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November,  2005

Mexico Holding Its Own in 2005
Since our last report on Mexico in the August 2004 issue of Area Development, the Mexican economy has experienced mixed economic results. A broad look at the trends impacting the Mexican economy suggests that throughout North America (...)
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Pedal to the Medal
Driven by an improving regional economy, the Latin American automotive sector stepped on the gas and recovered strongly from the slowdown it suffered beginning in 1998. In 2004, auto production in the region jumped 17.2%. Much of tha (...)
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Brazil Is World's Fifth in Growth of Foreign Investment, Ahead of China
After three years dropping, the world foreign direct investment (FDI) flow returned to growth in 2004. This information is in the World Investment Report 2005, published September 29 by the United Nations Conference on Trade and Deve (...)
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NAFTA 10 Years Later: Mexican Supply Chains
HARD to believe, but it's been more than a decade since the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) went into effect. The expectation was that it would positively transform the socioeconomic fabric across all of North America. Ma (...)
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Brazil says China deal is falling short of its hopes
The benefits to Brazil of granting market economy status to China have fallen short of expectations, according to Celso Amorim, Brazilian foreign minister. "We need to evaluate what Brazil has obtained in te (...)
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Language training in Spanish and Portuguese for global managers on the move in Latin America
As the automotive industry continues to globalize, being able to communicate with your foreign colleagues, partners, suppliers or customers in their own language, even at a rudimentary level, is not just a nice skill to have, but (...)
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A Mexican Point of View: Illegal cars: Legalizing illegality
A few weeks ago I wrote about the problem posed by illegal vehicles entering Mexico, as well as its complexity and difficulties. Some governors have taken the stand to support an eventual "regularization&quo (...)
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Business Practices in Mexico
The Basics In Mexico City, most offices are open from 9:00am to 5:00pm, but they can be open until 7:00pm from Monday to Friday. Most people leave for lunch around 2:00 pm and take between 1 and (...)
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Health Information for Visitors to Mexico and Central America
From Raymond Resendes,Your Guide to Mexico / Central America for Visitors. The following provides a summary of the more important health related issues that visitors to Mexico or Central America should be aware o (...)
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Mexico Emerges from 10-Year Credit Slump
Since the Tequila Crisis of 1994-95, one of Mexico´s most persistent and striking economic contradictions has been a recovery in economic growth coupled with stagnation in bank lending. This contradiction has fueled increasing concerns about bottlen (...)
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Brazil: Benefit Survey 2004
The purpose of the survey is to identify the main trends in employee benefits offered in Brazil and to provide the participating companies with information to help them manage increasingly efficient benefit packages. (...)
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Relocating to Latin America
For some, Latin America is the backyard to the United States; for others, it is referred to as the forgotten territory”; and for those with a more entrepreneurial spirit, it is a land of opportunity and discovery. Latin Ameri (...)
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Brazil September trade surplus widens from August
Brazil posted a trade surplus of $4.3 billion in September as strong exports and weaker imports pushed the result above the $3.67 billion surplus posted in August, the trade ministry said on Monday. The surplus c (...)
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Chaveznomics: Venezuela's Private Sector Under Siege
Expropriations, retroactive tax hikes and Marxist rhetoric are raising concerns among local and foreign investors in Venezuela. With oil revenues at record levels, Hugo Chavez is stepping up his attacks against private capital. (...)
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Is your business getting “Lost in Translation”?
•  What is the real issue in going from one country to another of a different language? •  How does this affect your business? •  What can you do about it? •  (...)
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