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USA: "Manpower Employment Outlook Survey Results - 3rd Quarter 2015" report

USA: "Manpower Employment Outlook Survey Results - 3rd Quarter 2015" report. 12-page report by Manpower Group.

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April,  2017

North American auto industry needs NAFTA, says Scotiabank
According to Scotiabank's latest Global Auto Report, some of the two million jobs in North America's auto sector could be at risk as a result of interfering with the NAFTA supply chain.Global car sales are experiencing impressive growth (...)
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The Digital Automaker (report)
The automotive industry has been at the forefront of technological innovation for years, but established vehicle manufacturers face increasing competition from powerful digital players with deep pockets and proven business models.New te (...)
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Border Adjustment Tax: Estimated Impact on U.S. Vehicle Prices
OverviewThis analysis highlights the immediate impacts of implementing a border adjustment tax on U.S. vehicle prices.- The border adjustment mechanism is being considered as an integral part of the major corpora (...)
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Inside Alabama's auto jobs boom: Low wages, little training, crushed limbs
The South's manufacturing renaissance comes with a heavy price.Regina Elsea was a year old in 1997 when the first vehicle rolled off the Mercedes-Benz assembly line near Tuscaloosa. That gleaming M-Class SUV was historic. Alabama, the n (...)
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Location Notebook: Tennessee Automotive on the Road to Prosperity
The automotive industry is making a significant contribution to Tennessee's economic growth, while partnering with the state's educational institutions in order to satisfy its need for workers with specialized skillsets.The automotive s (...)
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The Next Generation of Automotive Sales: 2025 and Beyond
By 2025, 35 Million New Vehicles Will Be Purchased Online.Automotive sales are poised to undergo some significant changes. A.T. Kearney's latest study, "The Next Generation of Automotive Sales: 2025 and Beyond," finds that as (...)
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North American Automotive Production Forecast Summary (Q1-2017) - report
To download 13-page report, please click here.Source: UHY LLP (...)
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US Auto Industry Factory Production Falls Most Since August
Output at U.S. auto manufacturers fell unexpectedly in March by the most since August of last year, according to Federal Reserve data that was released on Tuesday.According to the data, the decline in output stems from a slow recovery a (...)
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Fascinating 1936 Footage of Car Assembly Line
Filmed in 1936 at the Chevrolet Plant in Flint, Michigan.To watch 9-minute video, please click here.Source: (...)
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How to tell if a car or truck is 'American'
While simple in concept, the question of whether a given vehicle is a domestic product, or just how American a car is, turns out to be very difficult to answer. Is a vehicle domestic or American if:- the original nationality of its bran (...)
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Where the H-1B Visa Program Has the Biggest Impact
Few debates in the world of tech are more heated right now than H-1B visa reform. Fans of the program, which grants 65,000 U.S. visas annually to foreign workers and another 20,000 to candidates with master's degrees, say it brings in needed t (...)
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An Innovation-Led Boost for US Manufacturing
If any one factor explains why the US has remained the world's innovation powerhouse since World War II, it is the country's overwhelming leadership in research and development. This commitment, combined with a passion for taking risks, underp (...)
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Surprise: Robots Aren't Replacing Humans In Key Areas Of Manufacturing
For workers, it's intimidating to hear of industrial digitization plans that envision handing over anywhere from 60 to 80 percent of processes to robots and other programmable machines in the not too distant future. But while there are certain (...)
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Trade Wargaming: Will Your Company Survive the Coming Global Trade War?
In 2016, promising sweeping trade policy reforms, Donald Trump rode a wave of populist sentiment all the way to the White House. Vowing to end or radically rewrite NAFTA, kill the Trans-Pacific Partnership, renegotiate every significant trade (...)
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U.S. South, not just Mexico, stands in way of Rust Belt jobs revival
In the years since the 2008 financial crisis, this southern U.S. port city has attracted a new Airbus factory, seen its steel industry retool, and gained thousands of jobs building the Navy's new combat vessel.Some 300 miles north in Hu (...)
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Why China is likely to stay quiet on Trump's steel probe
