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June,  2009

Latin Auto and Global Turmoil
How will the global turmoil, as well as local trade and tax changes, affect Latin America's auto sector? Three experts share their insights.While the dire circumstances of the global auto sector have dominated business headlines (...)
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China Changes, Latin America Wins (for now)
In mid May the board of the Pacific Economic Cooperation Council, a forum for discussing the economic realities of the Asian Pacific region, published the results of a survey of opinion leaders in Asia, Oceania and the Americas on the economic fut (...)
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Quick Tips for Understanding Mexico's IMMEX Program
The advent of Mexico's maquiladora industry in the 20th century signaled a seismic shift in how many U.S.-based companies manufactured product and provided an indirect benefit to Mexico's economy by way of boosting employment. Seeking lower cost m (...)
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With Exports Down by Half Brazilian Carmakers Urge Lower Export Taxes
An old request of Brazilian businessmen, lower export taxes, was one of the main proposals presented last Friday, May 8, by executives in the auto industry, including steel mills, as solutions for Brazil to halt the reduction in shipments of manuf (...)
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Private equity stakeholders expect higher international investment in Latin America
Despite only 8 percent of Private Equity (PE) stakeholders expecting an economic revival before 2010 and 42 percent not expecting one before 2011 confidence in Latin America as an investment destination remain buoyant KPMG has found. Indeed (...)
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Protecting Assignees from Foreign Currency Fluctuations
In today’s economic environment, international compensation expenses need to be re-evaluated and alternative methods considered. Naughton investigates the problem and offers some innovative solutions.How many international assignees, elat (...)
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Mexico: Business Is Standing Its Ground
Mexico's bureaucratic hurdles, its headline-grabbing crime and drug gang turf wars, and competition from Asian manufacturing havens have not put the maquiladora industry out of business, with companies like Johnson Controls, Cummins, Emerson Elect (...)
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Mexico: NAFTA 's third amigo
Despite its troubles, Mexico still offers opportunities.Cliff Jones is no stranger to international business. The chief operating officer of Pressure Pipe Inspection Co., based in Mississauga, Ont., has worked on water pipelines from the Mi (...)
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Companies in Brazil Look to Renegotiate Health Care Fees
Companies in Brazil plan to adjust health care plan provisions rather than reduce the level of health care benefits provided to employees.Watson Wyatt survey indicates 2009 will be a year for intensive market negotiationsThe global f (...)
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Did you know?
Did you know that the structure of one's own "foreign" language can influence the way they communicate in English as a second language? Take for example the fact that in English we often show our enthusiasm and connection to a spe (...)
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Venezuela's car industry goes into reverse as used vehicles sell for more than new
Slump in production and imports leaves demand outstripping supply.It sounds like a dodgy sales pitch from Arthur Daley: buy a car, drive it out of the showroom and watch its value instantly jump 10%.The fictional wheeler-dealer was k (...)
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Brazil Creating Export Credit Agency, the Brazilian Eximbank
Brazil's Ministry of Development, Industry and Foreign Trade and the Brazilian Development Bank (BNDES) are articulating the creation of a credit agency for exports, the Brazilian Eximbank. According to the president at the BNDES, Luciano C (...)
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Mexico: Benefits to Mitigate the Economic Impact of the H1N1 Flu Outbreak
The federal government announced on May 5, 2009 that it would grant economic benefits consisting of tax and financial measures aimed at mitigating the economic impact of the H1N1 flu outbreak on business caused by the shut down of economic activit (...)
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Mexico: Amendments to the Social Security Law ("SSL") regarding Outsourcing
On April 21, 2009, a Decree that amended various provisions of the Social Security Law (SSL) was approved. Said amendments regulate outsourcing and establish various mechanisms which strengthen the regulatory powers of the Mexican Institute (...)
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Mexico's Future Hinges on Near-Empty Science Classrooms
Many solutions for sustainable development in Mexico lie in the scientific and technological training of its younger generations, say academics. But students in this country, where everyone wants to be a doctor or accountant, are ignoring those fi (...)
