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LATIN AMERICA: "Trucks: Brazil Production Cuts Accelerate in August (2015)" report

LATIN AMERICA: "Trucks: Brazil Production Cuts Accelerate in August (2015)" report. 5-page report by BAIRD.

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January,  2006

Mexico Holding Its Own in 2005
Since our last report on Mexico in the August 2004 issue of Area Development, the Mexican economy has experienced mixed economic results. A broad look at the trends impacting the Mexican economy suggests that throughout North America (...)
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Latin American Benchmarks Are Route To Better Logistics Performance
Managing logistics in Latin America has always been a challenge for U.S. companies doing business there because of persistently high costs and nagging service problems. According to a recent benchmarking study by the Lati (...)
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Riding The Wave
One of the biggest signs of growing trade between Asia and the Americas is the congestion building at ports such as Los Angeles and Long Beach, California, the main ports for Asian ships. In the past year, many shipping c (...)
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Brazil -- yes, Brazil -- is an emerging role model
For readers of this column who say I've been too skeptical about Latin America's economic recovery lately, by pinning it largely to external factors, here is some good news on the domestic front: Brazil is emerging as a role model of (...)
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Brazilian start-up offers minicar for land of SUVs
When a little-known company from California placed a $1 billion order for Smart minicars from DaimlerChrysler last spring, the struggling auto giant said thanks, but no thanks. So the company, an environment cons (...)
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Language training in Spanish and Portuguese for global managers on the move in Latin America
As the automotive industry continues to globalize, being able to communicate with your foreign colleagues, partners, suppliers or customers in their own language, even at a rudimentary level, is not just a nice skill to have, but (...)
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Analysis: Decisive year for Latin America
Latin America is on the verge of one of the most decisive moments of its recent history. From November 2005 to December of 2006 twelve countries will hold presidential elections. The results of these elections wi (...)
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Brazil Is no Friend of Business
Doing business in Brazil is not easy at all due to all the red tape involved in opening and even closing a business. Brazil appears in 53rd place in a list of more than 100 countries. Chile ranks as the most busi (...)
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Mexico: Asia taking advantage of more supplying
The amount of supplies Asians sell to maquiladora companies established in Mexico's northern states doubles sales made by domestic companies, according to a study made by Colegio de la Frontera Norte. In a survey (...)
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Mexico: GM spends US$2 billion in Southeast Region
Out of the US$11.2 billion that General Motors purchases every year from suppliers in Mexico, US$2 billion are purchased from 100 suppliers the Company has in Coahuila's Southeast Region, Rafael Laguna Velasco told to Vanguardia. (...)
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Mexico Tax Alerts: Authorities Clarify Definition of "Business Profits"
The Mexican tax authorities issued guidance on 29 August 2005, clarifying that the concept of "business profits" included in Mexico's tax treaties should be understood to refer to income derived from the performance of acti (...)
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East Meets West, With An Argentine Twist: More Argentines Are Embracing Chinese Language and Culture
Like many in Latin America's most Eurocentric country, 26-year-old Emanuela Gavezza has long fancied the West. Her grandparents hail from northern Italy, which she has visited almost yearly. During the '90s, when (...)
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Brazil Created Most Jobs in a Year in September
Brazil's economy added 175,000 jobs in September, the most in a year, a sign growth may be poised to quicken as the central bank cuts interest rates. The increase is the biggest since September 2004, when the eco (...)
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Country Industry Forecast - The Brazilian Automotive Industry – US $ 795
Published May 2005 A relatively large consumer class, wide spread liking for Formula 1 racing and protectionist policies that continue to favor domestic industries aid in the Braz (...)
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Brazil: Benefit Survey 2004
The purpose of the survey is to identify the main trends in employee benefits offered in Brazil and to provide the participating companies with information to help them manage increasingly efficient benefit packages. (...)
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Relocating to Latin America
For some, Latin America is the backyard to the United States; for others, it is referred to as the forgotten territory”; and for those with a more entrepreneurial spirit, it is a land of opportunity and discovery. Latin Ameri (...)
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Is your business getting “Lost in Translation”?
•  What is the real issue in going from one country to another of a different language? •  How does this affect your business? •  What can you do about it? •  (...)
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