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LATIN AMERICA: "Official Introduction of IATF 16949:2016" brochure

LATIN AMERICA: "Official Introduction of IATF 16949:2016" brochure. Information brochure by AIAG (in Spanish).

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November,  2008

Ay Caramba! Mexico’s New Customs Regime
A prime objective of the government of Mexico is to promote its interests abroad. Efforts to revitalize its economy and open up to international competition have resulted in scores of free trade agreements — more so than any other country. In ad (...)
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Mexico's Maquiladoras: Climbing the Ladder of Success
As changes to the global marketplace have threatened its position as a leading low-cost manufacturer, Mexico has worked hard to re-position itself for continued economic growth and prosperity. Its manufacturers have neutralized China's threat to i (...)
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Trade Incentives for the Automotive Sector in South America: Brazil, Argentina and Uruguay
Trade is increasing in the automotive sector among Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay.  This trend should be reinforced by the recent automotive agreements executed among those countries earlier this year, which are aimed at paving the way for a free- (...)
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Path to Workforce Success in Latin America
Using strategic workforce planning and career mapping to manage talent.Latin America is enjoying a period of robust economic growth, but even good times present business challenges. In particular, the demand for ta (...)
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Reigniting Mexico’s Automotive Industry
New opportunities could trigger an era of growth.The automotive industry is a vital sector of the Mexican economy. In 2005, it generated $42 billion, second only to the food industry as a percentage of GDP. But dec (...)
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Automotive momentum – Brazil
Brazil is one of the largest and most dynamic economies in South America: economic policy making has become increasingly predictable against a background of moderate but sustained growth, falling inflation, and improving public finances. Th (...)
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Immigration in Brazil: Current Scenarios and Legal Aspects
As one of the world’s fastest-growing markets, the demand to move critical talent to Brazil is increasing by the day. Samantha Machado takes a look at some of the key immigration and legal issues relocation professionals should be aware of when (...)
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South America: Brazil's Impending Investment Opportunities
With economic storm clouds looming large over the US and European markets, BRIC remains a much-needed pressure valve for global automakers. While much of the investment and market growth has been focused on China, India, and Russia, Brazil remains (...)
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Mexico's Automotive Industry
With the Mexican automobile industry poised to surpass the size of Canada's, Richard Blackwell takes a look at some milestones in Mexico's automotive dream1. OriginsMexico's car industry first took shape in 1925, whe (...)
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Doing Business in Mexico 2009
Doing Business in Mexico 2009 compares business regulations across 31 Mexican states and the Federal District in four key areas: starting a business, dealing with construction permits, registering property and enforcing contracts. These indicators (...)
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Free Trade Zone Regime in Costa Rica
Free zones are primary areas for offshore tax and customs operations. They are restricted zones with no resident population, authorized to serve as such by the Government’s Executive Branch. These facilities are (...)
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How to Export to Brazil - guide
Targeted at exporters, this publication presents relevant information on the Brazilian economy; standards and procedures for bringing imported products into Brazil; trade methods and practices, and other topics. To download 177-page guide, (...)
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Mexico: Weaker Outlook
Mexico's economy is weakening further, while inflation is rising. In contrast, Brazil is faring much better. What a week it has been for Mexico's President Felipe Calderon.  His closest advisor in the country's wa (...)
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Latin American Automotive Industry: Thousands of Workers on 'Leave'
Latin America's huge appetite for new cars is slowing under the effects of the global financial crisis, denting the hopes of big automotive groups that had been banking on the region's resilience.The downturn is most pronounced in Brazil, t (...)
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Planning your international transfer (Guides for Brazil, Argentina and Uruguay)
Written with the expatriate in mind, the Planning Your International Assignment series of publications help provide a high-level overview of practical matters that may be of particular interest to someone heading out to an assignment or coming hom (...)
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Brazil Offers Hong Kong Visa-Free Access
Hong Kong passport holders are now able to visit Brazil for up to 90 days without a visa. Both governments signed an Agreement on Exemption of Visa Requirements in October 2005. The Hong Kong government already gra (...)
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Argentina: Income tax and healthcare contributions modified
In an amendment approved in October 2008, the ceiling on employer contributions to healthcare will be eliminated as of November 1, 2008. Changes in income tax deductions were also approved in September 2008, and will be applicable to the 2008 tax (...)
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Is Mexico the New China?
Companies targeting the US market relocated their Mexican manufacturing operations to the Far East when China offered a cheaper workforce, but now appreciating Chinese currency, rising labor costs, and especially soaring oil prices may drive manuf (...)
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Brazil: Workers to have longer maternity leave
The length of paid maternity leave has increased from 120 days to 180 days, according to a regulation approved by the Brazilian Congress on September 3, 2008.Key DetailsThe main provisions of the regulation are as fo (...)
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Latin American newswire launched: Will help automotive companies reach Latin American press and media
Marketwire Launches NoticiasDigitales, the Newswire Industry's First Real-Time Latin America Digital News Network; Exclusive Deal Guarantees News Publication on More Than 100 Leading Spanish-Language Websites.Direc (...)
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Sharing Brazil’s Success
No discussion of the world’s potential economic powerhouses is complete without mention of Brazil. Recent exciting changes are enabling Brazil to harness that potential more effectively, and the world’s economies are lining up for a piece of t (...)
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Maquilas feel pinch: 20,000 jobs lost in Juárez
The depressed automotive industry and the economic downturn in the United States are hurting the maquiladora industry in Juárez and maquila suppliers in El Paso.Juárez maquiladoras have cut about 20,000 jobs this year, reported Jorge Pedr (...)
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Winning Over the Next Billion Consumers in Brazil
A Guide for Growth.Two-thirds of Brazil's 53 million households are on the brink of economic viability and are eager to join the consuming classes.  While most global retailers and consumer goods companies (...)
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