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LATIN AMERICA: "Autos: Brazil Demand Remains at Low Level in June (2015)" report

LATIN AMERICA: "Autos: Brazil Demand Remains at Low Level in June (2015)" report. 5-page report by BAIRD.

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March,  2006

For the Brazilian Auto Industry, Performance Is Stop and Go
The Brazilian auto industry will finish the current year with record high production volume of 2,450,000 vehicles, an 11% increase over 2004, according to ANFAVEA, the national association of automobile manufacturers. Success is largely due to a 2 (...)
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Mexico is taking a hit from the Chinese 'invasion'
Since it can't beat China, Mexico now hopes to join them   Now that a "China Syndrome" is clobbering the Mexican economy, the nation is beginning to wake up to the harsh reality that it is a loser in every way as th (...)
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Mexico FDI to reach US$18 billion
The Ministry of the Economy ruled out any effects on Foreign Direct Investment – which this year. will add to US$18 billion – due to the elections, insecurity problems and the Maria Isabel Sheraton Hotel scandal.Alejandro Gomez Strozzi, (...)
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Industrial Mexico Comes of Age
To view Mexico merely as a low-cost labor market is to miss the bigger picture. Referring to Mexico as an "emerging market" might still work in the securities and investments world, but it is fully emerged as a mark (...)
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Outline of Brazilian Concept of Permanent Establishment
Although Brazilian tax laws are complex on many issues, the permanent establishment (PE) test is relatively straightforward, particularly when compared to other jurisdictions, such as the U.S. Whether a PE exists in Brazil under domestic law or ta (...)
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Latin America: Women on the Verge
Bit by bit, Latin American women edge toward the highest positions in the private and public sectors. It has been clear for some time women have been taking on more important roles in Latin America's business world. In spite of the trend, the grea (...)
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Brazil: Problematic ownership structures
In recent years, companies in Brazil have increasingly come to recognize the importance of corporate governance in boosting capital markets and economic performance. But while many companies have adopted good, or in some cases excellent, governanc (...)
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Corporate governance in Latin America: giving minority shareholders a voice
Corporate governance remains a key issue in Latin America, where many firms are family-owned and minority shareholders’ interests remain neglected, reports the Financial Times. Yet many foreign investors are happy to accept the higher risks asso (...)
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Survey: Profit Growth, Strategy Execution CEO's Top Concerns in Mexico and South America
Spurring company growth has become a major CEO concern in Mexico and South America, according to a global survey of chief executives by The Conference Board, the global research and business membership organization.The Conference Board's si (...)
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Mexico: Consequences of 2005 Tax Reform and Expectations for 2006
The thin capitalization rules included in the 2005 tax reform have been subject to criticism because of their broad application to unrelated party transactions, poor drafting and general lack of clarity. Taxpayers face formidable challenges in ens (...)
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Mexico: Automobiles exports hit record
The value of exports made by automotive and auto-parts industries in Mexico broke a historical record in 2005, by amounting to US$41.9 million, 11.5% over 2004, according to Mexican Auto Motor Sector Information System (Sistema de Información del (...)
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