers go west
A decade ago, business was booming for Hungarian construction firm owner Geza Borgulya.He was making an annual profit of some five million euros and had around 60 staff including surveyors and bricklayers.Now, the 44-year-old has (...)
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Uncertainty clouds German firms' US outlook
Amid growing protectionist rhetoric and fears of increasing barriers to trade across the world, German business leaders look at the new Donald Trump administration in the US with cautious optimism.German firms should remain bullish abou (...)
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Joint Declaration for an ambitious EU industrial strategy
Together with 124 other associations representing the European manufacturing industry, the European Automobile Manufacturers' Association (ACEA) has signed a joint declaration calling on the European Commission to support an ambitious EU indus (...)
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Group Financing in Switzerland to Become More Attractive
Swiss Federal Council announces amendments to Swiss Withholding Tax Ordinance to provide withholding tax relief for certain group financing activities.Current situationInterest payments are subject to Swiss Withh (...)
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UK: Is ‘reshoring' the answer to Brexit uncertainty?
Businesses in the UK may soon decide that "˜Made in Britain' is the best response to currency weakness and the threat of tariffs post Brexit, says KPMG supply chain expert Andrew Underwood The weak pound and the potential disruption to (...)
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CJEU rules on subject-to-tax requirement of Parent-Subsidiary Directive
On 8 March 2017, the Court of Justice of the European Union ("CJEU") rendered its Judgment in Wereldhave Belgium and Others concerning the interpretation of the subject-to-tax requirement of the Parent-Subsidiary Directive ("PSD") (C-448/1 (...)
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Britain seeks to plug skills shortages sapping productivity
British manufacturer Grainger & Worrall makes millions of pounds casting complex aluminium engine blocks for Formula One and other high-performance cars. But it has hit a problem when it comes to a more basic issue: finding skilled workers (...)
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Spain: Changes Introduced for Electronic Means in Handling VAT
Changes Introduced by Royal Decree 596/2016, for the modernization, improvement, and promotion of the use of electronica means in handling the Value-Added TaxOn December 6, 2016, the Official State Gazette (BOE: abbreviation in Spanish) (...)
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Belgium: Benefit in kind for free housing granted by a company ruled unconstitutional by two Courts of appeal
When a company puts a housing at the disposal of one of its directors or employees, the beneficiary is taxed on a benefit in kind. This benefit is assessed on a lump-sum basis. The evaluation depends on whether the housing is given by an indiv (...)
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German steelworkers strike benchmark pay deal
Metalworkers union IG Metall and western German steel industry employers have reached a wage agreement that could serve as pilot deal for the whole sector, and coming at a time of hope for the struggling industry.Following overnight tal (...)
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Doing Business in the Czech Republic 2017
Doing Business in the Czech Republic has been prepared as a general guide for those companies or persons wishing to engage in business activities or invest in the Czech Republic.The information contained in this publication is general i (...)
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Doing Business in the Slovak Republic 2017
Doing Business in the Slovak Republic as a general guide for any company or individual considering an investment in the Slovak Republic. In view of the fact that the Slovak legal landscape continues to be subject to frequent changes, this docu (...)
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Europe lags the world in chip manufacturing equipment investment
Europe remains at the bottom of the pile for buying chip manufacturing equipment, reports SEMI, while China has become the third largest buyer.Europe spent $2.18 billion on fab equipment last year, while China spent $6.46 billion. (...)
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What is on the minds of CEOs in Central & Eastern Europe?
The 20th CEO survey looks back at two decades of rapid transformation in Central and Eastern Europe, seeking insights into what the future may hold, and offering business leaders' thoughts on three areas they identify as crucial to their compa (...)
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Italy: Implementation Guidelines On New Beneficial Tax Regime for New Residents
On March 8, 2017, the Italian tax authorities released official guidelines (Guidelines) aimed at implementing a beneficial tax regime (the Regime) for foreigners who relocate their tax residence to Italy, as well as returning Italian citizens. (...)
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EU: Parliament adopts binding law on conflict minerals
MEPs today (16 March) adopted a new law obliging importers of minerals to ensure that their business does not contribute to armed conflicts in certain areas of the world. EURACTIV France reports.After two and a half years of debate, the (...)
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Poland: New tax super deduction for R&D in annual corporate tax returns for 2016
In the annual income tax returns for 2016, business will have the opportunity for the first time to claim a new tax relief for research and development (R&D). In the annual income tax returns for 2016, business will have the opportu (...)
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5 Reasons Germany Isn't Suffering in the 21st Century
Don't get excited about the low unemployment rate, or high stock prices, Nicholas Eberstadt of the American Enterprise Institute writes in his latest gloomy screed, "Our Miserable 21st Century." Don't believe the ninnies at the New Y (...)
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Eurozone economy back on track
It's not that all the problems have been solved in the Eurozone: In Spain, unemployment among young people remains high - 40 percent are without a job. But there are also clear signs that the economy in the eurozone is recovering.To wat (...)
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Losses from white-collar crime in Switzerland in the billions
The most recent KPMG Forensic Fraud Barometer shows that Swiss courts tried 57 cases of white-collar crime in 2016. While this might be significantly fewer cases than the year before, the total losses exceeded CHF 1.4 billion, a record high si (...)
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German youth lack digital literacy
According to the International Study on Computer and Information Literacy (ICILS), Germany's youth have only average skills. ICILS compared IT skills in 12/13-year-old children in over twenty education systems worldwide. To watch video (...)
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France: Molière clause threatens to sink posted workers reform
The proliferation of "˜Molière clauses' in France could undermine the EU's revision of the Posted Workers Directive, which Paris has been spearheading. EURACTIV France reports.The idea of obliging workers on public sites to speak in (...)
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