President Donald Trump is chipping away at a campaign promise to tackle unfair trade with China. His latest " a U.S. probe into whether exporters of cheap steel, including China, are a threat to national security.Steel is no stranger to (...)
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Supply Chain News: Made in USA is Real Trend, but Returning Production to US Shores is not Easy for Many
Interest in Reshoring is Growing, but Lack of Suppliers, Skilled Labor are Key Issues.There really are several trends pushing US companies to consider moving at least some production back to US shores.Those include rising wages o (...)
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Delivering Excellence Globally: Insights into Cost Effective International Packaging
In today's global marketplace, many of the durable goods we purchase are compiled of parts from a multitude of sources. Manufacturers receive components from suppliers all over the world, and many have their own internal supply chains with com (...)
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Time to Review Internal Confidentiality Agreements
There's not a whole lot of new ground to cover as to why an employer or contractor would want to implement confidentiality agreements. However, forcing them on workers is a whole different story.Federal government contractors are now pr (...)
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Holding Us Back: Regulation of the U.S. Manufacturing Sector
As the momentum builds in Washington for reform"to make regulations smarter, simpler and streamlined " the NAM is out with a new study that demonstrates the urgent need for change.To download 107-page NAM report, (...)
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Special Report: Commercial Insurance at the Crossroads
The commercial insurance industry lags behind the complex needs of corporate buyers.Each day, it seems, fresh reports of the nation's inability to respond to Russian attacks during the 2016 U.S. presidential campaign spotlight what may (...)
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How to Avoid the Hidden Costs of Corporate Income Tax Liability
You're arranging an insurance program for a multinational company (MNC). You've considered your risk exposures, but have you thought about how much corporate income tax liability could cost you in the event of a loss at a foreign subsidiary? (...)
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Why You Should Spend Dollars on Patent, Trademark Protection
Despite CFOs' concerns about the costs of patent and trademark registration, the benefits can far outweigh them.Companies pay people to think. Inventing and branding are two primary areas where this occurs regularly. But many companies (...)
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Gender diversity on US boards in 2017
For change to happen we need to work together. Watch our video to find out more.To watch short video by EY, (...)
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North America Tax News and Developments - April 2017
In this Issue:- The ACA Survives Republican Efforts to "Repeal and Replace," But What Does That Mean for Tax Reform?- Tax Court Rejects IRS's Indefinite Intangible Useful Life in Amazon Transfer Pricing Case, Just Like (...)
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Employment Authorization Issues Arising From Corporate Restructuring
American business experienced a near record number of mergers and acquisitions in 2016, and this trend is likely to continue in 2017. Such corporate transactions raise a number of legal issues, including employment issues.  During its due dil (...)
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American Society of Employers (ASE) releases 2017 Starting Salaries for Co-op Students and Recent College Graduates Survey
The American Society of Employers (ASE), one of the nation's oldest and largest employer associations, today released the organization's 2017 Starting Salaries for Co-op Students and Recent College Graduates Survey. The annual survey provides (...)
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Millennials aren't job-hopping any faster than Generation X did
Millennial workers, those ages 18 to 35, are just as likely to stick with their employers as their older counterparts in Generation X were when they were young adults, according to recently released government data.And among the college (...)
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U.S. Manufacturing Jobs Increase for Fourth Straight Month
Timmons: March Jobs Numbers Continue Encouraging Trend.National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) President and CEO Jay Timmons issued the following statement on the release of the March jobs numbers by the Bureau of Labor Statistics t (...)
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Germany's Merkel encouraged US will consider EU free trade deal
German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Sunday said she was encouraged that Washington would take a look at a future trade agreement with the European Union.Merkel, speaking at the opening of the Hannover Messe industry fair, said Germany re (...)
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