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Global online auction service to help companies liquidate excess inventory
- Companies from Germany, Mexico, UK, USA, France, India, China have posted inventory- Worldwide inquiries; including the Pacific Rim, Latin America and Eastern Europe- Additional $5 million in inventory will be posted shortlyGl (...)
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Guidelines for Doing Business in Costa Rica - Guide
To download 84-page guide, please click here.Source: CINDE - Costa Rican Investment Promotion Agency - GAI (...)
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Costa Rica: US$500 Million to Strengthen Public Finances and Improve Competitiveness from World Bank
The World Bank Board of Directors approved today a US$500 million contingent line of credit to the Republic of Costa Rica to boost the country’s competitiveness and strengthen its public finances and respond to the global financial crisis. (...)
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China to invest in new technology park in Costa Rica
The global economy may be grinding to a halt, but investment from China continues to pour into Costa Rica. Days after President Oscar Arias laid the first stone of the new, $83 million, China-financed National Stadium, the eastern power ann (...)
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Foreign Investment in Brazil and LatAm Might Drop Almost by Half
The Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (Eclac) has informed that the volume of foreign investment into the region may drop by 35% or 45% this year as a consequence of global recession. The warning is part of a report on the ma (...)
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Bill Would Give Brazilian Expatriates Representation in Their Home Country
Brazil's Senate recently approved a bill to revise the Brazilian Constitution so that expatriates could elect their own representatives to their national congress, much to the delight of the Pro-Citizenship United advocacy group."We ne (...)
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Brazil's Lula in China to boost trade
Brazil's President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva arrived in Beijing on Monday with 240 business leaders for a visit aimed at boosting trade with China and promoting what he called a "new economic order."He was due to meet Chinese Pres (...)
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No More Dollar. Brazil and China to Trade in Real and Yuan from Now On
In order to promote trade, investments and cooperation Brazil and China signed Tuesday, May 19, in Beijing, 13 agreements. Moreover, Brazilian state-controlled oil and gas multinational Petrobras got itself a US$ 10 billion Chinese loan. Both coun (...)
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Brazil Central Bank to Keep Intervening in Exchange Market to Prop Up Dollar
Henrique Meirelles, the president of Brazil's Central Bank (BC), said Tuesday, May 26, that there are signs that the economy is recovering although he offered no specifics. Brazil's economy expanded 5.1% in 2008,  but government forecasts have be (...)
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Taming a BRIC - getting to know and love Brazil
Think of a big multicultural country in the southern hemisphere that has beautiful beaches, a love of sport, a historic rivalry between its two biggest cities and an artificially created inland capital. Toss in that it is a global heavyweight in m (...)
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The Brazilian Way Of Saying 'No'
Members of the international community working with Brazilians sometimes ask why Brazilians are hard to trust, writes Simone Costa Eriksson, a Brazilian who works with the international community.According to Eriksson, one of the aspects of (...)
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Is It Safe to Go to Mexico?
A few months ago, Mexico was a prime tourist destination for Americans. Even with the recession, Mexico saw a 14 percent increase in visitors in January compared to the previous year. This can be attributed to a strong value of the U.S. dol (...)
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China February car sales up 33% on year to year
Undaunted by a slowing economy, Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez is picking up the pace of his leftist revolution with a raft of nationalizations and an offensive against opponents.Venezuela this week stripped Gold Reserve of rights to par (...)
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Argentina: Foreign Influences
The city of Buenos Aires, Argentina, has been experiencing continued economic growth from 2004 through 2008, triggering an influx of expatriates and tourists. Analysts are forecasting only a slight decline in growth for 2009. Argentineans b (...)
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Panama under Pressure for Fiscal Haven Claims
The Panamanian economy, which provides a wide range of services, is under international pressure due to claims that is it is close to become a fiscal haven.According to analysts, in April, the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Devel (...)
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Argentina: Income ceiling on social security contributions raised
The income ceiling on social security contributions has been raised by the Argentinean government. This March 1, 2009 ruling imposes higher rates of contribution on higher ranges of salary.Key DetailsThe main provisi (...)
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Argentina: Diverse, rich and successful
As an investment destination, Argentina offers investors a dynamic, profitable and open economy with a wide range of investment opportunities in sectors with global growth potential. Talented human resources, plentiful natural resources, vibrating (...)
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