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LATIN AMERICA: "Mexico: Taxation of Cross-Border Mergers and Acquisitions" report

LATIN AMERICA: "Mexico: Taxation of Cross-Border Mergers and Acquisitions" report. 13-page report by KPMG Mexico.

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January,  2010

Nearshore Attraction: Latin America Beckons as a Global Outsourcing Destination
This report looks at Latin America’s growing importance in global outsourcing. There are a number of trends that are reshaping how companies approach outsourcing and why Latin America is gaining prominence:Cost savings: The recent global (...)
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3.14 Million in 2009: Brazil Has Never Sold So Many Vehicles
Last year, in Brazil, sales of automobiles, light commercial vehicles, trucks and buses totaled 3.14 million units, representing growth of 11.35% over 2008, according to data disclosed by the National Federation of Motor Vehicle Distributors (Fena (...)
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News Analysis: Mexico Considering Tougher Tax Treatment of Some Maquiladora Operations
This article explores the possible implications of changes that Mexico is considering that would eliminate existing tax protections for some maquiladora operations and the PE protection that Mexico has agreed to provide to U.S. companies that enga (...)
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Out of Adversity: Latin American business reactions to recession and strategies for recovery
In the middle of a deep and far-reaching global recession, it can be difficult to step back from the day-to-day business of survival to look ahead and see where the next phase of growth may come from.This study, the latest in a series of bu (...)
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Relocation Taking Off (Finally) in South America
It has taken far longer for the concept of relocation to take a hold in Latin America than it has by comparison in Europe, Asia, Australia, or the United States. Today, however, relocation in Latin America has become a viable business whereas, per (...)
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Mexico's 2010 Tax Reform
The Legislative Environment.On Thursday the 5th, the Senate discussed and approved the last amendments to the tax bill sent by the House of Representatives of the Mexican Congress (Chamber of Deputies). The tax bill was ini (...)
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Next Generation Brazil: Setting the world’s stage
The Brazilian automotive industry has been tirelessly compared with Russia, India, and China in terms of its vast emerging market potential, but several important structural, social, and economic conditions that previously impeded Brazil’s highl (...)
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Mexico: Location of OEM manufacturing plants
To see map and location of OEM manufacturing plants, please click here.Source: AMIA - (...)
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Mexico: Automotive Tool, Die and Mould Specific Demand Study
This 20-slide presentation indentifies specific demand needs for tools, dies and moulds in Tier 1 and Tier 2 metalmechanics and plastics automotive supplier companies in the states of Pueblo, Tlaxcala and Queretaro.To download 20-slide pres (...)
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Latin America 2010: A Return to Boom Times?
Helped by growing exports and local demand, Latin America is poised for a solid recovery in 2010.2009 was not a good year for Latin America—but it was a lot better than most other regions, namely, North America, Europe, Africa, and some p (...)
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Strengthening Mexico's Supply Chains
Bringing world-class logistics practices to Mexico.Mexican companies have improved the management of their supply chains in recent years, yet they continue to rank behind leading international firms in applying best practices. A new study b (...)
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Working in Brazil: Important information for your assignment
With the opening of the Brazilian market to foreign investments in the last decade, the flow of expatriates in Brazil has increased significantly during the last years. Companies all around the world established subsidiaries and many foreigners we (...)
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Brazil: Modifications on the Corporate Income Taxes legislation
Federal Government enacted on December 15 Provisional Measure 472.The main modifications inserted in the Corporate Income Taxes ("IRPJ/CSLL") legislation were the following:Thin capitalization rulesRu (...)
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Chile: A Top Destination for Global Services
Quality and stability of an OECD country at Latin American costs.Chile’s official slogan is "All Ways Surprising," but stable, competitive and prosperous are also apt terms. The fastest growing economy in Latin America for the l (...)
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Yearender: 2009, difficult year for Latin American economies
Latin American economies were battered by the worldwide recession in 2009, but escaped domestic crises in contrast to the start of this decade when global links triggered one crisis after another in the region. In the long term, the crisis (...)
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Guide: Investment in Argentina
Investment in Argentina is one of the booklets published by KPMG to provide information for those considering investments or doing business abroad.Moreover, because of frequent changes of regulations in Argentina, we recommend that legal, a (...)
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A Bright Future for Brazil
Brazil is easily the largest and most powerful country in South America and has become one of the world's most attractive emerging markets in recent years.  Brazil accounts for almost half of South America's total population and landmass and has (...)
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Brazil Levies Tax on Equity and Debt Investments by Foreign Persons
The Brazilian government issued two decrees on October 19 and 20 (Decrees No. 6,983 and 6,984) that aim to prevent speculative trading in Brazilian currency (Reais). Effective October 20, a 2 percent financial transactions tax (IOF) applies (...)
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Global Companies Find Cultural Training Is More than Etiquette
As more companies initiate and develop international operations, many are realizing that language barriers are not the only cultural differences that must be overcome in the global economy. In order to avoid misunderstandings caused by cult (...)
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China Overtakes US as Biggest Importer from Brazil. US Still Exports More
China, in 2009, for the first time the biggest importer of Brazilian goods, overtaking the United States. In 2008, the US imported Brazilian goods worth US$ 27.6 billion. In 2009, that number dropped to US$ 15.7 billion, down slightly more than 43 (...)
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Mexico: Increase to the Minimum Wages for 2010
On December 17, 2009, the National Minimum Wage Commission approved a 4.85% increase to the general minimum wages for the three geographic areas into which Mexico is divided for such purposes.Consequently, the new daily general minimum wage (...)
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The Mexican authorities publish amendments to the Explanatory Notes of the General Import and Export Duties Law
On October 14, 2009 the Ministries of Finance and Public Credit and of Economy published in the Federal Official Gazette (DOF) various amendments to the Explanatory Notes of the General Import and Export Duties Law (LIGIE), which will be effective (...)
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Brazil approves Venezuela’s entry into Mercosur
The Senate of Brazil ratified Venezuela's entry into Mercosur as a full member after approving the country's Protocol of Accession by 35 votes in favor and 27 against in the ratification process. Now, Paraguay is the one country left in the ratifi (...)
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