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MEXICO: "Mexico's Maquiladoras: Climbing the Ladder of Success" report

MEXICO: "Mexico's Maquiladoras: Climbing the Ladder of Success" report. 12-page report by ProLogis.

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April,  2009

Talent management in Latin America
What sort of recommendations should we make to companies seeking to appoint executives with regional responsibilities in Latin America? What characterizes successful leaders in this role? What, if anything, do they have in common? What should be o (...)
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Mexico: Center of Attention: Guanajuato grows an automotive cluster
While the future of the Big Three U.S. automakers is being sorted out, companies that supply the array of components that go into their vehicles continue to establish manufacturing bases in central Mexico. Four states, in particular – Guanajuato (...)
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HR Perspectives in Latin America
The impacts of the financial crisis on Human Resources.How are companies adjusting their HR programs — recruiting, hiring, compensation and benefits — in the face of the recent global financial crisis? This and other issues were covered (...)
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Brazil to extend auto industry tax breaks
Brazil's government will announce in the coming days the extension of tax breaks for the automobile industry that were set to expire next week, a source at the presidential palace said on Friday.The government slashed industrial taxes on ne (...)
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Doing Business in Brazil - Guide
To download 85-page guide, please click here.Source: World Bank - GAI (...)
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Government Economists Say Worst Is Over For Brazil
Brazil will grow this year despite a 3.6 percent contraction in the fourth quarter of 2008, the state-funded Institute for Applied Economic Research, or IPEA, said on Wednesday, judging that the worst of the recession is over for Latin America’s (...)
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Mexico Imposes Retaliatory Measure Against US Goods
Following the announcement made by the Mexican Minister of Economy on March 16, the Mexican government published in the Federal Official Gazette the Decree amending article 1 of the decree establishing the duty rate of the General Import Duty appl (...)
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Latin America lagging in tax race with global competitors, says new study
Steady cuts in corporate tax rates in Europe and the Far East are highlighting the urgent need for tax reform in many of the leading Latin American economies if they are to compete effectively for foreign investment and markets. - Eastern E (...)
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Trade Incentives for the Automotive Sector in South America: Brazil, Argentina and Uruguay
Trade is increasing in the automotive sector among Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay.  This trend should be reinforced by the recent automotive agreements executed among those countries earlier this year, which are aimed at paving the way for a free- (...)
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China to Boost Latin American Trade, Investments
China is willing to boost trade and investments in Latin America to ease the impact of the current global financial crisis, Chinese central bank governor, Xiaochuan Zhou, said.The Chinese official addressed the 50th Annual Assembly of the I (...)
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Global online auction service to help companies liquidate excess inventory announced that it has created an online auction service for manufacturing companies to liquidate their excess inventory and generate revenue in these tough economic times. The online auction service creates an instant (...)
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Mexico's Weak Peso Lures Foreign Investment Despite Downturn
The sharp fall in Mexico's peso has fueled inflation and eroded consumer confidence in Latin America's second largest economy, but there are two sides to every coin.A number of companies have accelerated spending this year to take advantage (...)
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Mexico ... For a Change
More and more businesses are returning to Mexico in response to its devalued currency, shorter transit times, and rising labor costs in Asia. A growing number of universities in Mexico now offer courses on logistics and supply chain, and me (...)
play read on expands its global solutions with addition of Sourcing & Distribution Service announced that it has created an online Sourcing & Distribution service for manufacturing companies to include their company profile and browse for new partners to do business with.At the Sourcing & Distributi (...)
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Mexico: Notice to the Tax Authorities on Loans and Capital Contributions and Increases
This is to remind you that since January 1, 2008 a provision of the Income Tax Law entered into effect establishing that Mexican corporate taxpayers have the obligation to give notice to the tax authorities regarding loans, contributions for futur (...)
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Global location strategy for automotive suppliers
This publication examines the long-term business strategies behind automotive suppliers location decisions. A number of drivers are considered as well as risks and potential areas for development. KPMG’s latest research into location stra (...)
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Did you know?
Did you know that the structure of one's own "foreign" language can influence the way they communicate in English as a second language? Take for example the fact that in English we often show our enthusiasm and connection to a spe (...)
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The Automotive Manufacturing Industry in Mexico
Market Overview:In 2008, the automotive industry experienced a significant and rapid decrease in profitability due to declining sales, increased competition, and the higher price of raw materials such as steel and oil. The s (...)
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Latin Profits Help Ford
South America provided the highest profits for Ford last year and its only profits in the fourth quarter. While Ford's global revenues are falling and losses are growing, South America is providing some badly-needed help. South Ameri (...)
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Brazil: Steel sales gradually rising, prices still low
Brazilian steel distributors are continuing to see a gradual rise in sales of flat products, national steel distributors association Inda president Christiano Freire told BNamericas. "Sales were positively surprising [in February], esp (...)
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NAFTA fifteen years later: the successes, failures and future prospects of Chapter 11
Fifteen years ago the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) entered into force and became the first regional trade agreement between a developing country (Mexico) and two developed nations (Canada and the United States of America).  While a (...)
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NAM says failure to honor agreement with Mexico threatens U.S. manufacturing jobs
17,000 Jobs Put At Risk By New Tariffs.National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) Vice President for International Economic Affairs Frank Vargo today issued the following statement in reaction to the announcement by the government of Mexic (...)
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Developing Trend: Sustainability-Recruitment Battle Looms in Brazil, Russia, India, China
How to attract environmental staff when Western-educated talent looks for new challenges.For decades, U.S. and European corporations have been importing talent--programmers from India, researchers from China, and many other permutations of (...)
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Brazil: Office Report - Sao Paulo Q4 2008
Report Summary: With the expansion of national and multinational companies in Brazil and favorable economic conditions, due to the availability of credit at the time, 2008 was a strong year for the national economy until (...)
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In Mexico, Bulletproof Vehicles Becoming a Workplace Necessity
Once strictly the domain of movie stars, business moguls, and politicians, vehicles with armored plating and other security features are now increasingly being used by professionals in Mexico to protect themselves from the country's drug violence. (...)
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Latin America Less Competitive
Chile and Colombia are most competitive in Latin America, while Venezuela and Argentina are least competitive.Latin America is losing ground to other economies when it comes to competitiveness, according to the World Competitiveness Scorebo (...)
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Brazil Posts Net Job Gains
In February, Brazil generated a net of 9,179 jobs, breaking the negative streak that in recent months had led to the elimination of more than 700,000 employment positions nationwide, the government announced Wednesday.According to the figur (...)
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Mexico Unemployment at Record High
Unemployment in Mexico has increased last February to a record rate of 5.30 percent of the economically active population (EAP), revealed the National Institute of Geography and Statistics (INEGI).That is to say, at the end of the second mo (...)
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Argentina: Part-time labor contracts modified
A new law to regulate the provisions of part-time labor contracts was approved by the Argentinean parliament on January 12, 2009. The law establishes changes in working hours and health care contributions and is expected to increase labor costs an (...)
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Latin America tops global broadband growth in Q4
Latin America registered the world's highest percentage growth rate in broadband from the third to fourth quarter of 2008 and one of the highest growth rates in IPTV subscribers in all of 2008, the Broadband Forum said in a statement. Latin (...)
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Mexico’s Economy Plunges 9.5 Percent in January
Mexico’s economy plummeted 9.5 percent in January relative to the same month of the previous year, its worst monthly performance in more than a decade, the National Statistics and Geography Institute, or Inegi, reported.The country’s in (...)
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Brazil: Relief announced for outstanding social security obligations
New laws have been put into place to waive remaining social security obligations for individuals and companies, give discounts on fines for late payments and reduce interest payments on arrears. These measures, which were approved on February 8, 2 (...)
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